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Questions for Democrats: Which Candidate is your top choice to run for President in 2020?

The location of the 2020 Democratic National Convention is still being decided between three cities. Since I live in the Houston area, I'd like to see it held there.

Toyota Center, Houston, Texas

American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida (with some meetings at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida)

Fiserv Forum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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ballou 8 Sep 6

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Many years ago, (10? 15?) , I heard Elizabeth Warren on the radio, explaining how our credit card industry operates. How it started, evolved, Etc. I've always liked her. She seemed very capable. I would always consider voting for her.
Bernie just couldn't quite explain where the money for his social programs would come from (MIC! MIC! ) as obvious (MIC! MIC!) as the answer is ( MIC! MIC!) . So either he was being coy and dishonest, or was going to continue funding the MIC along with fantastic social programs. America CANNOT afford both. So I can't buy into what he's selling, as much as I'd like to.
Hillary .....problem is.....if we had gotten her in 2016, she'd have been back in 2020. Along with another corporate clone in 2024. & 2028. Business as usual takes on a life of its own.......It tends to be business as usual.

Obama cost me $1000's .........I can waste my own money thank you. I think that George Soros pegged him when he said that once Obama has your support, he doesn't offer much. He's out looking for more supporters.

Obama gave up waaaaaay to much to RepublicanTs. No fight in him. He had the House & Senate and .....SUCKED. Might as well have voted for Romney ( MCCain probably had my vote in '08 before he "discovered" Sarah Palin. Yuck Poo!)

twill Level 7 Sep 9, 2018

I would concede that Obama and the Democrats did not fight nearly enough and gave up too much (not the least of which was the cost control in Obamacare that could have made it work).

I too really liked Warren....but only until she backed Hillery. I then left the Democratic Party. I was always an Independent anyways.

@Reignmond Yeah it seems as much as a working taxpayer wants to support the Dems, they disappoint. Reminds me of Lucy, Charlie Brown & the football. Sad.

I understand your frustration with Obama. Especially when there was the perception that we also had control of the House and Senate.Thing is a lot of Dems are actually controlled by weird religious and economic beliefs like the RepubliCONS.
2nd. I believe Obama also feels strongly that it's not just wining that counts, but also how you win.
Truth, honor and respectful differences matter. It has been no match for the evil the RepubliCONs are willing to embrace but this too can change. The RepubliCONS are trying to control the people with a dumbed down education system. Economics that keep the dumb poor.
To fight this we need charismatic, smart leaders.
Bernie and Elizabeth are not charismatic. They are not great speakers. There intentions are good and make good team players but IMHO we need more Obama types.

@twill I actually am pushing for major changes to a system of Democracy (please don't harp that it is a Republic...the later is a species of the former). One of the things I want is the elimination of all Political Parties, and elections to be held by a process of elimination (like playoffs). Parties enable the consolidation of influence and power that promotes corruption. They also truncate the selection of means by which we may try to solve our problems. Parties were a necessity in the pre-21st century, but now they are a detriment.

@Duago Yes if Dems were on the other side of religious issue, then churches woudl be paying some taxes, and the rest of us would not be funding their wars

@twill That's too smart for the gov't to "get"


I'm not American, so didn't vote.

Please pick a sane person that will beat Trump's ass.

Thank you.

Signed - The Rest Of The World

Right on!


I'm still thinking that the best president would be Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
But then I do realize that having a Scientific litterate just wouldn't jive with most people.
They would rather hear, 'God and country" rather than critical thinking.


I will vote for the Dem candidate even if he or she is an utter ass. Anybody But Trump 2020.

Deb57 Level 8 Sep 6, 2018

As a lifelong Democrat, I will vote for the person who is nominated.

Vote Republicans out of office!

I left the Democratic Party when they forced Hillary as a candidate. I am now aligned with the Progressive Independents.


Bernie Sanders voters helped Trump win in 2016. Here's proof:




Joe Biden with Corey Booker as running mate.

That certainly has potential. I read an article a few weeks ago about Trump being concerned about Biden. However, Joe is 75 years old now.

@balou joes in pretty good shape. Bet he could run circles around 45.


The problem is this, Biden has baggage, Bernie is too far left to be elected, but the main problem is that if the Dems engage in a lot of infighting these next two years and the party is split then their chances go way down. I really think that the infighting in 2016 did in Hillary with the help of the electoral college crap. They need to get behind a younger and more charismatic persona and be united behind this person the entire time leading up to 2020.

How is Bernie too far behind? He’s been the most popular politician for the past two years in all of Congress. Hell, he started the Democratic primary with 4% favorability and won almost half the votes.

@Marz I didn't say behind, I said left. Concerning the general population of the United States he is deemed too far leftist/socialist/communistic to be electable by the general population. IMHO

@Marz Would I vote for him if he was the nominee, hell yes.

@starwatcher-al according to mainstream media he's too far leftist. Every policy he defends has majority support. If he's left, then so is the majority.

@Marz Right , the majority is getting lefter (?) all the time

@JustLynnie I don't know about that. There are far too many people who grew up in the 50s and 60s and were absolutely brainwashed about the evils of socialism! It would take years of education to get past that. And, as much as I like and respect Bernie...I don't think he can win.

@JustLynnie Not all of them....but, SOME OF US are! 🙂


i am trying hard not to think about 2020 because 2018 is so important that if things go wrong there will be no 2020, just a sham, worse than 2016. however, i cannot help letting my mind wander once in a while. among my considerations: eric holder, john kerry, deval patrick, cory booker, yes i would love to see a woman as president and i don't care how old she is. why should i? but i don't know offhand yet who, if not hillary, who i still consider to have won the election and who should be president right now. my indecision is not because there are none but because there are many and will be more, and no one has even remotely declared.



I used to like Elizabeth Warren, but I soured on her when she backed Hillary over Bernie, even though Bernie was much closer to her (Warren's) philosophy.


I would still like to live long enough to see a woman as president. Having said that I will vote for whoever is nominated but please, someone a bit younger than Joe or Bernie.

gearl Level 7 Sep 6, 2018

@hankcalifornia That's a point, if we could get rid of the two crazies.


I like all of the above even though I am a Bernie fan but I have to admit his age is a concern for me so I voted for other. I am waiting to see who else rises out of the ashes between now and 2020. There are a lot of exciting people breaking barriers and unseating shitty republicans and in some cases outdated democrats and I want to see how it plays out.

That's a good point because Obama basically came out of nowhere. However, he gave a great keynote speech at the 2004 DNC. He looks like a baby here:

@balou "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that we are are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness................"
This is the reason I became a citizen. This is where my affection for America lies. To my mind this alone, inspires commitment.
Sadly it seems that those who do believe in the 'creator' have forgotten this.

'........but when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under DESPOTISM, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such a government, and to provide new guards for their future security."

It seems that neither of these statements are in play today. ?


Wow, after today? Booker/Harris or Harris/Booker. Let's do this shit.


I like Elizabeth...


I wasn't aware that there were any presidential candidates for the 2020 election at this time.

No kidding. But, I provided a list of likely candidates.


No Beto O'Rourke?

Maybe one day, who knows?

He’s running for senate in Texas.. we need him to kick Cruz’s ass.

@Green_eyes yes we do!!!

@MichelleGar1, @Green_eyes Absolutely! Beto has my vote!

@balou mine too!

Beto would make a great VP choice for someone in 2020 if he loses a squeaker to Cruz in Nov.

@Alvingo1 that's true!


I checked other, the way I see it that's 2 years down the road who knows what's going to happen between now and then

It will be here before you know it, all of the debates, etc.

@balou yeah I hope they don't pull the same b*** they did last time around.


I'd love Cory Booker, but if Biden got the nomination, I'd be fine with that. Love them both!!


I’m not a registered D but my POTUS/VP pick is Tulsi Gabbard/Robert Reich for 2020.


Joe Biden is top? We’re screwed if people honestly think the milk toast liberal, corporatist with a fake smile, and groper Joe Biden is the leader of the party. Seriously, how many Democratic Senators who voted for the Iraq War are you going to help throw the election? 0 - 2 so far. Make it 0 - 3?

Marz Level 7 Sep 6, 2018

I think it is really too early to chose a fvorite. I am still open minded about it, especially when we don't 'know yet who is actually going to run.


It’s much too early to say. Don’t know who exactly will actually be running. While I probably would tend to lean toward the older candidates, I would like to see some younger ones run who might have a chance to win.


The Distinguished Gentlewoman from Hawaii has impressed me today!

Tulsi Gabbard?


I'm not really sure. Biden and Sanders are just so old. They'd both hit 80 while in office.

I don't know anything about Harris, Booker, or Gillibrand.

I'm not sure of Warren's chances and I'm afraid she might run into many of the same issues that plagued Hillary.

Kennedy might be a really good choice though he'd be the youngest president ever.

I guess it will really depend on who decides to run and who gets nominated.

I’d vote for Bernie’s corpse over Kennedy.


I would give Biden a slight edge over Bernie because he was VP. A Biden / Bernie ticket would be excellent. That said, I also would absolutely love to see Tulsi Gabard on a ticket.

@jorj While I am concerned about the level corruption among many long established Politicians, inexperience can be every bit as bad and is likely to lead to corruption.

Plus, the most crucial deciding factor for me is history. I don't care what a politician says, I look at their history! What they have done in the past, is what they will do in the future!


Anyone is better than the monkey show we have now. I like several of the above - Kamala Harris, Joe Kennedy & Kristen Gillibrand all would be great. Even though he is well liked, Joe Biden is too old - not necessarily in age (well, that too) but he is old Democrat & we need people who will change with the times. As someone else said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would definitely add youth & change but I believe she needs a few years under her belt. I also like Michael Avenatti - I believe he is interesting.

@jorj I was gonna say shit show - maybe I should have stuck with my first thought...

@jorj monkey directed at a black person is racist. Monkey show to describe the circus happening in our government is spot on.
Hypocracy and double standards is electing a draft dodging, pussy grabbing idiot and calling him a lover of the military & christian.

@jorj Ah, you prefer to throw away your vote instead. I mean, why bare responsibility for your actions. You are taking the cowards way out.

@jorj there is a difference between following blindly and actually researching the candidates. Did you actually research HRC? Or did you believe the lies the repubs have been spreading since 1970ish?
Writing in a candidate is the worse thing you can do. It is literally throwing away your vote. Talk about a two year old throwing a temper tantrum. If there is a 3rd candidate on the ballot & they have some sort of possibility of winning, by all means vote for them. But in 2016 Jill Stein had zero chance of winning - in that case the vote was wasted. She did not even have a good platform - so please don't talk about democrats having weak political stances.

@jorj also educated and informed people understand the difference (as I stated previously) between directing a comment toward a person and directing a comment toward circumstances happening vs, as you did, making everything about race.
You talk about shaming but darned if you aren't real good at passing an awful lot of judgement and justifying it by calling yourself an independent.

@jorj do you not realize you also lose? And for every bad thing the republicans do, the consequences also affect you?
Why is it so important for you to claim independent when the results are disastrous for the whole country? Why do you not vote for the candidate who will come closest to your ideal even if that is not perfect but has a chance of winning instead of voting your party line or throwing away your vote by writing someone in?
Btw- you are not winning.... smdh.

@jorj if you chose to throw away a vote on a candidate that can not conceivably win, you have effectively not voted. You took the cowards way out, by participating while not actually participating.

@jorj I don't care if you vote 3rd party but you seem to think voting for Jill Stein was a better choice. That is just crazy. I will take an elite who at least has some knowledge & has actually worked in government over a non-platform fool. She had no position, no knowledge (as the current idiot in chief) of how our government actually works - crap she had never even won an election, for anything. Voting for someone like that is wasting your vote. Choosing the best of 2 in a bad situation (if you felt that way) is better than Jill Stein.

@jorj wow! Stein has never done a single thing. Not one single thing. She can spout being a liberal until she is blue in the face but until she actually gets elected and works on a committee which actually passes a bill she is nothing, spouting nothing. What you fail to know is I actually liked Stein when she first through her hat in the game. Then I researched. She could not even win an election at the local level....
You can continue to dig in and fight against everything just because you don't like the 2 main parties or you could open your eyes to all the AMAZING people running right now - mostly as Democrats. You could spend your energy working with & for them. Get them elected for the change you feel we need.
And if you think Democrats & republicans create the same policies which are hurting you, you better learn to research. Hint - 40 hour work week, unions, social security, epa.........
Back to losing - do you honestly believe the republicans are concerned about your health and safety - I will repeat EPA.

@jorj you are the one who continues to discuss everything but what the original topic of this thread is/was. If you cannot see the AMAZING, yes amazing group of Democrats who are running - yes, you might be all those things you sarcastically called yourself.
Not one person in your green party has a chance - for the most part they have no platform. Why are you so against the candidates who want change, want a better, non old guard Democrat party? Why are you not willing to look at ALL who are running and actually choose the best candidate vs just voting for anyone who is not Republican or Democrat or writing in Mickey Mouse?

@jorj you have continually knocked the dems yet even in this comment you stated 'a rookie getting elected either has to fall in line and play ball or they will never get a seat at the table' and you think a green party rep will get anywhere? ... that is not logical. My point all along has been new blood - go up and read my original comment. A new, different party is not the way to go. WE need to fix this. WE do that by voting and making smart choices when we are in the booth. A smart choice is one who is the closest to our ideal that has a chance of actually getting elected. They may not be perfect but slightly imperfect elected officials are better than what we get when people get mad when their candidate did not get the votes. Which is exactly what happened with many who wanted Bernie - it wasn't that they were unhappy with Democrats they were mad that their guy lost. And he did lose - Hillary got the votes and that is what counted in the primary. Did the DNC make a mess of things? Absolutely. What do we do to fix that? Throw our hands up?, not vote?, right in Mickey Mouse?, vote where the person has zero chance?, or do we dig our heels in and make effective changes? I say the latter. I say we give Tom Perez a chance - if he behaves as Schultz did we fix it and continue to fix it until we find someone who is going to do the best for the Democrats. ALL Democrats.
You keep saying you are no better off whether it is a repub or a Democrat yet that is not true. If you only look at the environment you will know they are not treating you (your kids, your grandkids) the same.
The biggest problem with the Democrats is they play nice when they have power which is why we have many of the problems you have brought up. No one is perfect, no group is perfect we can only strive for that and we do that by voting smart every election - not just presidential but we start at the local level. When we make our local governments work for US then we move up the ladder, not the other way around.

@jorj now I am truly done with you - you would rather destroy the planet just to feed a couple of families when coal is moving out west anyway & natural gas is far cheaper! Selfish ignorance must truly be bliss. Yes I am attacking you now.
Done - good night


As an Independent voter Kamela Harris is my choice so far...

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