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LINK Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu: Leave No Palestinian or Arab Alive | Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services

"The truth is that if Israel were to put down its arms there would be no more Israel. If the Arabs were to put down their arms there would be no more war." Benjamin Netanyahu

altschmerz 9 Apr 19

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The oppressed find in the oppressors their model of 'manhood.'

Paulo Freire

Which means that the revolt against colonialism was a form of castration

@cava You can read it that way yes 😄 If you assume any of the chinless wonders leading the colonisation had any testicular fortitude to begin with.


Hey, here's a thought, wipe out every believer on the planet.
See how that works out for everyone.

Fuck the muslims and the jews. None of them are better than anyone else.
I'm so sick of this bullshit.

@altschmerz No, ALL of them. Give them a choice, make it a total "cake or death" thing.
Give up your stupid-ass religious beliefs and embrace reason, or step off into the volcano over there.

See how many would walk away from their delusions when their lives depend on it.

@altschmerz They'll get a choice. Their decision(s) are up to them.
I would lose people, too. Whatthefuckever. I'm over it.

@altschmerz I'm fine with that, too. Bye, Felicia.

@altschmerz @kkgator After the first few dozen believers fall into the volcano despite their prayers asking to be saved, the rest of them might wake up to reality.

@altschmerz Oh yeah, some will go willingly, just to meet their "lord".

@goldenvalleyguy Yeah, yeah, that's what you all say. LOL

The "Glory" of a martyrs death promises all sorts of perks, so long as you die pointlessly and meaninglessly first of course.


How many Palestinians and Arabs were Jews before Christianity and Islam came along and subjugated them. We know that Mohammed conquered Jewish tribes and assimilated them.
Rabbis that preach against Palestinians preach against the Hebrew tribe.

crus Level 2 Apr 19, 2019

If the Arabs put down their arms Netanyahu would murder them all.

"Ol' Ben" is very much of the school of policing that claims, attacking my boot with your testicles or fouling my bullets with your blood, is a sufficient crime to merit summary execution.


Substuite muslims and Christians for jew or Jewish people and substitute blacks, or any other religion and ethnicity for Palestinians and gentiles, and all you get is the same hate being repeated by different groups. Funny how they all sound the same.


Holy shit! Do Jews believe the stuff in that article?




Yes, to many of them do. That's why they keep electing Bibi the bastard.

@Redheadedgammy i don't think they did. i think he stole it. i'm not there so i can't prove it. but it was really close and i think the victory was not earned. i keep thinking about trump....



You find an Israeli who mirrors what the Palestinians have been saying for the last seventy years. And what would be your motive?


If the Arabs were to put down their arms, there would be no more Palestine or Lebanon etc. Greater Israel would become even larger, as the original zionists intended.

I learned a new word today: hasbara. Thanks!


For a people who have experienced genocide, it is sad to see them resort to similar actions.

most israelis do not feel that way, nor most jews worldwide. i don't know who this rabbi is but he is not representative. tonight is passover and we dip our vegetables into salt water that represents NOT just the tears of the enslaved hebrews in egypt but the innocent egyptians who were victims of the plagues. some of them (like the slaveowner killed by moses) were nasty. the pharoahs of the time certainly were (there are two in the story (yes, it's just a story -- i'm not talking about a real moses or a real god, although there certainly were pharoahs and there certainly were slaves), each as nasty as the other). but the egyptian population in general is not portrayed that way in the story, and we weep for them every year. so no, most jews do not want palestinians or any nation of people or any race of people to drop dead, despite what palestinian leadership has said it wants to happen to the jews of the world. i don't judge the people by their leadership, nor the people of israel either, and especially not by what one crazy rabbi says. he should know better. i hope we know better than to conflate these ideas with the ideas of the general population.


@genessa There is absolutely no Historical evidence that the israelites were ever in Egypt. Moreover the Egyptians did not use slaves to build the pyramids. These myths are Israelite mythology used to justify the conquest of Canaan.

@Krish55 it appears many stories from the old testament are found in the Epic of Gilgamesh.

@altschmerz are those all polls? anyway i certainly am not going to click them all. you can write stories with any kind of slant and find interviewees to support that slant, but if this was really how israelis felt it wouldn't been much easier for bibi to steal the election, which he did succeed in doing, but it was close. imagine if he hadn't stolen it.


@Krish55 well, i guess you missed the part where i said it was a story.


@altschmerz think trump. that kind of stole.


@altschmerz i don't know the details. i can tell you a lot about russia and trump and all that but i cannot give you proof or details about israel's elections. i just really think he stole it. i can't expect you to take my word for it because my word is not backed by anything solid. there is no mueller report about it lol. so it's okay if you are doubtful. but everything i've seen and heard leads me to think bibi stole it. sorry. when i'm sure of stuff i say so, and when i have facts i offer them, but here i have nothing solid to give you. it's more like a build-up of everything i've heard and observed and the charges against him and how close it was and... more, but i can't pinpoint it. again, sorry.


@altschmerz they may not be uncommon but analagous behavior and attitudes are not uncommon here in the states either and that doesn't mean most americans support trump. it means most trumpkins are noisy and active enough to make themselves seem, even to themselves, like the majority. i believe that this is true of israelis as well. the majority do NOT support bibi or racist policies, but one certainly hears from and about the ones who do.


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