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How are you different from most people ?

Wildgreens 8 June 3

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I put my pants on both legs at the same time.

Yeah, I can’t say that I’ve done that more than a couple of times in my whole life.

@BlueWave lol ☺


I am honest about everything - do not hide anything - make myself vulnerable.
I have empathy about others always.
Have a colorful past.

In a white room with black curtains....that type of colorful? Lol...

Colorful is different and unique.


I have an untamed sense of humor, a thirst for knowledge, and I like to get medieval on the weekends.

Deb57 Level 8 June 3, 2018

Medieval as in SCA? What's your weapon of choice?

@OldDave Yes, as in SCA. I have a nice big wooden spoon with a basket hilt.

@Deb57 Very cool. I am a craftsman of wooden swords and have dabbled in leathercraft. I'm also a pretty fair marksman with a crossbow. Do you like sword opera books/movies?


It's all in a bad way, so I'll skip this question



I wear tutus and bustles. I collect voodoo dolls and other oddities. I talk to spiders.

Holy hell I love you!

That's outstanding!


High sensitivity and intuition. I've been told I have an "old soul."


My mother was a considered an exercise fanatic and a health nut. Mom raised us on low fat, healthy food. I took it to a new level. Thanks, Mom!

Instead of buying processed food, I cook from scratch at home. As much as possible, I eat organic fruits and vegetables in season. Organic strawberries are the best! Also buy natural eggs and meat with no sodium, preservatives, growth hormones, preservatives, etc.

So, I have never smoked, avoid alcohol and never drink soda pop. Also, don't eat deep fried food, fast food, hamburgers, donuts or pizza: all the high fat, processed, sugary junk foods that Americans love.

My dad died of colon cancer at age 51. I was 24. Immediately I eliminated from my diet preserved meats with cancer-causing nitrites and nitrates. Bacon, ham, pepperoni, salami, etc. Once a year, I enjoy a rib-eye steak when finding morel mushrooms in the spring. Sauté the morels with olive oil, butter and garlic. WOW!

Bottom line- a healthy lifestyle gets results. Exercise and enjoy eating healthy, whole foods. Protect your skin from the sun. Drink lots of water. Be optimistic and upbeat. Have fun! It shows.

In 2018, I set a personal record by hiking 326 miles with 63,210 feet of elevation gain. "Don't slog in the bog. Get high on the ridges!" has been my hiking motto since age 21.

Literate Hiker aka "Ninja Skills" 😀❤

Love you, Qualia!

@LiterateHiker I love you too ((( Kathleen )))!!! ❤

Fascinating !

Edit: In 2017, I set a personal record.



You win.


I've been told many times by many different people that I'm not like most men. I guess that makes me different.

I'm real, open, and honest about who I am. I've worked very hard to get here and the way I figure it, if others don't like me, that's not my issue. So I have nothing to hide. I won't say what I think you want to hear. I won't lead you on. You can ask me anything and I won't give you a bullshit answer. I don't play games and I keep drama on the stage, which is the only place drama belongs.

I look and act younger than I am. Most of my friends are younger than me. I'm 420-friendly, don't care what gender you identify as... my only requirements for friends are that you have a brain and ethics. I'm a Progressive Liberal Socialist. I recycle everything I can. I say what's on my mind. I love who I am. I love my friends fiercely and with abandon. I'm open to new experiences and ideas. I'll try almost anything once. I am an Ally. My friends are gay, straight, bi, trans, poly, fluid... in other words, people. They do not, however, include narrow-minded bigots or Trump supporters (am I being redundant?).

I'm an actor, I sing Karaoke, I live for real and honest conversations, usually on my deck in the trees or in front of my fireplace over a bottle of wine or two. I'm told I'm comfortable, ethical, respectful, accepting, and safe. I know what no means and won't push myself on anyone. I am an Ally. I'm not afraid to look at myself and change anything that doesn't suit me.

Great answer...

I think you're fascinating fwiw. 🙂

@Qualia Thank you. I'm just me, and I've worked very hard to get here.

@LimeySteve While I don't follow you I read you whenever I see a post from you.

@Qualia Thanks.


Different in the way that we all are the same


I like kale chips.

Me too!

Me 3 ??

One of many acquisitions at Trader Joe’s today.


I stay naked as long as possible before going out..also I love my boobs??????

You can have some of mine.

You do have great tits Charlene

@Wildgreens thanks but really happy with my 36c sis..they purrrty..

@Qualia thanks hun...want a pic?...Lolololololololol

@Charlene I've seen hints and can tell they're perky and pointing at the stars. LOL Don't make me wistful for my old ones! 😀😀😀

@Qualia Lolololololololol


I learned very early that I make my own heaven right here every day, and that being appreciative is rewarding beyond belief! Also I am a damned good sport!


Geeze..... i guess its economic failure. I kept training for new jobs and took on opportunities outside my trades. However you put it...fear was my motive. I couldnt be without money when i knew how i needed it to live comfortably. i could be my worst nightmare.

I don’t get how that is economic failure. When you train for new positions, did you get the positions? Do you live comfortably? If so, how is that a failure?

Gee bluewave. I trained .i got the positions. I shined. I live comfortably. I could of been like the rest of them. Cry about lifes not fair and struggle to find work 15 years ago.

@BucketlistBob Ahhhhh.....the way your comment to the question reads to me is that one way you are different from everybody else is [your] economic failure. What I think you are actually saying is that you are different in that you didn't experience economic failure, right?

My ex works at one of the plants and gets frustrated and annoyed with the young pups who come in making more than most with college degrees and still don't appreciate it or work hard to keep it.

@BlueWave i did not experience it. Thats because i willingly( on my own time) trained in other other areas to keep from experiencing this economic failure that caught up to the others that just set there being satisfied. I saw this coming. Fear of no money coming in made me look outside the box. Be all i could be. I started out as an jet engine welder to a plant welder learning pipefitter and boilermaking. Which covered exchanger and furnaces and boilers. To millwright. To machinist. And so on. My buddies stayed a welder and got layed off and had to travel for work. I never left town. Even the Army says you can be all that you want to be and they will train you to get there.


I am only different than 98% of them.


No idea really. Hardcore doberman person? idk


I will step up, step in & step on when needed. That is why I have stepped out.


I'm into collecting. I have exactly a hundred Funko Pop! vinyls and I don't care to count how many blu-rays. It's how I get my mind off all the garbage in the world and all the constant sick and scary news.


Hmm... I am gay, legally blind and a nudist. I am also an atheist, but on this site, that is pretty much a given.


I do my own thing and don't go along with the crowd to fit in. For example, living in America, practically everyone around me worships football - I don't.


I'm probably somewhere on the autistic scale, the Asperger Syndrome. There is no way for an adult to test for it in my country so I'm just guessing. I'm honest and not tactful, intelligent but not clever. Old age has allowed me to remove myself from society apart from necessary dealings, but nonetheless I keep an eye out for more solid contact.


I'm older than most of them. 🙂


I am all the way out of the closet. No going back. I suppose growing up in a family business made me a public person long before I nailed down my political vision. Going to peace meetings in religious buildings seemed like calls to action but everytime a prEyer or benediction was given, I felt the attendance was dumbed down to when Dr Madalyn Eads Murray O'Hair came to my town 1981, I resolved to end the hatred towards Atheists by making Atheism popular as science or birthday cakes....I did not win my election campaigns but we have made a great difference in Iowa, Charleston and WDC....I am lonely different from all the other lonely ones here because none see the connection between romance and politics



That’s an interesting response to a benign question.

@BlueWave - it helps me sleep at night. NGAF helped me get past worrying about what people think.

@CalvinJoe Okay, but why bring what comes off as hostility to a fellow member’s friendly question?

@BlueWave no hostility here and I can't help what people think - exactly my point in the original post


Well, I don't think I really am.

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