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What's a simple thing you did for someone that thrilled them?

Last night, I sent this to my daughter:

C - caring and considerate

L- loving, lovely and likable

A - adorable, amusing and amazingly fit

I- imaginative and interesting

R- responsible and romantic

E- energetic and empathetic

Claire replied:

"Oh mom! This just melts my heart!! Thank you!! ❤️ how kind!"

LiterateHiker 9 June 14

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I made a new client, who was very anxious about her shy dog going into boarding, relieved that her dog could do well away from her and home. Actually, I didn't do it for her (because I don't like humans). I did it for the dog (who was actually pretty chill anyway) and made sure he would succeed.


I left.


I invited a homeless person that was standing outside my regular Dunkin Donut to sit down with me, and have a coffee together and anything else he wanted. He was thrilled and thankful, after an hour, gave him a 20, all I had in cash, and said bye. Haven't seen him around since, that was the last day of May.


I paid for my friends groceries when I found she had no food in the fridge.


Giving a big smile to a store clerk who looks tired and grumpy, because she's a conscious being just like me and it'd be weird to give a total stranger a hug. 😛

jocc Level 4 June 14, 2019

I looked a homeless person in the eye and said hello.


I paid for a gift certificate for something I know the person I love really enjoys...just knowing that it is something that brings immense joy makes me happy...


I cleaned the master bath in my nephew's house.
One less thing his wife has to do this weekend.
Their laundry is caught up, too.

Technically, she doesn't know yet.


A neighborhood lady called me a few years ago, very alarmed that she couldn't close the door to her house,and afraid that the foundation had settled and her house needed major work. A routine diagnosis, years of kids slamming the door had cracked the jamb and thrown it out of true, I jacked it back into place and nailed it to; a sturdy but unsightly repair. We agreed we'd fix it right when she could afford it. I gave her the dimensions and told her about a mill-work place that gave good deals on returns since I knew she was on SSI and had a part time job at a convenience to make ends meet. She asked me for a bill and I just asked her to buy some flower bulbs from my daughter's class for her school fundraiser. Never did replace the door and maybe it's still there. A couple of years passed and and I got a call from her daughter, she'd died, asking me to stop by and pay my respects. When I got there I only recognized one person, the daughter, and started to explain who I was. One of the sons held up his hand stopped me and said, we all know who you are, you're the guy that was so good to our Mom. Surprising what you can get for fifteen minutes of your time.


Your Edvard Munch "Scream" profile picture is hilarious!


Gave a friend (out of my way) lift to work when her car had broken down for two weeks. House sat my friends dogs and cat so she could go to her grand daughters wedding without having to worry about her pets.


Helped 16 year old change a tire. H was bringing his mother home from hospital chemo treatment


A mate of mine was in hospital. She was on a four bed ward, and going a bit nuts from insomnia. Her family wasn't able to easily visit, so I popped by and delivered an eye mask, earplugs and some umami laden Asian snacks. She was most appreciative.


I recently replaced a broken light switch in one of the bedrooms at my mom's. 😀

bingst Level 8 June 14, 2019

I helped the daughter of a good friend who passed away get her inheritance. There was a kind of “catch 22” situation with the bank that was holding the money, which just took some level headed thinking and a little time to resolve. She was thrilled.


Gave them a present for no special occasion, just for being them.


i picked some low-hanging peonies from our front garden, put them in a bottle of water and sneaked them into richard's room so he could enjoy them.



Gave the little man in the boat plenty of attention.


Having the time and money to take out the Woman in your life for an unplanned dinner and movie movie of her choice. Simple but caring actions,bring great results......


Enhance their self worth.


Opened the car door

Isn't that normal?


Smiled at them...


I had a poem with roses sent to my wife, every week I was away, to let her know I was alive and loved her.


I stopped talking.


want a "purpose in life"?...lift up others... <3

I refuse to devote one ounce of my time to a life's purpose that might throw out my back.

@MattChanning1 worries Matt...we got your back... ;D


Bought my wife a coffee home that she wasn’t expecting.

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