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If you were being sent off to an isolated island with 3 other people, who would you pick to go with you?

I'd pick my husband and my middle brother. I think my brother needs to take a female of his choice so we can populate this island with more helping hands. lol.

silvereyes 8 Mar 10

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Donald Trump, Pat Robertson and the exchange student who kissed me a few weeks ago.

With company like that, she'll settle for me eventually.

If it's a one way trip for 2 of them, I will talk you up to the girl.

@DJVJ311 Trust me. As soon as I find a suitably sized rock or tree branch...

@JosephHarrison petition to make this happen for real.



Three vegetarians



Someone that could build a boat.

Someone that could keep us fed.

Someone that could keep me entertained while we waited.


Can my dog count as one?


Actually, the only companion that I would want to be with on an isolated island is my dog!


A friend of mine who's very good at survivalist stuff, another friend who's great company and a woman I know the first friend is into. (Matchmaker,matchmaker,make me a match)


Odd... two of the three just informed me that they would rather not!

Zster Level 8 Mar 10, 2018

I would take myself, my cat, and my humidor. I know you said people, but I don't care.


Two 6 foot tall and thin mid twenties bi sexual female Northern European super model types and an asexual combat surgeon/massage therapist/natural medicine expert/ninja/survivalist to do the heavy lifting.

Com on-- some of you guys answers were boringgggggg!!


3 female survivalist musicians and me. We will form a band... and play until discovered.


My two best friends and my cat.


My daughter and favorite singer lol


3 Goodlooking and single guys. Hopefully with survival skills. LOL


You would have to be the Adam and Eve because it would be sinful for your brother to impregnate a woman who was not his wife! joke (remember I live on an island but it is far from isolated).


My son and daughter I would hope a well skilled woman.


I'd pick Donald Trump. Barak Obama, and Stormy Daniels....I could use the entertainment.


That's an impossible choice. I would be torn between breaking up families and not finding the ones that I would really want to go with me. I've already said that I don't play well with others. So I would have to choose not to go if I had to pick three.


George Carlin, Buddha, and Mitch Hedberg


My daughter, my brother and woman doctor.


My wife and my daughters.


Do they have to be people? What about pets? Anyway...if I had pick people...I would pick my mom....and my aunt


Anybody? Emma Watson, Bear Grylls, and Rhonda Rousey. Brains, skills, brawn, and my useless ass as morale support.


Bear Grylls, Michelle "Karate Hottie" Waterson, and Paige VanZant

jorj Level 8 Mar 11, 2018

Depends on how long we were expecting to be on the island .

@silvereyes Well , if I take my cats , it will be the end of civilization as we know it , because we've all been fixed .


I couldnt leave my dogs so one person maybe

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