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What's a good romantic gift someone could give you?

Other than bedroom stuff, I think men are a bit harder (pun???)to get romantic gifts for. Once I made my husband a CD of songs I thought he'd like. They were hard rock songs, but the gesture was romantic-ish. ; )

Women, do you like flowers? I don't care to get them. I'd rather them in a pot then cut, because I have to watch them wither and die.

Fruit flowers, maybe? Or, just fruit will do! But, I don't prefer food. The very best romantic gift for me is probably a back massage with lotion of course!

What would be an amazing gift for you?

silvereyes 8 Feb 2

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Gohan Level 7 Feb 3, 2018

“The very best romantic gift for me is probably a back massage with lotion of course!

It rubs the lotion on its skin…

....or it gets the hose again! lol


So wouldn’t the goal be to GET the hose in that scenario, though...?


A new ham rig to replace my old one. I hope she reads this.


@dbaecht -- General Class N6ZJV. Went QRT 2001, but my son-in-law gave me a handheld 2 meter/70 cm and I'm thinking about getting back on the air one more time before I die.

@dbaecht -- My main mode was cw on 80, 40, and 20 meter, primarily DX and card exchange. My main fun with 2 meter was in contesting. I designed and built custom antennas for fellow Hams around the country in my 'spare' time. Maybe when I get my new license (intend to try to retrieve my old call), we'll have the opportunity to make contact. In the meantime, 73, Dennis....

We're going to need you when the world goes to hell in a hand basket.

@RavenCT -- At your service, ma'am.


Of course I love chocolate, but something that shows he is listening to me. A weekend get away, someplace cozy. A gift certificate to dig up a new garden patch for me in the spring or a similar gift of service. I like flowers and house plants, but young cats live in my house, most of the plants are gone now. Cleaning and detailing my car would be awesome!

i like the digging up of a new garden patch... that'd suit me.

I like the cleaning and detailing of your car, but I would notice that being a guy.

Anything that shows the other person that they were heard, doesn't matter what it is. Be it a blue button because it fell off your favourite dress or a 10mm ring spanner because they always seem to go missing, as long as there is a story to why that shows you were listening.

I think listening to or being in consideration of is the best types, ultimately. Like we rag on vacuums for gifts, but shit— buying your girl a Dyson is bank she gets to keep if she was looking for a vacuum. It’s only awful if it’s a “hint”.

@ScientistV I'd be happy with the Dyson as long as he's using it.


The spa-thing sounds nice. Massage, facial, mani/pedi.
I've been wracking my brain trying to remember any "romantic" gift I've ever gotten.
One boyfriend gave me a new rod and reel. We used to fish a lot. I guess that could
be considered romantic.
Jeez, I need to get out more.

😀 go, girl, take the angling gear!

I once made someone a small cross stitch that said, “Vegan Zombies always looking for GRAAAAAINNZ...” or some such, he wrote horror fiction so thought it was cute.

Best one I received was a gent who bought me a team shirt for a date to a local Triple A baseball team, sweet AF.

What made it so considerate was that it made me fit in and be enthusiastic about the event moreso than being about my likes/dislikes in that instance.


A steak and ummm ... something else.

balou Level 8 Feb 2, 2018

@Duke my bad ... wrong month ...

Duke, did you just reference St. White’s Day???

If so, really cool but you have it reversed. 2/14, guys get chocolates and gifts, 3/14 girls get white gifts (clear also counts.)


Time and attention. Everything else is gravy.


Honestly, I'm simple : A bottle of Gin and a pack of smokes.

Good gin, yeah— or an international cousin? Or just your favorite brand?

@ScientistV ... The fuck are you talking about?

@MadHadderoll Do you mean to say you like a gin you’d often get/prefer (like a favorite brand of gin), a rarer gin (like an aged one) or do you think receiving a gift of a similar juniper berry made alcohol that is not technically a gin would be a preferred gift?

@ScientistV any thing that tastes like a christmas tree with alcohol involved.


I think it depends on the person. I try to pay attention to what they say when we are out and about. Sometimes the simplest gift or made by you (i.e. the CD) can be the most romantic. For me personally anything with one of my favorite super heroes (Captain America or Batman) will usually work.....and chocolate.


I dumped a guy once because he thought cut flowers were immoral because it hurt to cut them. I asked him if he only ate the apples that fell from the tree. And, yes, I had cut flowers all over my house. I love them.
I never turn down chocolate.
IMO, you kinda need to know someone to give them a romantic gift. My late husband once gave me a car--that was a great gift.

Some flowers need to be cut for health, but sometimes it can injure a plant, but if he was that sort you’d think he’d try to be clever and get you potted flowers, say something like, “I can’t stand the thought of my gift to you withering and dying in days— this plant has vitality and blooms, please accept it as a true way of how I feel towards you!” Even imported plants are a lot of damn work.

@ScientistV He was critical of a vase of flowers on a nearby table when he came to my house for dinner. Considering his intent toward me, not the brightest comment.

Well I didn’t SAY he was smart, but if he WAS, you know...


🙂 back massage was the first thing that came to my mind! i also don't like to get cut flowers, much rather a little lemon tree in a pot.


A hug. Human touch is the most romantic thing ever invented.

I don't save hugs for romantic occasions. 🙂

@astardrifter Your right, hugs are sort of "all occasion".. Never saves hugs, spend them like there is no tomorrow. Because there may not be any tomorrow. No unwelcome hugs of course.


Pay my bills! Or take me grocery shopping! That would make me happy.


For me, a home cooked meal. I already get a weekly massage and have all the stuff I want. Or something that I'd never get myself.


Hmmm..hmmmm..weeellllll..a new pink vibrator would work.

Women have so much better sex toys... So far.

Never tried one?

@Charlene Sure, but not a vibrator, except on a woman...

@shockwaverider anal beads?

Hitachi magic wand. Every woman should own one.

Boys can use those too, some guys really love others really hate prostate stimulation.

@ScientistV agreed..i prefer the

@Charlene, the former as in prefer stimuli? I don’t care what a person’s preference is in that kind of thing.


Hmmmmm... probably massage. My girl gives the greatest massages, professional quality. Being touched with that level of intimacy is amazing


I use to go beyond the typical.
I play mind games, I know how to get inside easily. (Never in a malicious way)
Once I acted like I had nothing planned and just tell her that we were going to wing it. Get some take out or something.
Little did she know I had the whole evening planned out already. Stuff like a fancy dinner for 2 at a restaurant that wasn't open for business. But I pulled some strings with the owner that I was in good with. She was my wing woman that night.
I also got the girl I was seeing a box of chocolates...
But it wasn't really chocolates.
I instead opened the box prior, removed the candy and cut the holder in a specific way to be able to hold another small box. In that small box was a pendent. I rewrapped the box of chocolates after placing most of the candy back inside. (Let me just say, cutting that plastic holder that's inside of a heart shaped box is a bitch)
((Hell, putting the wrapper back on was a pain in the assignment too))
That's just an example of the stuff I've done.
I use to go all out... But now... I really don't care for the holiday.

Edit: Just realized I didn't answer the question...

In my opinion giving jewelry on this holiday is hard, because then a person might expect something else— I’d have put the naked pendant in the chocolates instead so not to crush a thought but feel really sweet and cherished presentation wise.

@ScientistV I agree. In this situation, we were in pretty deep. We were very invested in each other. So I went all out.

Now if it was someone I was seeing for less than a year... Yeah, no way I would go that far.

@NeoXerops all the more reason to not have a ring sized box in there.


To me, a gift is more romantic, no matter what it is, when it is unexpected, and not on a day when one is supposed to received gifts.


Anything that shows you've paid attention and really get me: books, art, or music by a favorite creator; art supplies; e-books; a class or course...anything that lights a fire in my mind.

Or a creator with similar sounds or message, if it’s hard to guess who they like. I once got a guy a book of songs for guitar of his favorite artist.


The best flower gift I received was a steel rose I still have it to this day. But as far as romantic gifts go I think that's heavily based on the person you are gifting to. I personally like quality time together as a gift snuggle in bed watch a movie and order in, go on a hike to a beautiful spot or out to dinner just the two of us. Don't get me wrong a spa day would be wonderful but it doesn't feel really romantic to me.

Ezinu Level 2 Feb 3, 2018

My wife loves to be recognized as sassy young lady...Which I remind her that we are getting older, but she won't hear it. She loves romance and excitement. Its been noted that I'm not as charming as I use to be, and I try. Shes a material girl and she owns all those Victoria secret clothes and underwear and stuff of that nature. She owns expensive clothing and shoes that we have not used because we're not going to those night clubs or formal dinners. What do i get a lady like her is a mexican restaurant and some margaritas. I tell her what i want and she orders it for me. I don't know mexican or the lingo. She loves that food. I told her that i think we need to stop buying jewellery. I told her we need to stop buying clothes. Let's just take it easy... I think shes finally coming around. Note: I have nothing in the master bedroom. Nothing in the walk in closet. Nothing on the cabnets and drawers. All my stuff is in the spare bedroom next to my bathroom. I give her the bedroom and I just sleep in it. My wife the Queen.

You little sweetheart you!

@balou. Awww shucks...


Massage,is always good


I think the best romantic gift is to give a spe ial once in a while extended feel good. It could be anything in the range of a feather massage to deep tissue tongue treatment, as long as its dedicated. The ambiance shd add to the experience but also can be imagined if the experience and coaching is right.


About 40 yrs ago I gave a girl a silver ring with three ceramic carrots on the band.each carrot was about 1/3 inch long each. So I gave a 3 carrot ring. it just wasn't diamonds.


A full body massage of course. A day at the beach and then watch the sunset over the ocean . A hot air balloon ride. A long drive up the west coast . Drive - in - movie 🙂

these are very good ideas if you are close to an ocean of course or beach. But a full body massage at a spa would win dam near anyone over..imo.

I forget that not everyone has an ocean nearby ! LOL But the massage would be from the boyfriend ! 🙂


I don't know about other women on this site but in both of my long term relationships sex was never an issue so it's not like they ever lacked. That said I was the cook, cleaner upper, clothes washer, etc and on a couple of occasions the BEST gift would have been a full body massage and then just let me drift off to sleep with no further participation on my part. (pisst, I won't be asleep long so just wait) LOL

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