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God’s Intelligent Design?

If God designed the human body then He failed Bioengineering 101. Any first year medical student could have done a better job of it.

*If God doesn't like foreskins, why did He create human males that are born with foreskins?

*Perfect eyesight? A goodly number of humans need to wear glasses, even from a relatively early age.

*Juxtaposition of the food tube and the air tube and thus people can (and do) choke to death - not the best of intelligent designing.

*Juxtaposition of the reproductive system and the waste elimination system - again, not the best of intelligent designing.

*One blood type would have done very nicely thank you especially when it comes to transfusions. Instead, we have basically eight blood types: A, B, AB and O, plus Rh+ and Rh- for each type.

*Humans have apparently a few rather useless organs, for someone "designed" less than six thousand years ago. There's the wisdom teeth (that cause no end of jawbone crowding); the appendix; the tonsils; and the adenoids.

*If you ever suffer from a bad lower back, blame God.

*To prevent a lot of death (and suffering), the birth canal could have been a bit larger than God designed it to be.

*Unlike most body cells - stomach, skin, liver, blood, etc. - muscle, especially heart cells; nerve cells (except apparently nasal neurons - those nose nerves, and egg cells don't regenerate. What you get; your initial quota, is it. That's all you get - ever.

*Why male nipples?

*Your blood, hemoglobin, has a far greater affinity for carbon monoxide than for oxygen which results in unnecessary deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning.

*We come with a lot of duplication - two arms, hands, legs, eyes, ears, tonsils, nostrils, lungs, kidneys, testicles, ovaries, even two brain hemispheres. However, considering the importance of it, and unlike Doctor Who, we just have one heart.

*We also have just two legs which means we are very, very unstable and very prone to losing our balance and falling over, and that's without any / the benefit of a balancing tail (as per birds, kangaroos, etc.). A far better design would have been four legs and two arms, sort of like a Centaur.

*Teenage males have way too much testosterone.

*Unlike say stomach acid, mucus, saliva, bile, etc. humans can't internally manufacture many of the necessary minerals and vitamins that are required.

Anything else?

johnprytz 7 Oct 25

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Why only 2 hands??????

twill Level 7 Oct 29, 2018

You forgot hot flashes. What's with that? Something that is just plain cruel to inflict on a human being.

That's funny

@TheAstroChuck Lol....I wish, but....nope.


What about the human brain.If god is all knowing and has a plan like all the religious people would have you believe, why would a God create a brain in a human that would eventually develop the ability to destroy all plant and animal life that will ultimately lead to the next great extinction.Ths would be the ultimate bad design.

@johnprytz Satan is a good excuse for everything we don’t like.


Sinuses. Let's design a wet bag with drainage holes at the top. Yeah.

Also, the recurrent laryngeal nerve, which takes a huge detour en route to its destination. If you think we have it bad, pity the poor giraffe.

I apologise for having failed to see your post and having subsequently raised the issue of the recurrent laryngeal nerve. However you are slightly wrong in it's route - it's destination is the larynx, going via the aorta is the detour. You are right about the giraffe and, as I mention in my post, probably the brontosaurus too.

The laryngeal nerve is one of my favorite examples of poor biological design.

@DoctorJohn Corrected. I was tired.


Gullibility. It's too damn easy to brainwash us. A god who created us should have given us the ability to distinguish between false gods and the genuine article.

I keep asking Christians “if there are 50,000 versions of God“ then which one is the real God? And of course they don’t answer that question either. Christians are experts in exiting stage left when it comes down to proving there is a God And their version of God is the right one.


Maybe we were unfortunate enough to get an apprentice God stumbling through his first creation.

@johnprytz “To create something“ implies someone or something is twiddling and fiddling with the universe. But There is no indication there is an intelligent Design Of anything. You sound like someone who’s never taken any physics, Cosmology, or any kind of science and is repeating the same idiotic utterance That if you do not understand something “then god dun did it.” Go back to your trailer park and crack a book & stop going to church and listening To ignorant preachers.


He needs to come back and honor the warranty for knees and spinal discs. Things should work well after prime reproductive years too.

Unfortunately for those of us who have passed our prime reproductive years evolution lo longer gives a rat's arse about us. We're having almost no influence on the future gene pool so we are on our own.


Once you realize Loki is the one true god, it all makes perfect sense.

@johnprytz Yes, Loki just lower man on totem pole.


In my opinion by far the best example of appallingly bad design, but something which makes perfect sense through the prism of evolution, is the recurrent laryngial nerve. This nerve runs from the brain to the larynx (obviously), but it has a rather circuitous path being looped around the aorta. And if you think that's pretty weird in a human, it does the same thing in a giraffe and probably did in a brontosaurus). In our fish ancestors this nerve ran from the brain to the gills, and past what passed for a heart. As vertebrates evolved from fish the gills became the larynx, and the heart moved down into the chest cavity taking the laryngial nerve with it.


You forgot knees! Not only our knees, but dog knees too...designed to fail under stress!

@johnprytz All human joints are apt to fail as the body ages, ergo the intelligent Designer(God) must have been the Role Model of the Automotive manufacturing Industries.


Well, all understandable if God used evolution to design us. But yes, the idea that God simply designed humans from scratch is contradicted by the evidence. We have a number of useless vestigial organs and muscles, might add that to your list.


Where do you think your tail bone came from? (Old joke in anthropology classes).


All very valid points! And why does the sun give us skin cancer?


We all should then be very glad no god

@johnprytz god had no idea what a perfect body looked like

@johnprytz To believe in a creator of God is no different then an eight-year-old kid reading Marvel comic books Who thinks that comic book superheroes are real.


Another example of ' poor design by God' is the appendix in humans.
Where once it was vital in aiding digestion solely of vegetable fibres in a herbivorous diet, humans are now, for the most part, omnivorous thus the appendix has become obsolete and often gets badly infected/inflamed causing either removal or resulting in a most painful and slow death when left untreated.
Why did this " Intelligent Designer' decide that mammals should have their birth canals placed in such close proximity to their biological waste ' outlets' which are prime source of innumerably dangerous and often fatal infective agents?
Why did this 'Intelligent Designer' deem it right to have some creations capable of regenerating lost limbs/extremities and others not to have such a capability?
Why did this ' Intelligent Designer' make it that humans, its greatest creation btw, are only capable of having 1 pregnancy in a period of 12 months, with an average of 1 off-spring per pregnancy when other mammals in particular, e.g. cats, dogs, rats, mice, etc, can have multiple pregnancies with multiple off-spring in each pregnancy?


A further interesting example is our acquired inability to make our own vitamin c. I say acquired because most other animals, including most other vertebrates, make their own. Primates cannot. Somewhere the ancestor of all primates got a faulty copy of the vitamin c making gene (which we still carry - we have a copy of the gene, but it is broken). Since primates evolved in Africa where there was plenty of vitamin c containing fruit around there was probably no selection pressure against animals that needed to get their vitamin c from external sources. Interestingly until early versions of the genus Homo, with their superior brains, came along there were no primates in Europe perhaps due to the lack of vitamin c in the available food.

Vitamin B12 is interesting too. We can manufacture B12 in our gut, but that happens lower down than where B12 is absorbed. So we can be B12 deficient while shitting out tons of the stuff!

@johnprytz and if you became Vitamin C deficient you could eat your cat - preferably raw because cooking destroys most of the Vitamin C.

@johnprytz One does see news items from time to time where people have died alone and been eaten by their pets.

@DoctorJohn I like fried puppies the best


How about the fact that every cell in the today needs glucose for fuel but glucose cannot pass through the the cell membrane without being bound to an insulin molecule. Type 1 diabetes don't make insulin anymore. Type 2 diabetes the insulin that gets made is messed. What's up with that? Why even require insulin at all?


If humans were subject to health department standards, we'd get shut down like dirty restaurants.
Anytime anyone tries that "intelligent design" stupidity on me, I laugh at them.
That's usually enough to make them stop.

Yeah, who in their right mind would deliberately situate a ' playground' right next door to a sewage outlet, LOL.
Excuse the crudeness here please.

@Triphid I was actually thinking of the nose being right above the mouth, but your example applies equally well. 😉

@KKGator Back when I was a Nurse we had a bit of joke;
What is the difference between a Proctologist and a Gynecologist?
Ans. About an inch and a half of skin, if the Proctologist slips up he's in a very nice place, If the Gynecologist slips he's in the shit.


The 'duplication' argument, or bilateral symmetry, is probably best left out. Too many reasons for that being an evolutionary advantage. Other than that, not a bad list. & I think you mean 'basal' neurons, not nasal!!!

@johnprytz THIS is graceful!!! LOL!


Not a bad list... there’s certainly a lot wrong with the animal kingdom as well for an all-knowing, all-powerful creator. It just makes me wonder if the Christian church fathers really thought it through before they made that claim.


Aside from all the above, and they're all good points, the one thing that makes the the notion of 'intelligent design' that seems utterly ridiculous is that 99.9% all things/creatues that have ever lived are now extinct. What's intelligent about that?

My other favourite intelligent design nonsense is that the one thing we need for life, the sun, also gives you cancer. That seems pretty intelligent too 🙂


God is so brilliant he gave plants and trees photosynthesis allowing them to get energy without any effort. Then he she it creates human, the perfect in his image and says this:
To maintain living you must consume fresh kill. If you do not kill something, plant or animal, you will perish. Now that is one intelligent design. And then we turn around and worship this nut job.

EMC2 Level 8 Nov 16, 2018

There is no god! That is the purpose of AGNOSTIC.COM isn't it?

@johnprytz all good but none know one way or the other if any god from bible is real


I agree but we talking about a fiction thing of course it going to fail biology.
It like someone claiming to be a car mechanic and not know anything about cars...
That there god....

@johnprytz I agree but there is no truth to there story or are you looking for ways to debate creation story

@johnprytz Gotcha well science won't do it because they reject science when it come to there belief. I would try the outsider test... Maybe show them the mistake in there reason. It not a over night process it may take months or even years. There no one question or debate that going to do it.

@johnprytz fundamentalists pray on children, the uneducated, and the mentally ill. And they are too chickenshit to debate scientists anymore because they just look like fools and lose the argument every time that their imaginary God exists.


Also question needing something as harmful as oxygen to live. What a god damned educational post and posts.


Number 4. "Juxtaposition of the food tube and the air tube and thus people can (and do) choke to death - " You could add that most other animals do not suffer from this feature. If he could get it right for them ?

@johnprytz That's it, I think, but don't quote me, that it is because we had to lower our larinx inorder to speak in a more refined way.

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