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What are some things you wish you could blink out of existence?

I was talking to my husband earlier and he recounted a bit he heard from George Carlin which was a list of things/people he would blink from existence.

What should be on the list of things to blink from existence?

silvereyes 8 Feb 3

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Was wondering if today was going to have any humor in it. Reading Bob and my antics seems like an old comedy routine.

azzow2 Level 9 June 24, 2018

45 and Pence.

And Paul Ryan.

@astrochuck and don't forget Joe McCarthy . . . I mean Ted Cruz.

@astrochuck Dilly dilly!

How about the entirety of the Trump cabinet

@astrochuck Dilly, dilly!!!

@astrochuck you are a true friend of the crown and will be spared the pit of misery.


The Cheeto in the Oval Office. Anything after that would be anticlimactic.


The republican administration, starting the trump, pence, lyin’ Ryan, McConnell

CS60 Level 7 Feb 3, 2018

Religion and greed.

my word!


hate. racism. fear.


Both our current President and our current Congress!


The dark side of human behavior.



my word!


Child abuse


I love this site! Just went thru the entire list and 90 percent I agree with, especially drumpf and his whole cabinet. well, Not the guacamole or eggplant, but so nice to have a site with intelligent, like minded people. Thank you all! I appreciate each one of you!



The orange one.

Cellphones functioning in moving vehicles.


Stupidity especially prejudices, spite, negative judgemental opinions, the suppression of technological advancements.

Had forgotten to add time to my list just think of all the things that could be accomplished with the absence of time.


I'd start with myself and see how that goes…

  1. Sharks
  2. Jelly fish
  3. Electric eels
  4. All cancers
  5. Dementia
  6. Alzheimer
  7. Mosquitos
  8. Bed bugs
  9. Roaches
  10. Rats
    Ok that's enough for

Oh my!!! Please note that spell check has turned on me againg... I love..... Love.


@VictoriaNotes anyone who ranks love barely above bedbugs has either given up on love, never felt true love, or never had bedbugs. Bedbugs are awful!

Sorry to see love somehow only beat out bedbugs, roaches and rats. Is there something you want to talk about? We're here for you bro.

@EricTrommater never a true word spoken in jest

@VictoriaNotes. Oh My! That crazy spell check has gotten me in more trouble... Thank you Victoria...

@EricTrommater ..... Sorry Eric.... it was an error.

@EricTrommater. Thanks brother... I did not pay attention and I got a electronic kick in my

@EricTrommater LOL -- that just didn't seem to match Bob's personality, so I was thinking WTF?

@BucketlistBob happens to me all the time. For instance I have never once used the word "Ducking. "

@EricTrommater. Lol...i can see that causing a panic.

@VictoriaNotes Do not think love is the problem people that do not respect love are more the problem.

@azzow2 You're late to the party. Lol
I'll catch you up. Bob had the word love on his list on #9. I replied "love?" because I thought that was odd that he would add that. It was uncharacteristic of him. Then he realized that his spell check had changed a word. That's why you see blanks on his list. He didn't mean to add love and apparently another word.

@VictoriaNotes roflmao I was wondering about that. The way it read to me. It looked like you wanted Bob to add love to the list.

@azzow2 LOL 😀

@azzow2 Maybe it depends on what a person loves? Who one loves can also be a problem - I don't think I need to mention a certain person/group on this site.




They are not in Nebraska but are a bane where I grew up -- I would get rid of fire ants!

Ohub Level 7 Feb 3, 2018

I thought that this website would offer some serious discussion, but as always, its only as good as its lowest common denominator ,

@silvereyes Besides some of us (me) love to banter.

@silvereyes So do I and that is what makes thing interesting. Growing up with 6 siblings I learned to banter and became good at it. Besides it's fun. A good friend and I do it all the time. People have said we should a show together. We are like Laurel and Hardy (I am Laurel and he is definitely Hardy)


God, does that count ? Lol

God is supposedly everything, so she would have to.

@silvereyes good point!

Thanks for reminding me. 🙂


Hi Silver eyes, I would blink out men running countries and replace them with women.

I decided years ago that I would stop voting for white males. I will vote for all females and any color male but white.

exchanges ten foot pole for 20 foot upgrade

@silvereyes I think that white, christian males have completely fucked this planet up and I want to give others a chance.

We need more like Maggie Thatcher? Men do not have a monopoly on bad leadership.


The entire republican congress, Trump, and everyone in the white house.




Songs that turn into ear worms!

  1. Greed
    4 Boy Bands

Flies. Goddamn flies. Not the baseball kind, the black, horse, and tse-tse kind. And what those other people said. But, firstly and mostly goddamn flies.



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