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Is blocking someone on Facebook because of too many religious "shares" intolerant?

I have a relative who posts frequent "Jesus" items on Facebook. So many, in fact, that I decided to "unfollow" her. I don't think she can see that I blocked her, but even if she did, I don't feel apologetic because I don't spam my beliefs on social media.

StarLady53 5 Feb 14

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I block all violent bigoted faiths only Quakers for peace get any slack from me


Shit no - I do it all the time. I've unfriended people for it. And - for those who bitch at me slamming religion, I say "Unfriend me then". They never do interestingly. I guess I'm an intolerant sumbitch.

Me too. I find I'm reducing my list on Fb quite frequently now. There is too much bullshit in the world!


If it's wrong I don't want to be right


I think intolerant would be making fun of her or being mean. Unfriending is just quietly stepping away from it for your sanity.


NOOOOOOO I do it all the time 🙂 I love that new mute option. It allows you to mute someone for up to a month at a time I think. I use that for some family and friends who need to share bible stuff all the damn time. Of course they probably mute me for my knitting and dog posts. 🙂


I generally choose to unfollow or unfriend unless it is a relative in which case I go to a little extra trouble by blocking the page or group they shared it from.

Most people tend to share from the same few pages I have found.

Good point, Sherry!


No. It is not. Just last night I put someone on "snooze" for 30 days, because I just couldn't take any more of their religious posts.

I love the snooze feature! Just in case I was the one having a bad day? lol


Heck, no. My sister is a very conservative, very religious person (and closet racist). She used to fill up my FB page with her proselytizing and attacks against Obama to the point where I would have to scroll down really far just to see something else. Finally, I unfriended her. She was upset, naturally, even though she knew my beliefs, and said she had the right to post whatever she wanted. I agreed with her, but I told her that I also have the right to not see all that on my page.

marga Level 7 Feb 15, 2018

No. They chose to share. You chose to ignore. What’s wrong with making a choice that aligns to who you are?

I have taken to hiding any posting that shows Trump.

I won’t even talk about Trump unless it’s with family. It’s just too flammable a subject, if you catch my drift. @JanGarber


I don't mind it so much with family and friends even though it is annoying how god is always answering their prayers using someone else. I unfollowed my father when he started praising god for electing Trump.

I see red every time I get a post from Minions Quotes praising god.

Yep, I got rid of all the Trump God people too.

@Ktcyan Me too.


No it is just enforcing healthy interpersonal boundaries and exercising your freedom of association.

It's only intolerant if you try to force the other person to behave in some way other than what they want to. Just because you allow others to be as they are, doesn't mean you choose to be around them.

Intolerant religious people try to get you to conform to their rulesets to make them comfortable. That's not what you're doing.


She will not know that you have unfollowed her.


I don't think so. You have the right to tailor your page to your liking


Oh Maudie Me! I have few Facebook friends and only those who I know aren't going to give me any grief, I'd have no hesitation in unfriending someone who was being a nuisance- Its there for you to have a bit of fun and follow your interests- good luck!


StarLady -- you are asking a group of mostly non-believers this question. 🙂 I will chime in with the others -- no, it isn't.

Nor is it intolerant to block somebody who posts constantly about what they cooked for dinner.



No matter what the reason, you should unfriend anyone you want.


No it's not intolerant, it's sane.


My family posts too much religious shit on FB. I have unfollowed all who have not unfriended me. If FBers are not related to me, I usually unfriend them for posting religious stuff. I have only blocked a few people, one being my high school best friend who attacked me in private chat over my politics and irreligiousness. I have since forgiven her (because that is the unchristian thing to do), but I still do not allow her access to my posts.


I'm very glad for the "Unfollow" feature on Facebook. I can stop seeing people's posts, but we're still friends. There are a lot of reasons I choose this option, but too much pseudo science from my new age friends, too much religion from my Christian friends, and too many food pictures from my friends who place way too much value on food. And ANYBODY who posts a Nickleback video.


No because I get tired of people posting too many stupid religious things. I don’t go around posting memes on Facebook about atheism.


I don’t consider that intolerant at all. I have hid many people for the very same reason.


No, it is normal to block, mute, or unfollow people who post stuff you don't want to see. There is an option to see fewer posts from people too.

My grad school "wife" posts constantly, like 5+ times a day. I just hide a post every once in a while which means only a small percentage of her posts go into my feed.

Practice good self care. 🙂


That’s far too much bulshit to ignore, scrolling past that much crap all the time would become tiresome. I’ve got about 60 friends on FB and none of them militant Christians, had one for a week or so, but this lady was bat shit.


Nope. Just taking care of yourself.


No. It's your page, you shouldn't have to look at anything you don't want to.


The intolerance is theirs, not yours. Block them like a brick wall. What they are doing can reach the point of harassment. Make like Trump, and Build a Wall. You don't need that crap!!! The other option is to find an atheist youtube blogger and every time she sends you a religious post, send an episode of your blogger of choice. I think the BIBLE says "An eye for an eye"

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