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Bill Maher Doubles Down on Comic Fans

"Grow up."

Marriages are GAME OVER when the man won't stop playing video games.

Enjoy Bill Maher's hilarious video.


LiterateHiker 9 Jan 27

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Great rant. enjoyed it.


It's possible to plunge so deeply into the rabbit hole of games and fantasies that you never escape. I never read many comic books, but lots of MAD magazine when I was tween age, and Heavy Metal in college because of the imaginative stories and surreal artwork. I also read a wide spectrum of literature starting about age 12. I had one foot in the real and one foot in the fantastic. Bill is taking aim at arrested development, and even if he's got a heavy hand about it, he's also got a point.


I feel a little caught in the middle here. The bit was funny but also a little mean, but that's Bill. I don't read comics but really enjoy the super hero movie genre and only occasionally play video games. I don't particularly think someone is childish because they like, read and collect comics. There are many interests/hobbies that people have that by his standards could also be considered childish. But I think your behavior is the criteria that should be used not where your interests lie. But just because you read classic literature and don a suit does not necessarily mean you are mature. I get down on my hands and knees to play with my grandkids, does that make me childish? Besides it wouldn't hurt any of us to maintain a little childishness. IMO


I enjoyed the whole episode.


Wow, did he zing 'em!! I outgrew comic figures over 70 years ago., and I agree with Maher.


He is so right. I haven't read a comic book since l was in elementary school.




He’s politically incorrect. If Stan Lee fans expected an apology, think again.


There was nothing hilarious about it. Minutes earlier Maher railed on Bloomberg about criticizing those who choose to smoke marijuana. Then he himself turns around and ridicules those who choose to follow the myths they enjoyed as children. His lack of consistency belies a lack of understanding.

I like superhero movies and I also represent criminal defendants in court with their very lives at stake ... possibly among the most adult of actions one may perform. So to me Mahers' view is idiocy. The fact that he uses a buy-bull quote to support his little diatribe is just laughable and ironic coming from Mr. Religulous.


Bill Maher is an atheist. It is not clear who you are calling "Mr. Religious."

Bill Maher is brilliant and hilarious.

I loved the groundbreaking movie, "Black Panther."

Apart from that, I have never read comics or watched stupid action movies. Instead I love reading great literature.

@LiterateHiker I am well aware of him being an atheist. My reference was to his movie "Religulous". Maybe I know more about him and this subject than you? Myths are myths whether told by story or picture. For anyone to poopoo either is close-minded and ignorant. Brilliant? hardly.

@LiterateHiker I love super hero movies but lately I have come to find many of them too juvenile. Maybe it's because there are no new plot lines and everyone is a super hero.

@maturin1919 I do not concern myself with comics or games developed to keep young people occupied and interested in maybe joining the military. I have no fear of Thanos or anything about him.

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