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What is worse?

What is worse, cheating or lying?
Whould you rather be with a loyal liar who lies about trivial things or cheater who hides what they do?

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Cheating is lying. Next.


Cheating and lying are both evading the truth. I don't see much difference. I don't want either one in my life. The Catholic church had a few things right, there are "sins" of omission and "sins" of commission. Both are not behavior I want to put up with.


Can we play outside the box? Cause neither.

If you're lying about little shit you're lying about bigger shit. Every time.

Probably lying about cheating too. πŸ˜‰

I was writing my answer as you submitted yours.

I agree. Both are pretty bad.


How can you separate the two, cheating is lying!



If they'll cheat 'with' you, they'll cheat 'on' you.

It is somewhat amusing when someone is shocked....SHOCKED when the two-timer two times them.

Thought it was true love this time...ehh?



Personally, I find them equally repugnant.
Cheating requires lying.
Lying about "trivial things" is indicative of larger issues.


A cheater is a liar, and a liar is a cheater. And both of them are thieves, as they steal the truth and force a false reality upon those they lie to or cheat on, making the ability to make well-informed decisions concerning them impossible. Liars, cheaters, thieves... same thing.


I wouldn't stay in a relationship with either.



I fail to discern the moral or exact meaning, to cheat is to lie.


There is no such thing as an β€œhonest cheater.” Hiding what you are doing is lying. Telling someone that you love them and are in a monogamous relationship when you are unfaithful is lying If a cheater was honest about their cheating, then the partner is consenting to be in that relationship, so it’s not cheating, it’s non-monogamy.

I agree

@Unity There is no such thing as an β€œhonest cheater.”

What if they're up front about having random casual sex? I've know women who asked the best question ever: how about both of us?

Currently, Petunia runs them off with a broom. I've been too honest with her. She spent too much time reading my cross referenced leather bound address book. It has entries like "Verlene: also see Suzi."

That'll teach me to marry a Southern Baptist.


Cheaters are the worst. The betrayal is devastating


I'll take option c). Neither

Definitely wouldn't want to be with a cheater, but why would someone lie about trivial things?

What is an example of a trivial lie you'd be okay with? That they had salmon for lunch, but said they had tuna?

That's still pretty weird.

"Do you like my new hairdo"? "Yes dear". And that is just one. If someone shows me a picture of their baby and it is ugly, I will certainly lie and tell them how adorable their baby is. No one is 100% honest. No one. If you do find someone like that, I will guarantee you they have no friends.


That's certainly a fair point and good reason to withhold an honest opinion. I would not classify that as a trivial lie. To me that suggests the truth doesn't matter so it's "no big deal" to lie about it.
In the example you gave, it's an act of kindness, with no intent to deceive and the answer does matter.

What do you think?

@Athena Exactly, if hurting someone is all the truth will accomplish, go with the lie.

>why would someone lie about trivial things?

One does not want to join the club of those of have said "No, the dress doesn't make your butt look fat. You got a big ass. The dress has nothing to do with it."


I'm not for trivial lies where the truth would be just as good. If someone was late because they stopped to run an errand versus having to stay at work late, lying about it is unnecessarily deceptive. It also suggests you don't value honesty, and I'd wonder what other lies are being told.

In the case of not telling someone they have a fat ass (you silver tongued devil) it is being kind. That is not to say you couldn't be honest with the person in a different context, but there are ways to deliver hurtful information.

In this case, I will tell you honestly, do NOT open up your own charm school.

@Athena In the case of not telling someone they have a fat ass (you silver tongued devil) it is being kind.

Petunia grins like a mule eating briars when I tell her get her scrawny butt in gear.

It's a case of being too kind.


If I had to choose... I’d stay single.


Cheating and lying are in the same book at least for me.


Ohferpetessake. Either is Awful!


I would not stay with either.


Both are bad and the same. I force myself to answer your question but my answer is always the same: none of them, thank you!


There is no such thing as a 100% honest person. If they exist they are riding unicorns.


Both bad


Why would I want to be with either? You cannot trust a cheater not to cheat and lie about it, and you cannot trust anything that a liar says. If I am going to be with someone their ethics and mine had better be a rock solid match.


If they're only lying about trivial things then I would say cheating is worse. However, I'm not sure I know of a liar who can compartmentalize. For instance, our U.S. Liar-n-Chief

lerlo Level 8 May 3, 2019

They are both negative reactions.An niether is better in a relationship in my opinion.


Seems they are one and the same.....attempts to get something for nothing....same as stealing...lying, cheating, or stealing....saying "only a little" doesn't change what you are. That being strive for perfection is a expect perfection, in yourself, or others, is irrational


My ex did both. I didn't care for either.


Depends on the circumstances and the situation, and really so much more.

Cheating, like on your math test? Meh, not that biggy.

Cheating on your significant other that loves you and is committed to you? You don't deserve this person and should be kicked to the curb.

Cheating on your significant other because they treat you like shit and your finding solace in the arms of another? Well...I can understand how that would happen.

Lying? Not calling a friend because I just didn't want to talk to them but telling them the next day I fell asleep and when I woke up it was too late. Probably not a biggy and didn't do any harm.

Completely lying by blaming a crime on someone innocent that gets them thrown in jail for life...well, for that you don't deserve to live.

Cheating...lying...its situational, circumstantial, a matter of degrees, and a matter of perspective.

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