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If you could wipe 3 words from existence, which would you choose?

Words that are hard to say. Irritating to spell. Or, just ones you really don't like. Here are mine:

  1. Worcestershire
  2. Rural
  3. Handkerchief
silvereyes 8 Jan 20

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donald... john... trump.

Most other words are just that, words, some mean, vile, stupid... sticks and stones...

Tomas Level 7 Jan 20, 2018

You beat me to it and I got no other three. But I will try with "The Electoral College."


I have to go with “libtard.” Not really a word I know but still... other than that I would vote for words that are used to diminish and marginalize people. Like n***** and faggot.

@MrLizard it's fag for cigarette.

faggots are also a kind of meatballs in sauce


LOL, I love Worcestershire, I would eliminate Queue, really 4 of the letters are redundant. I would eliminate IRREGARDLESS which is not a word but people keep using it.

I love the word queue.

@Naeem In my head "Queue" is kwiwi TOO


cunt,swamp thing, Donald trump

Swamp Thing loves you though!

I like the word cunt. It just rolls off the tongue.

Why Swamp Thing? Do you hate comic books or something?

Somehow "cunt" said in Scottish or Australian accent is less offensive.

My ex called me cunt and swamp thing-despise

I think cunt is ok as slang for a vagina. I like dirty words during sex.
But not used as insult.


Oh yeah, feminazi and libtard can go.

I use feminazi for radical feminists though, the ones who are basically anti-men...having to explain that every time sort of defeats the purpose though i suppose lol

@Neraven Oh, how do you explain that being anti-men is the equivalent of people who murdered and enslaved tens of millions of people?


I can come up with only one word, "IRREGARDLESS"!


The Electoral College. And is my final answer.


Worcestershire is a county in the UK. If you removed that word from existence, 583,100 people suddenly wouldn't have a word for where they live.



Can we get rid of those little nappy dogs too?

@SonderOpia Exactly, the word and the animal, both can go.

Punting dogs!

All puppies are sweet!


Faith, Hope, and Prayer. Three words that don't do Jack squat for man kind as a whole.

@silvereyes hope along with faith came out of Pandora Box and everything that came out of that box was evil to me. Love the old Greek Mythology. That's my lame excuse for Hope. The only way I except hope is cause no entity is involved no god no religion. but hope also seems to be another flip of the coin. It almost seems like accepting the thought of defeat or negative events or bad karma. But I get what your saying you need words like hopes to make reality interesting or victory more savoring I guess. Like when the Falcons lost the Super Bowl last year to the Patriots. I don't even want to go there. I'm still ticked of about that game. Or Georgia loosing to Alabama uhgg I'm so leaving this state. If I was a hopeful person. I would stay here. So yeah guess hope is good for some. No need to scratch from dictionary. I'll replace it with (Duh) can't stand that word. I just want to slap people that say that to me right after they say it.

  1. Moist
  2. Preserves (only when referring to jelly)
  3. Sputum
dkp93 Level 8 Jan 20, 2018

I asked my wife this one... she said.

  1. The C word
  2. The N word
  3. The F word
    A women's point of view.

@Naeem Cunt lol

  1. Heretic. 2. Blasphemer. 3. Infidel. In a world where these words would no longer have meaning.

I can't think of three but I have trouble pronouncing Sunglasses.
It always comes out Sungle Asses.

skado Level 9 Jan 21, 2018
  1. Incorrigible.
  2. Choice. (80's expression meaning cool)
  3. Yuge.

I love YUGE!!

@HippieChick58 That is how to say huge in eastern America.

So...basically cockney without the british accent. Classy.

@silvereyes Trump version of huge.

@evestrat Every time I hear it I think of Jim Carrey saying it in a weird way. It was either in Ace Venture or Mask.





I've lost count of how many times I've heard parents say these to and about their children.


Out of beer

  1. The N word.
  2. Smegma
  3. Cunt, unless said in Australian or Scottish accent.

I haven't heard #2 in YEARS!


Some non words like shouldof ( should be should have) things like irregardless ( ewww) and people saying woman when they mean women. But there is another whole bundle of words I deplore, like : collateral damage and ethnic cleansing (nothing to do with getting anything clean)

I love saying collateral damage...xD


Trickle down theory

  1. Retarded, it’s just unnecessary.
  2. Supposebly, it’s not a word but people use it.
  3. Anywho, I just cringe.

@silvereyes And by may more attention you mean pay right 😉

Is retarded not useful at least until we get some proper leaders or do away with them all together?

No, there are many other names for the unproper leaders. I think the word "retarded" has a stigma about it that needs to go. Being creative to name the unproper leaders is advisable, (and fun). Otherwise the word to me is an ignoramus one.


Greed, disrespect, hate well the emotions that went with the words would also need to be eradicated.


@silvereyes I can't for the life of me find my post...did you delete it? Or did people report it cuz i didnt censor the n word? For the purposes of this post, and since everyone else is too scared of the damn word, i felt it necessary to spell it out. But it seems thats wrong somehow. -eye roll-

Thats cool to hear. I imagine it was probably people flagging me or something then. Oh well, i guess.


By the way the Rural Worcestershire Handkerchiefs is the name of my new punk band.


Oh fuck yeah. Rural. Try Rural roads ride roughly regularly.
2. fake news
3. Royal family

That one isnt very hard though...

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