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I just tried mindful meditation for the very first time. Is this what normal is supposed to feel like? Is this what life, without racing thoughts and anxiety is supposed to feel like? This is nuts. Took me a bit to find a recording I liked. No religious undertones; except he says spirit or some crap, one time, but I'll let that slide since it was in the beginning and didn't happen again. That was incredible. I'm no longer feeling anxious, or overthinking. Wow.

By nutrition_nerd7
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My kid turned me on to Sealey, insisted his stuff would help me sleep. Surprise! It has helped on occasion. I've recommended it to others.
Funny though - 2 nights ago I was getting into one when he used the words 'chakra' and 'chi' - snapped my skeptic ass out of my reverie LOL

AmiSue Level 8 May 23, 2018

I'm using a mindfulness meditation as part of my mental health in relation to fibromyalgia which is a chronic pain disorder. I've been doing it for about 10 weeks now & I feel it is making a difference I'd certainly reccommend it. It's free on-line here [] PS - I don't benfit in any finacial way from this link - let me know how you get on.

I like her warm voice and focus on the physical. Thanks for sharing!


Let me define Spirit for you... even the Great Philosophers widely used and acknowedged the Spiritual aspects of the human condition and or being a human being. Most think that Spirit is a religious understanding of some dogmatic principle. However, this is just not so. The Greek term Psyche is the same as the Latin term inspiritus, thus spirit. The 5 elements, most only know 4, but in truth the Greek Philosophers believed in a 5th Elemental, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Quintessence or Spirit. Simply put, for we could almost write a book on the matter, but Spirit truly in todays context of thought means "Consciousness". Our ancestors did not have a means of understanding the psycho-schematic elements of the universe let alone have an understanding of psychological dissorders as defined in religious text as malvolent, demonic, evil, spirits ect. The term demonic derives from daemon. A daemon in that time period was not evil. Thus we get the term Eudaemon.

Eudaimonia (also known as Eudaemonism) is a Greek word, which refers to a state of having a good indwelling spirit or being in a contented state of being healthy, happy and prosperous. In moral philosophy, eudaimonia is used to refer to the right actions as those that result in the well-being of an individual.

Etre Level 7 May 23, 2018

@Paragon69 - what a buzzkill. If you don't agree, at least don't insult. We all have our paths to walk and life to make our peace with.

@SallyMc Thanks for the heads up.

@Etre I like your post, thank you

@nutrition_nerd think of it in this manner. 7 virtues and 7 sins, biblically speaking... name some... haste, lust, glutony, pride, love, patience ect... if a human creates an action using one of the afore mentioned concepts, then that action was completed from the spirit of said action. Let me show you, so someone creates a negative action towards at or against you. you in anger, retaliate, and take the life of said human. The action you comitted was created and completed from the spirit of anger. Remember the biblical story of how cain slew able. Cain slew able from his jealousy, or the spirit their of. Now go back reread, and every time you see the term spirit, replace it with consciousness. I think you will get it. If you wish to look into the legal language, or legalese you will find that law is conflict resolution and exacting retribution. Law is about getting to the root and or spirit of the matter, the context of meaning, ect.. the action that created the conflict. law was written in the spirit of honor and nobility. I believe I will rest here for a moment to breathe, I have not had much sleep might not get any. Give me a second and I will give you a quote from Einstein using the term Spirit,....

That was not the only thing Einstein stated about Spirit. Einstein Stated that whenever a group of scientists began working on a project, he found that a Spirit or Consciousness manifested within the group, an esprit des corps, that propelled them unto the completion of said project.

es·prit de corps
eˌsprē də ˈkôr/Submit
a feeling of pride, fellowship, and common loyalty shared by the members of a particular group.


So glad you tried and enjoyed mindfulness meditation! Check out the Insight Timer on the iOS App Store. It’s great!

I would also recommend doing the first free days of Headspace to get yourself oriented.
Don’t hesitate to reach out if you like - I have read a fair bit about it, including both secular and Buddhist takes on the practice. You might be surprised to learn that even in the Buddhist context there is very little metaphysics.

tsacrey Level 6 May 23, 2018

Meditation has been very helpful to me for anxiety. I’m prescribed meds for anxiety but prefer the pure feeling of just being and breathing. Happy for you. Make it a habit if you’d like.

vz1980 Level 4 May 23, 2018

I did a lot of meditation through Tai Chi combined with Chi Gung and breathing techniques. It changes the way you view the world smile001.gif


I've never done a guided meditation, but I do meditate from time to time. I "should" more often, but there just aren't enough hours in the day.


Meditation is somewhat new to me. Well, the guided form is. I read a book years ago by Osho, you know, the guru from the documentary on Netflix. He wrote that life was meditation, and everything can be done in a meditative state of mind. I thought this was great, and that all other paths were nonsense. A friend later taught me that it was about the breathing, and how a guided meditation would really help me to go deeper into my current practice. I agree that it changes everything around you. It is now a daily thing for me

TheRevjoe Level 6 May 23, 2018

I overthink a lot.

Me too. Mindfulness and meditation help immensely to slow that shit down.

@poetdi56 Good.


Yes it works. There's a lot of good apps for guidance, no music needed.


It’s a pretty good beginner’s meditation.


welcome! Once you find yourself adept at focusing then practice guided thought. Thats where you follow the same practice and then when you're clear follow the first thought in your mind down the rabbit hole. Then just keep taking it further and further. This is how I first reached enlightenment. We wear little ruts in our brains with the same thought patterns all the time and everything seems tainted in that direction ... that is until you take psychoactive drugs or use guided meditation. Doing this allows you to often approach the issue or thought from a different angle - often one you'd never have thought of in normal "mode".


Meditation is a good habit to get into. I find it really calms, relaxes, and centers me. And sometimes I fall asleep while meditating, but that's ok too.

Taladad Level 8 May 23, 2018

@nutrition_nerd Red or white wine? Just curious.


Absolutely. It really does help. It teaches me to just allow myself to be present with what is. But they don't call it a "practice" for nothing, because once or occasionally doesn't do it.

bleurowz Level 8 May 25, 2018

I took a class, "The Mindful Way through Depression." I gained so much knowledge about myself. I still have the books. When I find myself slipping back to old habits, I read them again.


It is known as the relaxation response in medical circles and has been written about. Nothing religious to it except what believers ascribe in their ignorance.

uuberdude Level 7 May 23, 2018

I use a meditation app on my phone that helps with mindfulness meditation. I love it.

Kbdank71 Level 7 May 23, 2018

@nutrition_nerd yep this one did too, but it still has some free ones. I downloaded insight timer based on a below. I'm going to try it tonight.


Try and get a book written by an Guru from India on the subject. It delves into ridding yourself of all material and sensual habits and becoming alone which is something a movie will not. The other thing I found interesting is that you cannot meditate with your eyes closed. For this you will also need some intense reading. I would not rely on a video to fully understand all the preliminaries involved to be able to understand what your going to get and what it will take to get there.
I cannot find the book I had but can only tell you to go onto Thrift books or some other online website where you will be able to view a large selection. You will enjoy the reading which is very logically rooted in the different sects of India and what they do. I was never aware of who the Ba Ba's were (I hope I spelled it correctly)

@nutrition_nerd I'm not telling you to get rid of anything. I just want you to read and understand the concept of Meditation as explained by People who practice it and what they have to give up in order to achieve it.


I think Sam Harris has some very interesting thoughts on meditation..

KenG Level 6 May 23, 2018



Jon Kabat-Zinn has some good stuff, he's secular and a fan of evidenced based medicine.

Buttercup Level 7 May 23, 2018

The subject in this recording is interesting but listening to someone talk doesn't relax me. I go with the nature sounds or music, but whatever works for you is worth using.

idoubtit Level 7 May 23, 2018

Why not listen to a 432 A enharmonic frequency.... the Shumann Ressonance or Earth tone. Composers did not start using the 440 A till 1880's or so. The Earth Tonal Vibration 7.83 hz.

Etre Level 7 May 23, 2018

You can do it's offices, airports, etc.
Just zone out, focusing on ambient noise, like the murmur of a crowd, or the whizzing of cars passing in the distance..any continuous or repeating sound.

Or focus on ambient bird song while out walking in nature, etc. Studies show this works as well as a yoga meditation class.


Great, enjoy your peace.

nvrnuff Level 8 May 23, 2018
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