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Are there things you want to change about yourself?

Are there things you want or actively work to change about yourself or do you simply accept who you are?

From a personality standpoint, I would love to change my temper. Try as I might, it might still often gets the best of me. From a more physical or chemical perspective, I still seek a cure for insomnia and occasional depression. Mostly I figure I am who I am at this point and change is unachievable.

I don't know if I would be a better person without these traits but I hold my father up as my role model and he certainly lacks my temper.

By BoingoOingo426
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Oh, boy. I don't have the time or the patience to share everything I want to change.


i assume you mean character traits and not, for example, weight loss, which would be a good thing for me to work on.

i am impatient by nature and that's one thing i would like to change.

another is my ptsd, which stops me from getting some of the medical attention i need. i hope i can bring myself to go through with the endometrial biopsy i have scheduled for monday. if i could let them take blood when they needed it and administer anesthesia when that is necessary, my life would be easier. of course the former is a problem that extended beyond my cooperation, because even if i get brave and cooperate, my veins don't (they roll, and they don't produce, and yes i hydrate) and if anyone gets any blood out of me, it coagulates in the medium in the vial before it can be tested. but i wish i could do my part better anyway.


genessa Level 8 Sep 14, 2018

I have weirdy moments when I have doubts about how i come across to others, and then I catch myself on, and think, was it a catastrophe? No! then its nothing to worry about . I think if other people can't cope with me its not my problem to solve it for them unless they want to have a real negotiation or stay out of my range.

jacpod Level 8 Aug 28, 2018


My outlook, behavior, and thought process are well within my standards for acceptable outcome.

However, the perception of time is not linear. Every year moves faster then the year before.

I remember watching "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" The movie took hours. Now, to watch the same movie would take perceived seconds. The time between date-markers such as x-mas season are reduced to small blinks in a short day.

Although in good health with a good probability of a few decades of productive life left, perspectively speaking, I have very few days left on this earth.


Maybe be less sarcastic?


Hoo, testify brother on the temper and depression. Unfortunately, my dad was definitely a role model for my poor behaviour.


Sometimes I wish I experienced emotions the way most of the rest of humanity experiences them. To me, my emotions are an unavoidable consequence of my biology, a mere biological response to stimuli, a thing outside my cogitative functions, a thing to enhance my experiences at the best of times and, a thing to be ignored at the worst of times. edited for typos


More patience for me!


Get rid of cancer. Working on it now

Hugs , hon !

@Cast1es thanks. I got good news yesterday. It is stage 3, so I have a chance. Time to complete the bucket list.


Only my underwear, which l do daily.

Sticks48 Level 9 Aug 22, 2018

This is a question that I would have responded to far differently 10 years ago. At 25, I would have ignored this question, too proud to admit I wanted to look more normal. Now, I can tell you that yes, I want to change things about myself, but not.my scars and medical issues, but my quick temper and tendency to be unaware of others around me when deep in thought. Take from that what you will.


More charismatic, am actively working on it.
Less condescending, am passively working on it.
Lose a few pounds, actively working on more gym and healthier diet.
Start my own business, actively saving for start up capital.
I sometimes wish I was more social, those folks seem happier than me, not working on it.


I have been working on trying to change things about me since I was 20 years old. I ended up in the hospital at 19 after trying to kill myself so it was a matter of life and death for me. I've found I could change more than I ever dreamed of. I also found there are things about me that were programmed in childhood and I could only learn to mange them. They could never be changed in a way I would be free from fighting it. The first step is awareness and way to many people have little to no real awareness. They will spend there lives bouncing around only running on preprogrammed responses to their environment and seem totally without any control over it. They will feel like a victim and blame others for the place they are in. They often feel that people that admit they aren't prefect are just weak but it's really the opposite is true. It takes a lot of bravery to see what you truly are, accept it, and then fight to change it. It's a fight few people will really have the strength to fight because its a nonstop battle that must be kept up for life in many cases. I have certainly not won most of the fights to change myself. I lose the will for short periods but I truly understand how important the fight is to me. If you do not say to yourself and others you are wrong with any regularity you really aren't looking at yourself very hard. It's humbling to do so, often admitting it to yourself is the hardest part. It doesn't feel good to be humbled but it's good for you. I promise you will start to think more about what you say and do if you are humbled enough.

Good luck and best wishes for success. Sorry to hear about you earlier life troubles. May you have a long, happy and healthy life.


There are a lot of things about myself that I really need to change so that I can live a happy, healthy life. I'm working on those things. Oddly enough, accepting myself the way I am has always been the first step for me to positive change.


I would like to be more communicative in my personal life. And a smaller ass.

kjsgenie Level 7 Aug 22, 2018

I can understand wanting to be more communicative, but as a fellow large bottomed female, I can't support the smaller ass bit.


My brain chemistry.


One thing i would love to change would be to not have Schizoaffective disorder.
I would like to be normal.


I'd like a few more inches.

godef Level 7 Aug 22, 2018

Please clarify.

@Donotbelieve I intentionally left that vague. ?

@godef drats

@Donotbelieve Alright, my fingers!

@godef giggle giggle


Nothing and everything.

Nothing: Amor Fati.

Everything: Stagnation is death. Always evolve and grow. The mind, learning, wisdom get ever better as I age. Keep learning.


I'd like to be kinder, but I also like to be honest. No idea how to do both simultaneously.


I would banish my social anxiety so I could have close friends who weren't relatives.
There is hope though, we change daily in small increments and large changes can be brought about over time.
You can change yourself, give yourself time and the attitude to do so.

MacTavish Level 7 Aug 22, 2018

My weight


My age. I'd like to be 21 again.

PBuck0145 Level 7 Aug 22, 2018

Just about everything


Clung to values and beliefs are operative in our perspective and conduct. If you can find logic bound agreement to a belief or value it is simple to don. Even while you don't have understanding, a practice of such will come with a realization of efficacy if it is true. So, as far as a temper goes, recognize that you want to communicate what you feel, and recognize that an aroused state of emotion doesn't get the message across as people respond to the angst and not the message. If you want to be heard, seek out the stressor and calmly express it. Upon reward of being understood with heightened understanding the donning of this value or belief will become operative in your character. Catharsis often produce regretful conduct, although it is healthy to release that pent up knotted energy you are actually unapproachable. Emotions, especially with fear are simple to deal with. It takes being present in the moment and acknowledging their presence. Seek out their root cause, analyze it and attempt to resolve it through calm expression. What needs to be done with emotion is to acknowledge it, turn towards it, embrace it, and pass through it. Once you have done this I think you will find that your expression is in a much more reasonable manner.

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