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It is all bullshit. But I do try to not interfere with a kid's religious teaching unless they ask me directly what I believe.

And there was the time my step-daughter at the time said catholics were not christians she was maybe 12.

Could not let that slide.

You've never heard of Saint Peter then?

Her little brainwashed mouth. If you are not southern baptist you are going to burn in hell fire.

My own vagina drops laughed out loud at her when she said that.

They were all within about three years of each other.

BufftonBeotch 8 May 27

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Dad was an atheist, mom was not. He did not force his non-belief on us save for the odd scoff at the TV any time it showed religious rituals. I asked him about his views and he would simply say "This is what I believe but you make your own mind up". He was quite a straightforward guy and not given to overthinking.
When I pressed him why he thought this way? (bear in mind we had compulsory state religion in school so his atheism was not the norm amongst all the rest of the adults I encountered) Here is what he told me. He was in the royal navy and in Malta. One day he and his shipmates were walking down the harbour in Valetta when a local guy fell from a fishing boat in between the boat and the harbour wall. The boat buffeting and the poor guy was in danger of being crushed. All of his fisherman shipmates fell to their knees, crossed themselves and started praying. (Malta is a very Catholic country) Dad, being the NCO amongst them took charge and organised his navy guys to sit on the wall and brace their outstretched legs against the boat. Whilst one guy got a rope and tried to save the poor bastard. It was that incident that confirmed his atheism. "If your religion means you pray for a man's soul whilst letting him die, I want none of it"

My dad, who I maintain was an agnostic, once told me that you can believe in god or not, but you should believe in something. Even if it's yourself. I have gotten through life quite well without actually following that rule, I don't have a firm belief in anything really. Other than, like everyone else, someday I will be dead. Pretty much covers it. In between you do the best you can with what you're given.


Yeah, my oldest sister won't allow her evangelical minister husband and I to debate religion at all. Religion is off the table when I visit. I'm ok with that, plenty of family stuff to catch up on as I live 700 miles away.

Religion or politics.

@BufftonBeotch Religion and some politics.


I sat alone and debated with a Unitarian Minister for two hours once. At the end he said, "you are a good person, don't change and, I am glad I didn't have to debate you in college". Point is, they aren't invincible...they are just unchallenged. I say, bring it. πŸ˜‰

We just really don't give a shit what opinion you have of us.

@BufftonBeotch I am the black sheep of the family...mother was a Xtian when out in public, and a psycho narcissist in private(the crazy bitch once told me I was looking at the face of God when I glared at her during one of her beatings) sister turned Buddhist at 16 and stayed so for the rest of her life...the other sister became a Lutheran Minister...I was the spiritual designated driver πŸ˜‚


My son went into the Christian cult sadly. We get along, just don’t talk religion or politics. He was in a more cultish group, where the family had to waive their hands in the air and sing β€œthank you Jesus!” before every meal. Thankfully, that passed. His beliefs helped keep his marriage together when it went through a tough patch. So I respect his choice, just don’t bring it up. And he respects mine.

I wished my parents would have just divorced so many times.

@BufftonBeotch his is doing very well. And they have kind of back off the cray-cray religion stuff. Their two boys are doing well too. His mom and I probably stayed together too long though.


At the time this happened, my niece was just 6 years old at a family Thanksgiving dinner. She asked me if I had heard the good news. "What good news?" I asked sensing where this was going, "Jesus loves you!" she responded.. Her mother had always been a zealous Xian and it broke my heart to see this little girl was already completely brainwashed. She's a full grown adult now and is as zealous and psycho religious as her mother always was.

You see the light go out in a kids eyes if they get brain washed.


The problem is that so many "Christians" don't really follow the teachings of Jesus. The institutions, both Protestant and Catholic, are twisted by venal church officials into vehicles for acquisition of wealth and power. Not what Jesus had in mind at all.

I raised mine as UU's so that is more or less respect for everything and reverence to none.

@BufftonBeotch I was not raised in any particular faith creed, but became a confirmed EB (evolutionary biologist) over time.

@Flyingsaucesir I had to deep fake for a number of years.


Your vagina drops, eh? I was thinking something like Visine for the hoohah, Vagine for example, before I figured out what you meant. A whimsical way to refer to your next generation, and it did make me chuckle, probably as much as your v drops did. As for non-Baptists all burning in hell, well, I'll probably continue to take my chances. LOL

I had another of his kids cut off contact for about a year because she insisted it was a law that you had to say "so help me god" before taking office or testifying before court.

I said -- it has become an expected thing to say but it is not a part of any required oath at all.

She lost her damn mind.

@BufftonBeotch So, you are going to take office or testify in court and you have to have a hand on a book and ask god to help you. Apparently you can't testify without god. The big questions are which god, and why is this happening. Did it ever happen in the Buybull?

@BufftonBeotch In the Roman empire, in court you swore by your testicles. This is why they call it "testifying". Not sure if women testified, or maybe they swore by someone else's nuts if they did, not sure about that.

@DenoPenno It would be very difficult for a person to swear into office without doing so.

@BufftonBeotch It would likely be difficult for them to get elected as an atheist but not refuse their conscience if they won. It is not required.

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