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While the elements of shamanism and ayahuasca etc. may or may not be intrinsic to the authors views, I thought this approach had something to offer, as when non-Buddhists follow the advice of the Dalai Lama. See what you think -
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. May 26 May 26 44
It's Tuesday! I hope it's pleasant for all of you. Today's question is: What bit of trivia do you know that is very interesting but also very useless? I was on a Quick Recall team in high school, so I have all kinds of useless facts at my ...
FlippantLlama KY May 26 May 26 1717
I've just moved a post to the author's profile page. We do not allow marketing. I'm not sure if that link was bad or not -I'll try to see what my antivirus program says but that's not conclusive for malware. If you clicked the link you might ...
RavenCT CT May 25 May 25 11
A thorough, albeit long, listing of how cholesterol came to be falsely demonized. The author, Dr. Tim Noakes, is a well-known South African Doctor/Scientist who had his own battles with medical orthodoxy. (He won.) If interested in learning more, I ...
Mitch07102 PA May 24 May 24 11
Saw this book at the library, and realized that the author's last name is also descriptive of the book.
Omnedon IN Apr 28 Apr 28 11
No music today, just a photo. Today would have been the 72nd birthday of Terry Pratchett, one of the British trio of authors I adore the most. Pratchett, Adams, and Gaiman, they all shared a love of language, the landscape they lived in, and an ...
Spinliesel NY Apr 28 Apr 28 66
"What that can be said will you be the first to say?" - Michael Stevens (Vsauce) I wasn't aware of the Library of Babel website until I watched this video. The idea of such a library is a bit decentering, until one considers the meaning behind ...
SergeTafCam MD Apr 25 Apr 25 00
The Oak Ridge Boys Dream On Happy 77th birthday Richard sterban his voice is just amazing he's always been one of my favorite singers
Huskygirl4ever WI Apr 24 Apr 24 33
"The World's Reason.—That the world is not the abstract essence of an eternal reasonableness is sufficiently proved by the fact that that bit of the world which we know—I mean our human reason—is none too reasonable. And if this is not ...
Archeus_Lore AZ Apr 23 Apr 23 11
A random thought... I was driving earlier and a track from "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" by the Alan Parsons Project came up in the shuffle. Poe is one of my favourite authors, and on the album, Orson Welles reads this creepy passage, and his ...
Omnedon IN Apr 20 Apr 20 44
Discussion of authors and their books expressing Social Progressive Values I am interested in sharing insight with anyone reading the following. Link to other relatively recent works that help inform my opinions. ΛSSΛ CO-OP | Reading...
Muiren CA Apr 17 Apr 17 00
In case there's a power problem, I shall reply now to the usual "Goodnight" to us. Last night I didn't go to bed until 3am, but I couldn't sleep. My brain would not shut off. At 7am I got up. We'll see what tonight brings. Ciao.
Petter Spain Apr 14 Apr 14 11
Hi - For what it's worth, in the absence of anyone else doing this (that I'm aware) here is my very primitive and probably badly botched estimate calculation for the EXTRA US deaths attributable to the Trump Administration's ...
kmaz AZ Apr 12 Apr 12 22
All I can do is sit here whilst gazing out, with a mug of coffee. This lockdown is so tiresome. 🤣🤣😝😝😂😂
Petter Spain Apr 8 Apr 8 55
A pretty darned good knowledgeable-seeming essay on a path to overcoming the virus in the US. Ten Weeks to Crush the Curve List of authors. Harvey V. Fineberg, M.D., Ph.D. April 1, 2020 DOI: 10.1056/NEJMe2007263 Chinese ...
kmaz AZ Apr 6 Apr 6 22
A pretty darned good knowledgeable-seeming essay on a path to overcoming the virus in the US. Ten Weeks to Crush the Curve List of authors. Harvey V. Fineberg, M.D., Ph.D. April 1, 2020 DOI: 10.1056/NEJMe2007263 Chinese ...
kmaz AZ Apr 6 Apr 6 00
A pretty darned good knowledgeable-seeming essay on a path to overcoming the virus in the US. Ten Weeks to Crush the Curve List of authors. Harvey V. Fineberg, M.D., Ph.D. April 1, 2020 DOI: 10.1056/NEJMe2007263 Chinese ...
kmaz AZ Apr 6 Apr 6 00
LINK Job hunting during the coronavirus pandemic: It’s dismal.
HippieChick58 NE Apr 6 Apr 6 33
__Hey Florida Freethinkers! How are you all making out? __ What are you doing to fill the days? Gardening? Maybe rediscovering a favorite book or binge watching a new show? Yesterday I gave my tiki a reggae makeover :) What about you? And...
Hastur FL Apr 3 Apr 3 33
Having fun
bobwjr DE Apr 2 Apr 2 00
Golden Earring - Twilight Zone
Dhiltong UT Apr 2 Apr 2 11
WIRED's compendium of climate-change possibilities opened up by the pandemic - This gives me a little hope it is going main-stream...
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. Apr 1 Apr 1 22
March 24th. 1989 On this day the oil tanker Exxon Valdez ran aground in Prince Edward Sound in Alaska.It spilled 11 million gallons (41 million litres) creating the largest U.S. oil spill in history up to that time.
actofdog Canada Mar 24 Mar 24 22
It's funny how one's views can alter over time, even on trivial matters. I used to enjoy Star Trek, although I wasn't really a Trekkie (perhaps a Trekker). In the '80s and '90s, used to read the novels as they came out -- some were excellent, some ...
Omnedon IN Mar 23 Mar 23 11
There is a very interesting documentary on HBO " after truth : Disinformation and the cost of Fake News " if you have it watch it
bobwjr DE Mar 21 Mar 21 00
"People protect what they love." - Jacques Yves Cousteau
WilliamCharles CA Mar 15 Mar 15 44
You are writing the bestseller book that will become the script for a block-buster science fiction movie about the coronavirus era. Q1: What science fiction or fantasy authors do you think you would inadvertently plagiarize? Q2: How might ...
LaDizdeOdd TX Mar 14 Mar 14 00
And now, for something a bit different. I've long been a fan of Philip Roth but never heard about this book. It does not disappoint me to learn about it's Forbidden content, and gives one pause to reconsider what is normal. I've ...
Philip21 IN Mar 12 Mar 12 33
"Bernie has already won." Read this author's perspective. However, even if Sanders has been a champion in moving the party farther to the left, the Democrats still need to win the election!
Athena Canada Mar 9 Mar 9 55
Another WTF moment brought to by the Outlier
Outlier NV Mar 6 Mar 6 1111
Some ‘Godly’ advise
webspider555 UK Mar 5 Mar 5 22
Hmm ? ? (Texas) (Dr in NY, NY)? (Widower following 12).? 007 almost always scammers? (repeat)? I'll get on checking these...
RavenCT CT Mar 5 Mar 5 11
Last Train To London : Electric Light Orchestra
FearlessFly MN Mar 4 Mar 4 11
THIS IS MAKING ROUNDS ON SOCIAL MEDIA Did a 1981 Dean Koontz novel predict the coronavirus? Best-selling author Dean Koontz is going viral amid wild conspiracy theories that he predicted the novel coronavirus almost 40 years ...
St-Sinner TX Mar 3 Mar 3 1919
Do This to Really Prevent the Flu AND Flu-Like Illnesses Avoiding a serious case of the flu doesn't require a flu vaccine! Further, you may also not be aware that only about 20 percent of flu-like illnesses are actually caused by influenza type A ...
TheoryNumber3 IL Mar 2 Mar 2 22
Sexy A Mama
Rossy92 VA Mar 1 Mar 1 11
Any opinions on Isaac Asimov? Of Jewish heritage, and atheist. I liked the Foundation series. The thing is, a few years back I spent a little time reflecting n the readings I did as a kid in some of the authors of "Golden Age" science fiction. ...
kmaz AZ Feb 23 Feb 23 55
No surprises here... Recent attacks show the "tolerant" left is violently intolerant-
SpikeTalon NV Feb 20 Feb 20 22
The Four Seasons
Lilac-Jade Canada Feb 12 Feb 12 00
BETTER BRAINS Businesses Are More Profitable And Innovative In States With Legal Marijuana, Study Finds Published January 31, 2020 By Matt Saintsing States have been experimenting with various forms of marijuana legalization for ...
OldGoat43 PA Feb 3 Feb 3 00
After a fight the husband told the wife: - You know, I was a stupid when I married you " She replied: - "Yes dear, but I was in love and I did not notice"
Merseyman1 FL Feb 2 Feb 2 11
LINK Bestselling author Mary Higgins Clark dies at 92, according to publisher
HippieChick58 NE Feb 1 Feb 1 11
I’m curious. There are so many Christian authors out there but do y’all have any suggestions of good agnostic or atheist authors?
TomJonesFan TX Jan 31 Jan 31 22
Happy Friday all!!!
RobertNappi2 CO Jan 17 Jan 17 33
LINK The Most Politically Dangerous Book You’ve Never Heard Of - POLITICO Magazine
altschmerz IL Jan 13 Jan 13 22
LINK This Artificial Kidney Eliminates The Need For Kidney Dialysis
Archeus_Lore AZ Jan 11 Jan 11 00
Just like the internet. I believe the same authors are involved.
glennlab TX Jan 6 Jan 6 11
Important life goals...
GeorgeRocheleau AZ Jan 1 Jan 1 22
Cannabidiol Oral Solution: Challenges as a Treatment for Seizure Syndromes Justin J.ShermanPharmD, MCSDaniel M.RichePharmDCaroline P.WarrenPharmD LINKS: A review concluded that "cannabidiol oral ...
OldGoat43 PA Jan 1 Jan 1 11
As Trump continues to accuse anyone who disagrees with him as evil, those of us on the secular left may be at risk of “swatting.’ Be aware: “Anyone with a grudge and someone’s address can make a ‘swatting’ call, but what was once a ...
SeekingWisdom WA Dec 27 Dec 27 55
Red panties
OldMetalHead AZ Dec 23 Dec 23 22
Prophets/ Men of god and Authors of the Old Testament Bible Isaiah - went around preaching naked Jeremiah - has a cattle yoke fastened around his neck Hosea - married a prostitute and named his daughter Lo-Hurama which means unloved ...
abyers1970 GA Dec 22 Dec 22 11
STUDY THE OBVIOUS : Characteristics of Marijuana Use Among Orthopedic Patients John J. Carney, BS; Alan Hwang, MD; Nathanael Heckmann, MD; Mitchell Bernstein, MD; Geoffrey S. Marecek, MD Orthopedics. Posted December , 2019 A ...
OldGoat43 PA Dec 20 Dec 20 11
A dinosaur tale!
Allamanda Virgin Islands, U.S. Dec 13 Dec 13 66
TALL HEMP ATTRACTION Bees Like Big Hemp And They Cannot Lie, Study Shows Published 21 hours ago on December 11, 2019 By Matt Saintsing Some pollinators tend to flock to hemp, but according to a recent study, the taller the trees, the ...
OldGoat43 PA Dec 12 Dec 12 33
LINK Merriam-Webster dictionary announced 'they' as 2019's word of the year
snytiger6 WA Dec 10 Dec 10 00
Nothing better than Alicia
whiskywoman TX Dec 8 Dec 8 33
Head and Neck Injuries from Staring at Smartphones Sharply Increased
LiterateHiker WA Dec 5 Dec 5 99
EPILEPSY STUDY A study concluded that medical grade cannabis "may be successfully used to treat ." The use of medical grade cannabis in Italy for drug-resistant epilepsy: a case series Authors: Chiara Pane, ...
OldGoat43 PA Dec 3 Dec 3 11
LINK Chicago mayor fires police superintendent weeks before his retirement
IAJO163 PA Dec 3 Dec 3 00
LINK Teaching students the conflict is ‘incredibly complicated’ is guiding them into an epistemological and moral void
altschmerz IL Dec 2 Dec 2 33
Lecture by Vine Deloria, Native American activist, on the state of Native Americans in the modern world. Deloria delivered this lecture at the University of Massachusetts. »»﴿───► See more on the Authors Playlist: ... Check...
AmmaRE007 Canada Dec 1 Dec 1 11
For those who like the Mystery/Detective genre... I just finished a collection of short stories by various authors called, "The Mysterious West" Edited by Tony Hillerman. With most collections there are two or three really good stories and about ...
snytiger6 WA Nov 13 Nov 13 11
Hello, All. I'm something of an author, having self published one novel that sold 10s of copies. I have had several flash fiction pieces published in anthologies and am currently working on a new novel inspired by the superhero craze. Happy to ...
sterlingdean NM Nov 13 Nov 13 22
The glass is still breaking -remembering Kristallnacht in 2019 and how we should acknowledge it now. What do you think of the author's suggestion?
sassygirl3869 NY Nov 12 Nov 12 22
Who knew? Not just for fun games-it serves a real purpose! New light on the essential reproductive role of the clitoris by Dr. Liji Thomas, MD A new study focuses on the role of the clitoris in females, showing that when ...
silverotter11 WA Nov 11 Nov 11 11
"That's Not What Happened" by Kody Keplinger was a really good and interesting read. It is mostly told from teh viewpoint of a high school girl who survived a school shooting, and how the official narrative was not really true. She decides to try ...
snytiger6 WA Nov 10 Nov 10 11
This garbage is but an example of "how tRump got there". This was on my FB site. (I countered with the fact that tRump was fined 2 Million and had to admit guilt in stealing funds out of his "charity".)
Santanaman9 IN Nov 9 Nov 9 99
LINK Author's 'Warning' Raises Question Of Trump Staff Responsibility | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC - YouTube
snytiger6 WA Nov 8 Nov 8 00
I had this thought of doing a Satire video, but no camera or means of professional production. The setting would be something viewing the homeless people under the bridge. The "actor " might would be someone looking like a news reporter or ...
Word LA Nov 6 Nov 6 88
PARKINSON'S Neurotoxicity Research Cannabidiol and Cannabinoid Compounds as Potential Strategies for Treating Parkinson’s Disease and l-DOPA-Induced Dyskinesia Authors and affiliations Nilson Carlos Ferreira Junior, Maurício dos- ...
OldGoat43 PA Oct 31 Oct 31 11
The Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal has been arrested on false charges after reporting on Venezuelan opposition violence outside the DC embassy. He describes the manufactured case as part of a wider campaign of political persecution. ‘This ...
William_Mary OH Oct 30 Oct 30 22
Welcome to new members. What's you favorite Film, Book or Show? Who are you favorite characters, actors, authors, directors or showrunners? Anyone else like Conventions? ComicCon? DragonCon?
Chatoyant FL Oct 28 Oct 28 44
Fruits on tree of life
St-Sinner TX Oct 20 Oct 20 1212
LINK All the President's Women Excerpt Alleges Donald Trump Assaulted Woman at Mar-a-Lago in the Early 2000s
jerry99 NM Oct 9 Oct 9 77
I told my friend that the first one should say “brains, brains, boobies” he completely changed it (the second one). Not the same effect...😖
EyesThatSmile FL Oct 7 Oct 7 44
Once again the almost laughable insecurity of the Pur Lane culture raises its ridiculous head
bookofmorons Canada Oct 5 Oct 5 33
Words that have probably been said many times but here they are again...just to make sure...The thing about writing stories is every author has their own method, a method which probably took years to develop. Still, new writers can learn from the ...
DonaldHRoberts Canada Sep 29 Sep 29 22
I cannot get over the circular reasoning of the good book being good because it says it is. I was taking part in a polite little discussion with my dad about my not accepting everything in the Bible (one more itty-bitty step to coming out). ...
Biblebeltskeptic SC Sep 29 Sep 29 1212
LINK We have hedonism all wrong, according to ancient Greek philosophy
Hiram IL Sep 27 Sep 27 00
Self explanatory for most.
Jolanta Australia Sep 20 Sep 20 11
What's the most helpful book you've read as an adult? For me, it's Judith Viorst's, "Necessary Losses", in which she catalogs the losses most of us experience as we go through life, but counters that rather depressing information with how those very ...
Rob48 DE Sep 16 Sep 16 33
harridan--a strict, bossy, or belligerant old woman
Remiforce NY Sep 16 Sep 16 33
My Family's Slave. Interesting story of a writer's family that came to America from the Phillipines and brought their slave with them in 1964. She lived as a slave in America until the author's mother died. In describing both his mother and ...
linxminx NE Sep 14 Sep 14 33
Naked On The Run: A New Craze For Racing In The Nude
snytiger6 WA Sep 9 Sep 9 44
Who is/are the real author/s of the Bible?
NR92 Afghanistan Sep 5 Sep 5 1212
Interesting and provacative read. I see the evidence of this author's claims displayed daily in social media. Thoughts?
Freespirit64 MO Sep 3 Sep 3 33
Why don't authors, even in works of fiction ever use themselves a the main character/protagonist or antagonist. Exceptions not withstanding.
DonaldHRoberts Canada Sep 1 Sep 1 22
With all the sex scandals in recent months some friends have suggested it would be worth looking at Pizzagate again. The minute it's mentioned I think "that's crazy" but in reading the emails again I'm less sure. Has anyone here read the emails? What...
jniece OR Aug 26 Aug 26 88
After the orgy and why I love going to the dentist.
LiterateHiker WA Aug 25 Aug 25 3636
Bumped into this sweet song. 1975, graduated from highschool. I loved this song.Joan Baez- Diamonds and Rust
gigihein NJ Aug 19 Aug 19 22
Mansplaining, what does it mean to you? I often see men get accused of mansplaining when I have not seen them as being mansplanations; and I have had a man apologize to me for it, even though I did not take it that way at all. As I ...
Joanne OR Aug 18 Aug 18 1111
Would you as an agnostic or atheist marry a Christian?
AstralSmoke TN Aug 13 Aug 13 113113
Its the video games.
actofdog Canada Aug 11 Aug 11 44
................................................................................................................ What Toni Morrison Understood About Hate ................... President Trump bears out the author’s ...
AnonySchmoose HI Aug 9 Aug 9 22
Yesss overtime.
actofdog Canada Aug 9 Aug 9 00
Just one of those simpleminded Jacobs observations. The question I see adrift in the sea of questions on self improvement for authors is: What are some simple sentence hacks I can use to improve my writing? Use fewer words. Use more ...
evidentialist NM Aug 4 Aug 4 33
Ever been there
bobwjr DE Aug 2 Aug 2 77
There's something wrong with Republicans. More than just the usual disgusting nonsense. They like getting autographed Tweets from Trump. FFS ... sigh Trump Prints Tweets, Signs Then Mails Them To The Authors
SeaGreenEyez IN July 30 Jul 30 55
Day 5: St Malo to St Quay Portrieux - 32 knm’s As planned we set off bright and early. Up at 3, out by 3:30 - to get the sail complete before the predicted storm arrived. I always feel so perky sailing off in the dark.. Not. And getting out ...
OwlInASack Jersey July 30 Jul 30 22