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How are you handling your Facebook page?

I appreciate the Fellowship here.

On Facebook, I only indirectly hinted that I didn't believe in mumbo-jumbo -- I didn't want all of my Friends to unFriend me because I posted some of the things there that I've posted here. In other words, I haven't come out of the closet. Have you?

GlyndonD 7 Mar 8

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I ripped the fracking bandaid right off. Now my page is peaceful 4 years later, theists are either decent enought ignore my anti-theims just as I ignore their theism, OR they are out like a dirty sock!
I start out very nice and they attacked from all sides like rabid animals. Did one thing for me over the last 4 years.....made me quite sure most of the world are screaming chimpanzees. I blocked most of my family and now there is no one fighting. I use FB to connect with other atheists and for political debate.


I treat it as my personal diary....things that are important to me -- pics, links, events, experience... I run a few facebook groups -- mostly vegan/atheist/anti-natalist where I can truly vent. I also have a few pages for businesses and hobbies. Basically, I do what I want and people can either follow or ignore, their choice. But I've been "out" as an atheist for a decade....was very involved in paganism/Wiccan groups and events for 20 years prior to that...and some Buddhist groups. I still actually attend a Buddhist group on Sundays...but it's philosophical and recognizes no deity.

Exactly, me too....FB is like my living room, I talk about what I like in it.


Yes. I call it "cleaning the friends list". 🙂


I don't do anything differently on FB. I post what I like and let the chips fall where they may. I lost a few "friends" over my political postings, I have no idea if I have lost any over religion. I am friends with only one coworker, and a few former coworkers and lots of family. I'd say my political postings are drawing the most ire. I have a cousin's son who is a republifuck gun lover, we clash on occasion. I either delete his comments or ignore. The family either ignores me or agrees with me. I yam what I yam and don't give a damn what anyone thinks.


Oh yeah. I like to be on the edge of controversy so I spilled it all. step by step as I went from agnostic to atheist to anti-theist.


I'm so far out of the atheism closet lol. Basically it just comes down to "you're entitled to your beliefs and I'm entitled to mine" many of my religious friends and I are really close but have turned off each others feed on facebook so that we are still friends but we don't see each others posts, to avoid flooding each others timeline with atheist or Christian posts constantly. Sometimes we have really thoughtful and respectful conversations around why we believe or don't, or ask questions about things we don't understand, but it all just comes down to respecting eachother.

you are very tolerant. well done


I view it as a non-issue. What are you losing really? Is it worth holding onto? I just let it all hang out. If people can't get onboard, it's not my problem


Everyone who knows me knows I'm an atheist. Including those on Facebook.
Although, since I joined this site, I spend very little time on Fb.

Same here.

@Condor5 ditto


I am honest about it, if people unfriend me I don't care


Have always been open. Don't respond to prayer and god posts by friends/acquaintances anymore.


Yah I did. I also post a lot of political stuff. At first I kept checking to see if my religious and or conservative FB friends had unfriended me. I was surprised how few did. A few would make comments on their disagreement with my posts, but finally I think they just stopped paying attention to my posts.


I am completely out as a Secular Humanist. If it has cost me any friendships, I haven't noticed.

Bryan Level 5 July 11, 2018

I don't friend any one. I use it as a place to store information on topics or items. I do not visit advertisement or links via FB. So I am buying the stock on the dips. If people are so naive so as to have faith in corporations then we are doomed.

I believe we are doomed because we put blind faith in our government.

@GlyndonD Not this citizen. I did not vote for Johnson but I did have his bumper sticker on my car & & sent a donation. We need a 3rd party.

We have much more to fear from government than we do corporations.

@GlyndonD One & the same as Citizens United permits them to hold hands.

Politicians will hold any hand that is willing to feed them.


I'm brave enough to come out of the closet only on me being libertarian. I'll come out of the closet on atheism a little later.


I don't announce it either. Yet I wouldn't deny it. If someone on my friends list is sick or needs encouragement, I always say that they are in my thoughts and invite them to chat if they wish. They all have to know because everyone who says to someone" You're in my prayers" I always say you are in my thoughts. Pretty straightforward.


I was never in any closet no one is under any illusion about my non-relationship with any higher powers. never needed a god in my life and its one less hassle to think about .


I made it very clear of my non-belief when many of my friends were pushing for prayer in public schools.


I seem to attract a variety of points-of-view; probably because I am extremely outspoken. I have, however, endeavored in the last couplle of years to get the screaming rhetoic down to a manageable level. Whereas I used to be really closed off, I am now an open book. If people don't likke me or want to disagree with me that is their perogative, just as it is mine to unfriend and block them.


I post things all the time that clearly state my atheism. Anybody who wants to unfriend me because of who I am is welcome to. I probably won't miss him or her.


I am merciless on Facebook.

When someone posts a (faith) inspired or biased comment I will tear into their assertions like a hungry lion attacking a gazelle. I have brought a few theists to tears (they tell me this before unfriending me including a typical quote "F*CK you and your science!" ) but I have no tolerance for wasting my time reading assertions based on superstition. My time is too valuable and life is to short.

I now spend more time here and very little time on Facebook as my Facebook feeds has degenerated primarily into a litany of horrors about how the Trumpsters continue to destroy what remains of our country.

Yes, since joining Agnostics a week ago, I'm spending very little time on Facebook.


up here in the urban great white north no one cares


I openly mock religious homophobia and transphobia on my Facebook account. The last time I saw some African minister express his views on anal sex, my comment was "Yet another religious nut who's afraid of releasing the demons he believes live up his bottom."

I'm also openly critical of Catholicism, largely because it's the most homophobic and transphobic of the mainstream Christian faiths. Here in the UK, anyway.

Other than that, I tend to leave them alone. If religion and the religious aren't attacking me and mine, I tend to leave them be. If they go on the offensive, I bite back.


I am an out and proud atheist. If someone on Facebook unfriends me due to my beliefs, I dotn' see it as any great loss. Facebook is its own virtual world and very littel that happens in Facebook actually affects my life in the real world.

I have noticed though that from my readings on this site my rhetoric "arguements" on Facebook have become much more powerful and convincing. St least once I make a statment people therer no longer try to "argue" with me.

yeh i lost two of my wife's relatives coz of the sending of "thoughts and prayers" stupidity !


I never saw the necessity.


My Facebook is where geographically distant family, work friends, school friends, and old church friends go to see how the kids and I are doing. I keep my disbelief close to my chest as being a known disbeliever could hurt me (at work) and has already hurt my kids at school. In the past, teachers and parents who dislike me have taken it out on my kids.

I am a lot more out on Tumblr, and here, of course.

To reduce the hate and stupidity on FB, I've unfollowed many, set the settings to block almost all negative content, and stacked my feed with humor pages. It almost makes FB a pleasant experience!

Zster Level 8 Mar 8, 2018

wow sounds like it's mayhem down there. UNREAL is all i have to say

I did not know it was possible to almost make FB a pleasant experience.

Lol, neither did I. I could not make it much worse, though.

Yeah, Mark... folks are insanely religious down here. It stinks!

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