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So, what motivates you to check out another member’s profile? Do you just search like a typical dating site? Or does your interest get piqued by a post?

PeppermintDreads 7 June 3

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Just nosiness to be honest.


I get piqued by a post usually and want an idea of where their viewpoint is coming from.

I will also admit to checking out profiles of people I'm greeting to make sure they aren't a bot or troll. (Usually only if their response to being greeted is a bit whacky... ). If you'd seen what I've seen! lol


I'm more likely to check out a profile after getting intrigued by interesting post. To be fair, sometimes it's about a cute face.


A bit of both, but probably more a post or response. A sense of humor is paramount for me, & then intelligence/curiosity. Appearance comes after those, usually. Not always, for my attention can be caught with looks, but without humor & brains it pales fast.


Almost always in response to something I read by them, whether a post or a comment, good or not so good, to shed further light on the personality behind what was said. Sometimes a post or comment strikes me as humorous or insightful, making me curious. Other times, an apparent negative post/comment will send me to the profile to see if this is an isolated negative or just part of where the person typically comes from.

Zster Level 8 June 3, 2018

I most always check a members profile out of curiosity after reading a post or comment. It is never an attempt to contact them other than to say hello and wish them well.


I will check them out if they have checked me out, or if they post something that resonates me or catches my attention. Sometimes I will check if it is something that concerns me, I want to know more about their background before I make up my mind.


I don't look at profiles because I feel kind of creepy to do so... But apparently that's part of the point of the site, so I'm going to change that if someone seems to be cool/sound/interesting/funky.


Definitely a post.


If they're hunky... I have to check.


Both but it's more about the posts. What I like about this site is that the people are atheists or agnostic. These are the people that I want to meet.


it‘s normally what someone posts or comments that makes me look at their profile.


General curiosity and i'd be lying if I said looks had nothing to do with it.


Usually, it's something they said - or the way they said it .

Other times, it may just be because I like their picture for whatever reason ...


Probably a little bit of both in my case... If somebody seems bright and articulate in their posts I'll check out their profile. I'll sometimes also just click on people's little, tiny 1/4" x 1/4" icons (at least that's how small they display on my cell phone screen) in order get a better view to see who responded to me or who I'm responding to.


Mostly a post...


Interesting posts get my curiosity . I'm not here for dating . It's much better than face book as far as finding .like minded people '



It's definitely a post or a response to another's post that triggers my interest. Appealing looks are fine, but they can't hold a candle to a fascinating intellect and a shining personality.

Deb57 Level 8 June 4, 2018



Whenever I read something funny, intelligent or delightful, I'm intrigued. I click on the person's profile.


If the woman has made a really cool post, has strong physio-psychological markers or unique features, then I will look to see if my impression matches up. I try to be objective and honest with myself, but dating material IS rare for its value.


It's usually one of 3 reasons.

  1. I saw something from them (post, comment, ect.) that piqued my interest.

  2. They responded to some post or comment I made and I get curious.

  3. Completely by accident while fumbling with my phone.

Regardless, at this point I'll usually wait for that person to reach out to me if their interested. Literally every single successful interaction I've had with online dating has come from the woman making the first move.


I check out many profiles to see the values a person holds, what groups they are in, the posts they make, where the reside, & what their interests are. I am not cruising for a date. I like the interaction of people that can contribute to my knowledge & correct me when I am wrong. I enjoy not feeling so isolated in my revulsion concerning the current administration in Washington DC. I want to spread the word about cannabis & want to see it legalized at the federal level before I die. It is the last of my quests/crusades that are yet to be fulfilled. All of the others are ofcourse threatened by tRump & his ilk, but all have come to fruition. Cannabis. The one last unfulfilled item on my life's list.


Complements to posts I have made that are positive and they have tagged me.
When I really like a post someone else has made.
When I am physically attracted to someone's avatar or want to see any pics
When a member has same interests as me or I want to know more about them
Sometimes someone who pms me or I talk to in chat room.
Someone who looks at my profile or is following me


Posts, location interest


Definitely, what they say in a post, especially if it's funny. I tend to like people who make me laugh.

A sense of humor helps a lot, in this day and age, with Mr. Cheeto trying to ruin our lives.

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