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This will be my first post here, and it is very difficult to write, as silly as that may seem. I suppose it is not helped when I have been very honest here on my profile regarding things that I normally am not particularly forward with. Hello massive...
By SeptemberRain 5 98 comments TX Oct 22, 2018
A quick shout out to siblings. I have the great pleasure of having one who has become my best friend. Of us five children, she is the youngest, and was one of the more involved ones in fundamentalist Christianity for a long, long time. Me, the only ...
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By John-Paul 7 23 comments NC Aug 25, 2018
Hello Agnostic community. Wanted to announce that @Virginia and @CPAgnostic have found one another on this very site. provided an ideal environment to meet someone with whom I am highly compatible. In this world filled with religious...
By CPAgnostic 4 17 comments TX Aug 21, 2018
Hello everybody, I have not been on much, I'm in the process of moving. Having a wonderful time with my girls and my great-grandson. I do not have my internet Wi-Fi in yet maybe tomorrow. Everyone enjoy your Sunday.🌊 😊
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By Sheannutt 9 11 comments OR Nov 4, 2018
Sadly got back from Canada Sunday evening from seeing my boo ♥️ It’s always a wonderful time with him. Saw a movie, went out to eat, spent every second together. Five days is not enough. He’s definitely my greatest hello and my hardest ...
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By BohoHeathen 7 17 comments OH Feb 19
I would never debate someone on their religious beliefs (unless they ask to have that debate) but I always try to tell people that I'm an atheist when religion comes up. I just think it's important that people in our communities know we exist and ...
By klang72 5 65 comments FL Sep 6, 2018
Hello all! I’ve been visiting for quite some time and was too timid to let my freak flag fly. Those days are over.
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By Anniemae 8 23 comments IL Aug 15, 2018
Okay, this is a FIRST in a long time! Just this moment (7/19/18 @ 10:54am) two women knocked on my door. I answered it and the woman in front said "Hello", and I said "Hi". She then said "How are you? We are just stopping by to say a few words about ...
By AzVixen52 7 24 comments AZ July 19, 2018
Hello, Everyone, I am brand new here...I just now signed up. I am glad to have finally found a place with like minded people where discussion/debate is encouraged. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes....
By IIHEATHENII 4 39 comments FL Feb 15
I was at the bar for my grandmas retirement slash birthday party. That's right the agoraphobic introverted teetotaler went to a bar. It was great. Someone brought a husky and saint bernard and I got laid on by the husky while petting the puppies ...
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By LadyAlyxandrea 8 16 comments KS Feb 9
Hello cup cake.
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By WonderWartHog99 7 7 comments SC Jan 26
Checking in! Hello!
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By jenandjuice1111 7 18 comments TX Nov 13, 2018
"Hello?" - "Hi honey. This is Daddy. Is Mommy near the phone?" - "No Daddy. She’s upstairs in the bedroom with Uncle Paul." After a brief pause, Daddy says, - "But honey, you haven’t got an Uncle Paul." - "Oh yes I do and he’s upstairs ...
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By RichieO 7 8 comments Ireland Mar 4
So I have a date tonight. The oddest thing happened. I am on POF and a lady from Liverpool msgs me and says "interesting profile". So of course I look at hers and although the pics are just landscapes the rest of her profile is promising. . So I msg ...
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By 273kelvin 8 20 comments UK Oct 5, 2018
Hello beautiful!
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By RobertNappi2 8 13 comments CO Jan 26
Hello all you thinkers out there. I'm hoping that this is a step in the right direction for me as I've grown weary of hearing educated, otherwise intelligent adults speaking seriously about invisible, all powerful, all seeing, all hearing, all ...
By IronRider 4 26 comments NC Jan 15, 2018
lpee4114: Hi, how are you doing this evening? Just wanting to let you know that i love your smile and you are so beautiful... Anyway i am Edward. I would love to get to know you more.. ME: Hello Edmund. Thank you so much. lpee4114: Good ...
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By pasha-one-nine 7 19 comments IL Nov 23, 2018
Hello, have a rant, well maybe not a rant exactly. Tuesday night some creep walked into my carport and cut the chain on my bike and stole it. Now it's not a fancy racing bike or mountain bike, it's a three wheeled, old lady tricycle! What kind of ...
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By Booklover 7 30 comments CO Sep 27, 2018
Hello my fellow weirdos, so good to be back among my own people because let's be honest about being weird - All the Best People Are. ;)
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By Surfpirate 8 8 comments Canada Mar 20
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By RobertNappi2 8 7 comments CO Dec 21, 2018
Hello 911..Help. But no rush..
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By Charlene 8 7 comments Mar 15
POLL I've been on here a few days now & I LOVE IT! Such a great respit from the other mind numbing sites. Great conversations! Keep it up party people.
By Avidawn 4 26 comments NC Oct 10, 2018
Hello Winter Solstice!
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By Sheannutt 9 4 comments OR Dec 21, 2018
This Site ?
By flowerchild62 6 38 comments CA Jan 25, 2018
Hello all happy tuesday
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By RobertNappi2 8 8 comments CO Jan 8
A friend of mine posted this and I appreciated it so much I'm passing it along. C'mon midterms. I'm making these calls, and there are many others: John McCain: 202 - 224 - 2235 Bob Corker: 202 - 224 - 3344 Jeff Flake: 202 - 224 - 4521 Susan ...
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By BohoHeathen 7 8 comments OH July 21, 2018
What Real Intimacy means to me. “Real Intimacy is a meeting between two souls, an invitation to meet each other exactly where they are, without expectation or agenda. It doesn’t demand gifts and benefits, sexual prowess, conditional offerings....
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By Hazydays 6 9 comments MN July 13, 2018
As part of my effort to create a tight-nit inner circle loyal only to me so that I may rule this group with an iron fist; I have recruited two moderators from among the membership to aid me in consolidating my power. Please give a (mandatory) warm...
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By JeremyTaylor 8 29 comments OH Aug 13, 2018
Hello Agnostics! I’m glad to have stumbled on this site. It’s a nice addition to life in the Bible Belt. I am re-educating myself and examining my life—maybe a bit of a midlife crisis but meh & shrug. Hope to make some new friends and I...
By ZenJen 4 29 comments TX Oct 28, 2018
Hello all, I haven't been on this site for a while now. I am trying to find a balance between work and personal life. I'm a high school English teacher in central Florida, Disney fanatic, history nerd, and pet lover. Trivia sounds like a great ...
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By bettyboop_1967 5 16 comments FL Feb 16
Hello doctor, I hope you can help, have a problem, I can't concentrate, one minute I'm OK, and the next minute, I'm totally blank! And how long have you had this complaint? Err, err. err…... What complaint?
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By RichieO 7 7 comments Ireland Feb 14
Hello. New to this group. I posted this in the Scottish group but would like to share here too. Edinburgh castle, crow quill, and ink.
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By Kattywampus69 8 7 comments NC Feb 28
Hello Gardeners, Today I picked the rest of my watermelons, and still getting plenty of tomatoes and winter Squash (spaghetti squash) The zucchini ,yellow squash, and cucumbers are all gone. I still have a lot of corn that I left on the stalks to dry...
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By kenriley 8 10 comments KY Aug 21, 2018
Feeding off of @Sheannutt 's post about self-love and picking yourself up at 3am when you're alone and crying, this is my comforting companion when I'm having a difficult night. Say hello to Hugh, the Manatee (as in "hu-manity" - get it?).
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By bleurowz 8 13 comments NJ Sep 12, 2018
Hello introverts! I haven't been around for awhile so please forgive me if any of these are reposts.
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By JenBeberstein 7 4 comments CA Jan 12
Hello I'm Sandy from Southport, UK. My 'bio' if I can call it that says a bit about me that I hope is of interest.
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By Sandster 6 25 comments UK Nov 15, 2018
Hello, I'm ranting. I don't think much about the term "mansplaining". I have been condescended to by both men and women, and often underestimated. I think it has something to do with the fact that I smile often. My smile sticks around as others ...
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By Stacey48 8 9 comments MD Aug 16, 2018
I just wanted to have a quick hello before posting some other silliness that I have up my sleeve. I’ve been on here for a week and I’ve really enjoyed the community. You all seem like decent folks with kind hearts, sharp brains and solid funny...
By indirect76 7 25 comments KY Apr 9, 2018
Hello! I'm new here So I thought I'd introduce myself. Kris, 35, live in Texas. I'm labeled Atheist. I don't on any level believe in a god of any kind. Its also not something I think about all the time either. I'm not out to change anyones minds nor ...
By ArcadeKris 4 22 comments TX Mar 22, 2018
Going to bed the other night, I noticed people in my shed stealing things, I phoned the police but was told there was no one in the area to help, The police said they would send someone over when available. I hung up; A minute later I rang ...
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By RichieO 7 9 comments Ireland Nov 10, 2018
Hello everyone. I am currently having some health issues. I hope it's nothing serious but I have to wait for the blood test result Many religious people I know (including my parents) say that this is my punishment for not being religious and living ...
By Alexa 5 71 comments Italy May 14, 2018
Glad to be here. Hope to make a ton of friends and who knows maybe a "soul"mate gag gag choke lol
By Holyhellkel 6 28 comments Jan 18, 2018
Hello, fellow members. Remember, this is A SAFE PLACE FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE. This is not my group, it is OUR group. I just have to do all the paperwork. ;) Sometimes people get confused, or overwhelmed, when other people have issues....
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By Annaleda 8 7 comments OR Feb 11
Hello Singles !! Any one here is talking, seeing, or dating anyone for few weeks but still not sure if he/she is the right person to start a serious relationship?? why??
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By vmedel 6 28 comments FL July 22, 2018
Hello there ...
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By balou 8 6 comments TX Oct 27, 2018
Hello friends. Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all of you and your kindness through my time here. I will be taking some time away from the site as it has not been healthy for me lately. I feel less community and more competitive ...
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By Akfishlady 8 17 comments WA Sep 27, 2018
Hello, Dolly!!
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By balou 8 10 comments TX Nov 29, 2018
Hello. I’m a retired forest ecologist. I like to garden and grow vegetables, flowers, and trees. I have a 45 acre playground in central NY.
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By ADKSparky 7 16 comments NY Jan 1
Hello all, I just joined up. I've never been much for social media or dating sites, but I finally decided to join the 21st century and make an account here. Mainly because it is so difficult to meet like minded people living in the rural midwest. ...
By dmemm84 3 27 comments OH May 6, 2018
I'm new and don't quite know how to work this thing. I don't have to kill any avatars to move up a level, just make witty, incisive or random posts? I did make one that said: Why the hell would God make a rock so big he couldn't move it? But it went ...
By cflowerday 4 35 comments NE Dec 21, 2017
Friends, Romans, Countrymen/women, lend me your ears... Oh, got the wrong speech. Hello all you Liberal, open minded Trump despisers!! How is that? 3 individuals have now been blocked from posting in our group. If there are others I should ...
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By HippieChick58 9 12 comments NE July 24, 2018
I'm really bad at introductions, so I'll keep this short and sweet! Hello all, it's so wonderful to have stumbled upon this community of others who see the world in the same unfiltered way I do. Living in the bible belt my whole life has been an ...
By Gravija 5 29 comments TX Feb 28, 2018
Hello! I'm brand new here...😊 A little background to my query: I was raised in a Pentecostal (Assemblies of God) church, which teaches that all good things come from the Lord. I just graduated with my second bachelor's degree, which I earned...
By Barba01 4 35 comments IN May 22, 2018
Mayoral Race Update Well we had the big all candidates meeting the other night, put on by the old guard for the benefit of everyone but mainly for their hand picked candidates. So this time instead of cutting the speeches short at the last minute, ...
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By Surfpirate 8 11 comments Canada Oct 13, 2018
Hello everyone! A little something from the ranting room.... When you are in a large Airport and your flight is cancelled, do not expect any comforting services AT ALL! You will have to buy your food and a burger will cost you $21. the ...
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By SukiSue 8 14 comments MA Nov 20, 2018
Hello, I'm new here. Just looking for rational conversation with people who haven't fallen for the great scam that is organized religion. Many of us have overcome varying degrees of childhood indoctrination. Hooray for us.
By nursferatu 3 18 comments CO Apr 6, 2018
😚💋. Self Love is most important....kissing myself hello every morning. .... anyone wanna kiss something?
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By Cutiebeauty 9 8 comments NY Mar 26
Hello. Newbie here just trying to figure my way around this site. I have been getting depressed on Facebook with all the negativity and people thinking they can do and say whatever using religion as an excuse. It seems people who don’t have ...
By Kadygee 6 22 comments KS May 22, 2018
So.. Ummmm... If you don’t mind my asking, what are your names? I know some of your names for obvious reasons, but not many. And I figured enough of us have been here a while, first names might be nice? If not, that’s cool too. Rock to your own ...
By AMGT 8 63 comments CA Jan 7, 2018
Hello! I'm very new to this site. I can't seem to find my way around. I'm trying to join groups and nothing happens when I tap them. I'm only a level 2 so I'm wondering if I can only join so many groups at that level. I'm posting this because I guess...
By hipchick57 7 27 comments FL June 19, 2018
Hello all :) This is my first post. I've only just joined and I think this will be my favourite category, as I'm a published music composer and author. So, do we have anyone here who enjoys epic, orchestral, hybrid music? ^_^
By Aedolyn 4 25 comments UK June 24, 2018
Hello, all. I’m Beth, 58. I have trouble sometimes, realizing that my iphone now has what used to be a roomful of electronics, devices, and appliances. Strange days!
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By CarolinaGirl60 8 12 comments NC Jan 23
Hello! My name is stupid and I thought I would share :) I thought she was absolutely beautiful when I saw her pictures online. She sounded absolutely amazing after I read her profile. Her words tugged on my strings. So I decided to say hi with no ...
By Tutankhamun 6 33 comments OH Apr 30, 2018
Hello gardeners, I'm not counting the days anymore. So this is today, The cucumbers are coming back to life after the rain, the zucchini and yellow squash are still producing, starting to get spaghetti squash are starting to ripe one by one.and the ...
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By kenriley 8 6 comments KY July 24, 2018
Rolandsmile [] I think we discussed him recently. He claims to be Atheist, Agnostic, and a Believer. I can't imagine what he believes. He recently posted on the Rapture. It is a rather incoherent post, rambling, semi-hysteria, Mark...
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By HippieChick58 9 8 comments NE Jan 18
You say goodbye and I say hello. Love this hand. Good morning all. More house drama for those of you following. Propane ran out and I'm not filling it. Electric to be shut off next week, cable and internet. Back to court on Thursday with my daughter....
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By sassygirl3869 9 11 comments NY Feb 22
Hello October. Enjoy you coffee Coffee reveals itself as an unlikely elixir. []
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By KateZilla 7 15 comments TN Oct 1, 2018
Hello from Point Nemo. Ever wonder where the middle of nowhere was? Well, it's here. We're 1000 miles from the nearest landmass, which is Easter Islands to the north. Point Nemo is also the graveyard for spacecraft and the home of Cthulhu. It is...
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By escapetypist 8 12 comments TX Jan 7
Hello everyone 🙋🏻‍♀️ … I recently joined the site and just noticed this group. I love Halloween too!
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By egyptrican 7 10 comments PA Aug 2, 2018
just thought I would check this out. I guess I'm looking for reasonable people who will not try to convert me. I am quite happy being Agnostic and don't feel like I have something missing spiritually in my life. in other area, well maybe. but not ...
By ashien1965 3 13 comments CO Nov 17, 2017
Hello all, I'm quite new here, but am going through some really awful experiences with my family because of my atheism... I am 47, have been an atheist for at least 27 years, BUT I come from a family of 10, and EVERYONE in my family is a Christian...
By DanielleRT 3 42 comments Canada Apr 25, 2018
Hello, you must be going.
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By Heather2367 7 5 comments Canada Aug 14, 2018
Hello!!!! I just stumbled upon this group. Yes, I love younger men!!!!
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By Anniemae 8 5 comments IL Nov 27, 2018
Come check out our booth at the American Atheist convention going on now for the next few days in beautiful Oklahoma city! We're excited to say hello!
By Admin 8 10 comments Online Mar 30, 2018
Heya all! I’m Marc. I really like the setup of this site. The points system and posts really seems to help interactions and sharing of knowledge.
By Marc 3 21 comments OK Feb 7, 2018
Good opening lines. This bunch has probably heard some real doozy opening lines in online dating. I'm curious about the best ones that you've responded to. I used to use "Hello, ____. Nice to connect with you. I'm running to Whole Foods later. ...
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By Olnoseven 7 13 comments NY Nov 17, 2018
Say hello to Stella. She helped me set up my new Firestick.
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By GinaKay 7 5 comments CA Jan 25
Ahhh. Hello all in Heathenville (or as I fondly have called it Heathens-r-us, Heathen Central, 99cent-heathen-store). It's early, I'm 50, I'm hungover like a motherfucker, and I'm going to take a little run so that I may even feel worse than I do ...
By onlyduh 7 16 comments SC June 16, 2018
Hello! I'm new to this site and just trying to figure it all out! I am generally distrusting of online dating sites. I tried one last winter and it was pretty much a disaster. But I like the format of this site. I like how you can post comments ...
By CLM64 5 22 comments NC June 20, 2018
This is the extent of our communication on Match. He had one profile pic with sunglasses on and 5 flower closeups. Those pending photos? Turned out to be face visible from the nose up, a river rafting shot that could be anyone behind the water spray,...
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By UUNJ 8 29 comments NJ Sep 14, 2018
I've only been on here a couple days and I'm really getting addicted to this. Just wanted to say hello everybody, have a great evening.
By Sheannutt 9 23 comments OR May 19, 2018
Hello beautiful...
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By MrLink 7 7 comments CO Oct 20, 2018
Loneliness and disconnection in the virtual age. As I write this I think it's an issue for nearly everyone in this age of virtual interactions. I know many people who would rather text than talk to someone on the phone, or go through the self ...
By Akfishlady 8 26 comments WA Jan 24, 2018
When Syria invites you in for an investigation and you instead send in bombs. Say hello to the new boss, same as the old criminal lying war mongering boss's. Heil!
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By William_Mary 7 15 comments OH Apr 14, 2018
Hello, new here, from southern New Mexico. Neat place, neat people. The variety. Love how many different people are here! Here, as in the site, you all!
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By Desert 4 8 comments NM Feb 15
By ejbman 7 11 comments CO Mar 21, 2018
Hello Kitty...
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By MissKathleen 9 5 comments AZ Jan 26
Hello, Joined and wanted to say hi and I hope everyone is enjoying there sunday
By Pot-Roast74 3 19 comments IL Mar 18, 2018
Hello everyone. Former Mormon here. 30 long years! Was seduced by the dark side 10 years ago and have never felt better. Drop by and say hello.
By Alberto72 4 27 comments MA Jan 29, 2018
Hello, sir, do you have a moment to talk about Jesus Christ?
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By MST3K 8 6 comments OH Aug 23, 2018
Sometimes it's just about being there It occurred to Pooh and Piglet that they hadn't heard from Eeyore for several days, so they put on their hats and coats and trotted across the Hundred Acre Wood to Eeyore's stick house. Inside the house ...
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By germangirl90439 8 7 comments FL Mar 20
Howdy Folks, I am new and desperately in need of kindred spirits for discussing mutual beliefs. Being as we are smothered in the bible belt surrounded by "believers" its hard to find support outside religion. Is it just me or does anyone else ...
By Coyote1 3 24 comments MO Mar 21
Well good morning fellow heretics. I must say, when I get up hours early (like this morning) and get on here where I peruse topics relating to magic, sharks and tatoos...I know I'm in the right place! This really is a great site. Happy Friday people....
By Freespirit64 8 7 comments MO June 22, 2018
Hello all! My husband and I live in a very dense Christian/republican area in Oregon so we've joined this site in hopes of making like minded friends. I would describe myself as agnostic. My husband is very much a visionary, believing that there is a...
By LemonsAreSweet 4 33 comments TX Dec 26, 2017
Hello everyone. I'm stuck home alone rn and I just roasted the most delicious winter squash in history so I'm here to share. I had one sugar pumpkin and one other winter squash of unknown specificity. I roasted them plain then smashed them ...
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By KJThomas 6 8 comments CA Mar 16
For your entertainment, today's old folks online dating site "flirt" "Hello Queen, you are beautiful, is your Dad an Astronaut? Cuz I think someone stole the Stars and place them in your eyes. Your profile caught my eye, care to chat ...
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By MissKathleen 9 15 comments AZ Mar 21
This Friday I did something either very stupid or very wise. Only time will tell but one thing is for sure it was not rash. It was a move thought out as only a chess player can. Over many moons and various stages of sobriety..... I contacted my ex. ...
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By 273kelvin 8 18 comments UK Sep 16, 2018
Hi! My name is Rachel. I'm bipolar. So after months of lurking around this site, I decided to be open about my mental illness. So here I am. I just wanted to say hello. It will do me good to talk to folks who get it.
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By Catrachel1111 7 14 comments CA Aug 17, 2018
Hello, this is my first post! I signed up a couple of days ago, still looking around to see what's what here, still learning (then again, I'm ALWAYS learning!). This place certainly appears unique - part community, part dating site (sort of?). ...
By Key23 5 23 comments LA Mar 2, 2018
Do u think it's possible to recover from a neglected childhood????
By DavidDeLa89 6 38 comments MI June 6, 2018
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