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Hey, non-believers. Has anyone here ever lied about a religious affiliation to get a perk? I have. I’m not ashamed. No harm was brought and I got what I wanted. Now dish. Who’s gonna tell me the truth? Or judge me. Either way this is gonna be a killer conversation. ????

BettyBam 4 Jan 24

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My first degree and three jobs as a music director. I was a heavy drinker then so it didn't much matter ethically. I'd send church members to their respective clergy for religious matters and openly discuss other topics, usually music but often philosophy, politics,...

I "came out" to the third pastor well before he came to me about the job while I was still dating his daughter, my soon to be fiance.

I might do it again that way but it'd have to be an artistically and spiritually progressive church such as the unitarians, if not some agnostic ones.

No shame. And no more southern baptist churches for me. Though it was fun to watch them head bang waving goat horns (they mean "I love you" too, y'know!) but NOT...NOT dancing!


I stood as godfather to my ex`s grandchildren. They needed to be baptized to get into a decent school. Also I attended my daughters bat mitzvah. Does that count?

Only time I ever went to a Catholic Church was for my for my godchild's christening.

@Buckner As you must have done also, I had to renounce the devil and all his works. A family member who knew that love playing blues asked " does that include his music? " " Well if he comes to me claiming copyright? "

@273kelvin I had all sorts of hoops to jump through for the church. The one I remember most was having to promise that if something were to happen to my God child's parents it would become my duty to ensure that she was raised Catholic.


Yup, I got into a Catholic School by pretending to be Catholic. I only went there cause that was the only school in my area.


I haven't had to so far. I might if I thought my life or that of others would be on the line. Who I'm affiliated with or not seems less important in the face of a life or death situation. But I'd honestly not spend my time with people who look down on others simply for not belonging. If I'm going to belong I want it to be for who I am, not for a false idea of who I am.

AmyLF Level 7 Jan 25, 2018

I see nothing wrong with it .Good for you.


@BettyBam -- I have never been in a situation where that was an issue or a necessity. I can guarandamntee you that if it were a matter of life and death I would not hesitate to lie/pray/hallejah my ass off. If it is just a matter of feelings and argument, hell no.

Amen, sister BettyBam


I had to lie and pretend to be a devout Christian in a job interview because the business owner was a devout Christian. Good thing he happened to know my grandfather who was a known preacher in our town. I got hired but I felt shitty for pretending to be someone who I was not.


I haven't but i would


I lied to my mom and grandma for years.

I didn't want to hurt my medically fragile grandma and didn't want to listen to my mother's whining "How could you do this to ME?!"


I live in South Florida and in my new career as an adviser, I deal with people who are from the age of 50 and up. I have to let them believe that I am religious in order to do business with them. They ask me what church that I go to, I get invited to their church all the time. They ask me if I believe in god. I just say yes and change the subject. People down in the south will go out of their way to ruin your business if they think that you are an atheist. I had an ex girlfriend break up with me, a long time friend and a family member who I helped out all the time, stopped doing business with me, and stopped talking to me because they found out that I did not believe in god.

Seriously? It's really that bad? Having been born, raised, and lived the majority of my life here in So Cal, I cannot even begin to imagine having to live like that. Damn, that sucks.

There are some creepy arsed places to live as an atheist or agnostic in the United States. I'm grateful I've always lived in New England as it's pretty tolerant - more so over the decades. I have Atheist relatives in CA - and they have it even better.

Also worked in an office with a bunch of Polish women. One particularly loud-mouthed person said to our "Big Boss" (who was in visiting from the City) "We're all Polacks here!". I immediately sang out "I'm sure not!". (Pure French). Because I just didn't want to be labeled in with them all - especially as they all were religious as well.

I totally understand. I don’t tell certain people because I’m sure it would result in violence. For believers in a higher power, religious people are definitely dangerous and vindictive. In Florida, they’d probably burn your house down.


I am expected to hide my atheism from my girlfriend's family , we have had in depth discussions and she is accepting of my disbelief, she doesn't think her family would be as open minded of the fact so I keep it to myself.

Sometimes it's not so much about hiding - as about getting along. Wish views would change.


I blagged my way through communion while a pupil at a Catholic school, just by following the other kids' leads. I got a taste of wine and a small round piece of paper shoved in my mouth.

I suppose you get worse things shoved in your mouth if you join the choir.


You are lied to all the time for perks by society, government, religions, corporations and capitalism, friends and acquaintances and perhaps even family. (IMHO)
I do not judge you. To thine on-self be true.


Went on for a month to seek info on my grandparents who migrated straight from Russia in the early 1900s. Signed up for a Jewish ancestry. Never got any info from them. Found out they actually came from Ukraine.


I have not lied about that for a perk but I never told some of my friends about my atheism since I felt that they would not be accepting.

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