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I know that we're all just a bunch of profile pics, posts, and comments, but there are a few people who, for whatever reason, I find incredibly intriguing. Of course they have no idea...I think. Is that weird? Does this happen to anybody else?

Hermit 7 June 2

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Dude, the coolness factor for most folks on this site is pretty damn high! πŸ™‚


If I notice someone interesting, whose posts I like, I sometimes "follow" them, to make sure I see their new posts.


I have found that everyone is intriguing in their own way. It's finding out these complexities and enjoying them and sharing my own - the two way-ness that makes positive relationships


I think it is easier to be intrigued by someone when all you know of them is an electronic simulacrum. Knowing someone in reality means having to accept all of those bubble-popping aspects. "You’re lactose intolerant and you do WHAT? after inadvertently drinking milk?" When we only know a little about someone and then we wonder about them, we never wonder about the bad stuff - only the good. So it is much easier to find them intriguing.

I don't really do this with people on-line anymore - I started chatting online in high school so I learned early on that people on the other end are just people. But sometimes I find myself doing that with an author or an artist. I should know better but yet when their art moves me, I am intrigued by them as a person.

Great post. This in particular "Your lactose intolerant and you do WHAT? after inadvertently drinking milk?"
There are otherwise brilliant people who do dumb bleep.

@Fanburger Having met a lot of people in my other world there can be huge disparities between a person's ability to express themselves online, vs phone, vs in person. You're only seeing part of a lot people in the written word.

@Fanburger it's a mix. Some , altho I find it rare, are exactly as they are in words. Personally don't think I translate as well online as in person.
I've talked to people who are GREAT online, but the biggests PITAs you ever heard on the phone.
One case, an IRL friend, is a know it all turd and even worse online, to the point I couldn't take it anymore and unfriended him on FB. WYSIWYG with that one. Still would give him the shirt off my back but he's a bag of dicks that I can only tolerate in small doses.

In my experience, what you meet online is who the person thinks they are vs who they actually are. That is not completely true but perhaps a more modulated aspirational version is a more night nuanced way to put it.


Really not much different than connecting in person. Our words are a huge indicator of who we are and how we think (if we do) and I am drawn to kindness above all else so yes of course we will be intrigued by some and block the shit of others.

Some of us are within the same frequency and the beauty is that the frequency range is kind of wide. Plenty of choices to talk to different people and learn something new from everyone..... I must have been a politician in a previous life, I am just trying to say that I agree with your comment.

@IamNobody I think my frequencies are too high pitched or something like a dog whistle because my range seems to be rather narrow. I simply do not tend to connect easily and refuse to talk to people that believe their opinions are facts or talk down to others and there is a lot of that happening in this world. I am always grateful for those within my frequency. (kindness, integrity, honesty, and a desire to learn seem to be rare these days)
PS I would vote for you f you ran for office!

@CreativelyMe ahhhh that's very kind of you but that's actually the secret to my limited happiness, I usually leave politics out of the picture. And I mean it when I say we are kind of on the same frequency range. Have a wonderful day !!!

@AmelieMatisse and now I will change my name for a sec from IamNobody to IamOutofwords ?

@MissKathleen liked this old posting and made me realize my good friend @AmelieMatisse is gone and didn't say goodbye ???


I think to some degree it does, but most people I find either boring, arrogant, or ignorant. I think this site’s population skews the average, though, not enough.


Like minds call out to like minds, physical expression and dress send out subconscious messages to those attuned to receive them.
Vocabulary and word choice are another indicator of like potential compatibility.


I find that in the less than 2 months I’ve been here I see and meet more people here who are a lot like me than I have in my lifetime. I really enjoy being in the groups as most are relatively small enough for members to learn a lot about each other. You also see their posts outside of the groups and want to check those out. Most people are easy-going and open-minded so it’s easy to like them.


I think it's human nature for people to have a stronger affinity, or even an attraction, for some people more than others. It happens when you are in a meeting, at a bar, on a bus, or in a chat room. It's normal.


Have not thought about it I guess. I have spent very little time looking at profiles. I have enjoyed reading and answering posts more than anything. Its just cool for me to hide away in here away from the religious nuts Im surrounded by and talk with people who make sense to me. Lol


I am intrigued by several people here. The only thing weird is you not communicating with them.

Actually, it’s probably pretty normal.


I thought so, but I suspect that those people aren't entirely unaware.

JimG Level 8 June 2, 2018

More difficult to hide your stalking here since we can view who has observed your profile

@Kadygee I have viewed a lot of profiles just out of curiosity. I wouldn't possibly have time to stalk that many people. πŸ˜‰


You should transmit your intrigue...?

Random person: Wow, I hope it's not me he's talking about.

@Hermit You won’t know til you give it a try. What’s that saying? β€˜What if I fall?.... but, what if you fly?’

@CarolinaGirl60 It's really just me trying to be funny.


Not at all. There are a few that have my interest as well.


There are people on here whose profile pics I look at and think 'hel-looo' (in a lascivious Carry On... voice), but I WON'T go looking at their profiles just in case they think I'm being creepy. ?

I know we're encouraged to check out profiles on here, but I do feel weird about it. Even so, I'm kind'a hoping I'll make friends on here eventually who I'll get to have longer chats with.

You really should visit their profile. Just don't go visit multiple times a day, then you would be creepy. And if you want to start a conversation with them say Hi!


Whilst I am still reasonably active (for now anyway) ...and still have the full sum of moving parts, I don't expect at my age to be forming heaps of new relationships. But granted there are plenty of interesting folks out there, and life being a glorious string of surprises, I would never say never!

Agree with your philosophy.....I joined this site because I am surrounded by people who have become very close minded about most everything. Their opinions are formed by the sound bites of whatever news outlet they listen to and they don't "discuss" anything anymore.....the ability to respectfully disagree with someone seems to have fallen by the wayside. It becomes so tedious that its easy to "pull inward" and just not deal with any of them but - you are right - life is (and should be) a glorious string of surprises.


Why thank you! πŸ™‚


I'm not dating, but there are certainly some very interesting, delightful, and dare I use that word "intriguing " individuals on AGM.
Such an eclectic bunch too..
It's easy and very pleasant to meat so many likeminded people from all backgrounds too.
I often think though if I was dating would be like planet hunting in the galaxy..trying to find that elusive planet in the "Goldielocks" area of a billion stars..???


There are a few on here I find very intriguing. It begins with a post or comment. If I like it, I will usually visit their profile and see some of their other posts and comments, not to mention their photos. This sometimes leads to more intrigue, and I will follow them. None of them are in my area except one or two, and I'm already friends with one of them. πŸ™‚


Yes....I have experienced that same feeling...

I've always been a "people watcher".....I love to get to know what makes people "tick". And the more people you get to know, the more your realize just how interesting and intruiging they can be.


I love something or somebody to feel intrigued about!


Yes. That is why I follow their posts.


It's like I say to all my friends: If I act like a total idiot around you, it's because I think you're hot.



All the time for me. I have found most people I find interesting don't feel the same way about me vice versa.


I must admit there are a few I keep up with, for some reason I'm curious about them. It's not a dating or sexual thing I just find them thought-provoking. A few have differing ideology in some areas but it's not enough to ignore them or block them.

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