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If we lived in the same town, where would I be most likely to run into you at?

What places do you like to frequent?

You might find me in a bookstore. Obviously, the pizza place. I'm also fond of the All About Cha that carries the Stevia packets. (Nice place to meet someone and not have to eat a full meal). On nice days, I walk around at different parks.


silvereyes 8 Jan 18

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I would eat pizza, but alas, I am allergic to tomatoes and I am lactose intolerant, but I consider the lactose just a warning! I am willing to pay the price for a hunka cheese, however, anaphylactic shock, that which comes With the tomato allergy, I am Not keen on! πŸ˜‰

@silvereyes Three makes jackpot! πŸ˜‰

@Sadoi How about a white (garlic) slice instead? No tomato sauce (but still cheese, sorry). I sometimes buy a frozen pizza that's spinach and mushroom, again with cheese, but I think that's also sans tomato sauce.

@resserts god (sheepish grin) you're gonna laugh at this one! I am also allergic to garlic. Onions and Garlic since birth. I have to get pizza sauceless if i intend to enjoy, but even still, I can get hit hard by the cheese and then... ick... nightmaaaare times 10 thousand!

Because your atheist, does that mean holy water and crosses don’t work on you?@Sadoi

@Sadoi Yikes, I'd say give up specific on pizza entirely β€” as much as it pains me to say that. 😟

@Funandfondles actually, I'm Agnostic. πŸ˜‰

@resserts hahaha! Precisely! If you guys took me out for pizza, be sure to bring the epi pen and an ambulance to await me in the pizza parlor parking lot! Hsha

@Sadoi I do not mean to insinuate, I should have looked it up. I’m sure you get the vampire thing all the time, and atheist fit better in my attempt at humor.

@Funandfondles since I am agnostic, it would mean the holy water with neither work nor not work on me. πŸ˜‰ hahaha!

Or maybe you have never been able to find holy water, but suspect, if it existed, it may harm you?@Sadoi

@Funandfondles naah! i drank a gallon of the stuff last night. cough cough πŸ˜‰


Coffee shop. The best place in town to get hot wings. BBQ joint. Maybe a stoplight? I feel like I spend a lot of time at stoplights. (Edit: Oh yeah, and church; super high probability of us running into each other at church).

haha! Me too! Hey, lets honk next time we are stopped together at the same stoplight! Thats right! Im Stalking you NEXT WEEK! muuhahaha!

@evestrat Next time I'm in Kansas we could combine them and grab some coffee-rubbed brisket. (Actually, as much as I love coffee, I've never liked any meat that was coffee-rubbed. Also, I'm never in Kansas).

@evestrat So, after reading most of your comments on the forum, I'm thinking that "I've never tried coffee-rubbed anything" was not primarily in reference to food.


At some food joint of course.


The waterfront


On some off trail Trail in the middle of the woods, surrounded by lakes, alone. Sometimes you can find me at the Lebanese restaurant, the gym maybe... my Job, so go to the hospital, haha, mostly though, you'll find me in a forest somewhere. I prefer to be outdoors and i Realized just HOW MUCH i adored nature when I relocated to Michigan and my need to be outdoors trumped my hatred of winter! ...and I have a butt ton of HATRED for winter! My love was stronger than my hate, it would seem. πŸ˜‰ I'm thinking here... oh you might find me at the library too! Yes, some of us Still use the library... I prefer real books, not online reading. Getting stoned at my fire pit too. haha! Basically, if you wanted to find me, you'd have to first hit me up to get my coordinates. lol! I'm aaall over the map, man! I could feasibly be on the road on a roadtrip, coming to a town near you, too!

Sadoi Level 7 Jan 18, 2018

@silvereyes yeah I hear ya! I am the same way. I have some obsession with books though. Its been there my entire life. Mainly it stems from my mother. She had thousands and thousands of books when I was growing up. Along with a bizzilion books, she had equal amounts of Albums so music and books are a big thing with me. I would say I am almost a collector, by way of books. I am so obsessive about growing my collection that perhaps I am a bit crazed when it comes to ownership! haha! The library is more so like the place I go to to sample, to get an idea of the flavor of a story and to figure out if i truly wish to spend my hard earned bucks on the real thing! haha


At a restaurant called Pei Wei (love their food). The local movie theater I frequent. Barnes and Noble bookstore. At Starbucks reading a book and sipping a grande Cafe Mocha.

balou Level 8 Jan 18, 2018

@MrLizard yes, excellent food!


Probably the grocery store or maybe around the university. I'm pretty boring these days.

My life most days! Lol! Home, work(at the university), grocery, and home... repeat.


In the Dance Floor.


In front of my computer with 30 open browsers on one subject and a note pad or wondering around town. Possibly at my buddies helping with the horses.


hot springs


Sushi restaurant.


Pizza place and liquor store (where I work), my favorite Asian buffet, movie theater (on $5 ticket night), or the bookstore.


The supermarket


Buried in research for my next novel. At the library (same purpose). Local bookstore. Park feeding the ducks and dodging the geese. Grocery store deli counter. Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Japanese restaurants.


My place. Or the beer store. Sometimes Walmart.


Great conversation starter. I’d be walking or jogging through the dirt road in the cemetery and along the creek. I for one, will be glad when winter loses its icy grip around here.


This is so much more fun than the political questions that keep on coming up LOL

Definitely at the movies. I love going. Otherwise I'm at home LOL

@silvereyes that is a good question. Most movies are not worth talking about, but I still enjoy watching them. The last thing I really enjoyed was a Netflix documentary called Icarus about the Olympic Doping Scandal by Russia


Your house. Fixing your garage.


My town is rather small we have 2 convince stores/gas stations a post office. The school parking lot is where the most people are at one time. Mostly am at my house driving my tractor or working on the house. Writing at my desk.


The video store, the dollar store, Kroger, the pizza restaurant I work at, the library or Wendy's...

@silvereyes I don't really care if a person believes or not... As long as they're not trying feed that shit to me... And as long as they're a good person... But I try to keep my head down in the grocery store... I'm there to buy food, not socialize... lol


if you don't frequent places that have live entertainment and serves alcohol we would probably never meet.


The beach or Cat Island Coffeehouse which is like a quaint mini-Barnes and Noble with a great view, and the coffee is better.


A car dealers yard,I like looking at cars such as Mercedes,Audi there are not many American cars in where I live or in the nearest city,mainly Japanese,German and South Korean brands in New Zealand.


Only at the beach or in the bush could you find me, it is likely though that we would run into each other, because I hang with a group of youngsters including my kids who are your age.

@silvereyes In oz, the bush basically means rural out in nature, the outback means well away from civilization. But if in the area you would have no trouble finding us. On the beach at night, drums, guitars, bonfire, fire twirling and so on, we usually end up with 3 times as many people as we started with, all ages. Not exactly permitted where we do it, but the locals don't mind, and the police are fine with it. If it is a mild night we stay until sunrise and often swim home.


Most likely walking my dog, possibly at a restaurant, less likely at the nearest grocery store. I usually walk my dog 1.5 - 2 hours a day, rain or shine.

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