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Do you enjoy a good gossip?

I’m horrible for asking this, but I just needed to know how anybody else felt about gossiping cause to a degree I think it’s funny as hell, depending on the situation and the people. Lol if it’s people always trying to keep their skeletons in the closet while pretending to be better than everyone else, I think it’s the sweetest news to discover their lives wasn’t as perfect as they tried to put it out to be. Lmfao I’m horrible!

By EmeraldJewel7
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"Who gossips to you will gossip about you."

"... and what do you say in MY back?!"


No thanks. It is not constructive, instructive, or useful.


No. I will stop people who try to gossip to me, and I will walk away if it's being done around me. I try not to talk about people unless I have something positive to say, or it's necessary--then I make every effort to be fair, and stick to facts.

Is it true?
Is it necessary?
Is it kind?

I don't judge those who gossip; I just don't participate.


Gossiping is human nature. It's not always malicious. There are only one or two people in the world with whom I ever indulge in gossip, and they are chosen because anything said goes no further than the two of us.

Deb57 Level 7 Dec 10, 2018

I hate gossip. It is cruel to maliciously talk about people behind their backs.

When I moved to Wenatchee, I could not relate to the gossipy, racist, narrow-minded people who grew up here. Some believe Wenatchee is the center of the universe and see no reason to visit Seattle, 125 miles away.

Instead I made friends with well-educated people who moved here from another state, like me.

EDIT: I choose kind, respectful, funny and intelligent friends. I surround myself with positive people. No gossip.


So sorry that happened to you. My friends are kind, respectful, intelligent and funny. No gossip.

I surround myself with positive people.

The first of the Four Agreements. Be impeccable with your word. Avoid gossip. But some research indicates that gossip can be classified as positive or negative. “My neighbour just became a grandparent and is so excited” could be seen as positive because it is seen as sharing positive energy — mystical I know — being released into the universe. If the person then adds “she wasn’t such a great parent herself so I wonder how her child will screw this up” becomes negative.


No, thank you. It's immature

Brerrost Level 5 Dec 9, 2018

I hate gossip. I was part of the gossip in Taos after a divorce. The stuff was very negative and aimed at my ex. Every bit of it was wrong. Later the same thing happened to me and a lady l was dating. I find myself living in a small town again. I have not gone out with or slept with anyone in this town, and l have lived here six years. l only get into these peoples lives on a fairly shallow level with the exception of a couple of folks. Gossip can really hurt people and is almost always full of a lot of misinformation.

Sticks48 Level 9 Dec 9, 2018

EmeraldJewel keep in mind that gossip in high school and college is different than gossip in the adult professional world. Gossip needs to be put in its place at a certain point in life. A capable, competent, professional adult does not need to use gossip as a means to get ahead.

The reason I am saying this is I am the victim of a bully who use fraudulent defamation by means of "gossip" in a professional setting to take me down and force me to quit a job that I loved. I took legal action against this employer which resulted in a settlement as they did not wish the truth to get out that they had a leader in a position who behaved in this manner.

Girl, be careful with gossip. Who knows what is truth and what isn't. It could easily be used against you even when it's not the just never know. I wouldn't give in to the temptation.

linxminx Level 7 Dec 9, 2018

Being the victim of horrendous gossip after my divorce was no walk in the park for myself or my boys. The neighborhood “ladies” started whispering, hid thier husbands, stopped inviting us to community parties.
Gossip is not a good thing, it’s rarely if ever true. Shame on those who spread malicious rumors.


Not my thing either. Most gossip has nothing to do with seeing someone getting their comeuppance. It's usually about making the spreader of the gossip feel better about themselves, and more important for knowing something other people don't. And it's almost always mean spirited. When I hear someone gossiping about someone else, I wonder what they are saying about me behind my back.

GinaKay Level 7 Dec 9, 2018



Not my thing.


I loathe gossip! If it has nothing to do with me directly, I don't want to know.

Especially, gossip at work! It's so unprofessional! I don't allow it. Stay focused on your work and go home with a paycheck and take care of your families.

I just said I only enjoy the kind when it’s about people that get off by trying to rub their so called perfect life on other’s face, only to discover their life isn’t as perfect as they put it out to be when they spent all the time trying to make everyone’s feel like crap about their lives. Gossip for the most part is toxic.


I'm anti-gossip.
I consider myself a Buddhist--though not religiously, it's a philsophy that I discovered that I align with. Any way, part of the Buddhist noble eightfold path is 'Right Speech', which gossip fails to comply with. Again, it's not that I follow this 'because' I'm Buddhist, I consider myself Buddhist because I just so happen to believe in the values that Buddhism promotes.

Xenocat Level 5 Dec 10, 2018

Not a fan. It's interesting to learn about all the things people think you've done though.

Paracosm Level 8 Dec 10, 2018

Who doesn't is a liar

Jolanta Level 8 Dec 9, 2018



I enjoy starting a good rumour smile009.gif

powder Level 8 Dec 9, 2018

I've heard some good gossips about you by the way.... ???????? (Kidding !!!)


No. I dislike gossip. There are much more interesting subjects to discuss.


My legend precedes me. People are bound to talk.


I don't, but I used to work with this guy who thrived on gossip. They say he grew up in a house with no men, just his Mom and Grandma and several aunts and cousins, or anyway women who were referred to as aunts and cousins. I heard the terms were were not 100 percent accurate, if you get my drift.


Gossip is a way to communicate, a channel. You can use the channel maliciously or constructively. Even passively. Because knowledge is power. A lot of gossip is finding out how people are doing. It's cool if you do it right.

zeuser Level 8 Dec 9, 2018

@CoastRiderBill I'm sorry you were a victim of malicious gossip, Bill. There's a difference between talking about someone who wore different shoes to work one day and assassinating someone's character. I don't wallow in gossip like some people who make it their life's work, but I will pass on a tidbit or two on occasion. Maybe I shouldn't.


Sometimes it's fun


I’ll admit that even men do it. ?

Hahaha I’ll keep this in mind.,


Gossip is potentially useful information that is socially discouraged, or discouraged by authorities, because of its subversive and uncontrolled nature. Historian Yuval Noah Harari wrote that the need for good gossip among early humans played a big role in the development of speech. Therefore, I honor our ancestors by gossiping, and often.

@CoastRiderBill True: I have much to learn of life and maturity.

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