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Should churches be maid to pay taxes

If not why? We need more taxes for our country, good place to start

TonyCarl1 6 June 23

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I think their maids probably already pay taxes.

I resisted.... Glad there's another grammar/spelling Nazi out there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

@bigpawbullets @jlynn37 my fingers were itching.... so thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

I immediately started to imagine a church in one of those black and white french maid outfits... it didnt work very well


I think so. They're really cleaning up.

Kynlei Level 8 June 24, 2019

I agree with George

But he was wrong. Tax churches if you want to limit their scope of activity but the federal government does not require taxes for income.


Yes! The fact that they automatically get tax exempt status without having to prove that they serve any charitable purpose really irks me. Furthermore, I am under the impression that tax exempt entities are not supposed to engage in political campaign activity in the United States and somehow that doesn't apply to the church which irks me as well. It's time for those laws to be looked at again.


I thought maids already paid taxes.

Bobby9 Level 8 June 24, 2019

Yes, they should pay taxes, certainly on any profits made. I think it's fair that they should also get tax relief for building maintenance, money put back into the community etc. But the wealth that they hoard should be taxed.

Alternatively, we should all have the option of setting up our own churches in our own homes, and not paying taxes on any of our household income.


Not taxing churches is ethically abhorent


Only registered Charities should be exempt from tax, the majority of religion's work is not charitable and should not be excused social liability.

By the way maid is the title of a female servant or a virgin, I believe you meant to say
Should churches be made to pay taxes

Shhh....don't ruin the glory of my funny further down.

i corrected my self i have a computer where i can talk and it types in the words, i said made and they put




The standard French, or another variety?

I do like your SOH.


I don't know about taxes but having sex with the maid is probably less evil than having sex with little boys..... Given the maid is of age, of course !!!!! ( yes, yes yes IamMocking )


I suspect the donation tray contents end up in clergy pockets. If they have to pay using their stolen money, it would really piss them off and they'd have to settle for finding joy in all the other corruption.

So... it would be especially important to keep your young boys away from church.

Athena Level 8 June 24, 2019

No, but a maid would be a good idea so they clean their houses.


Yes, churches should be made to pay taxes just like every other business in this Country. They are in the business of lies and bullshit so should pay up!!!


Maid ?

just checking to see if everyone is paying attention, i do that sometimes when I


Oh HELL YEAH!! When these Televangelists tell their ignorant followers. "The LORD wants to add an additional Lear Jet to my four others". When these Gospel pimps live in opulence off the backs of their dummy sheep, TAX the M/Fs. Also, since these religious clowns want to get political TAX em!!!!๐Ÿคจ


I am not for churches other then the fact a lot of them are beautiful pieces of architecture. So in short, for sure there is absolutely nothing that could convince me otherwise.


Yes, churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples should pay pay taxes. IMHO.


Well, I am sure the maids already pay taxes, and it is their rich employers who have lawyers to find ways to avoid paying taxes. Churches are Businesses that sell dreams of a magic afterlife for cash on collection plates, so it is immoral and unjust that they do not pay taxes. I would say in fact they owe several trillion in back taxes.


I wouldn' t mind seeing the pastors of megachurchs getting audited, that's for damn sure. The prosperity gospel sure seems to be financially one-sided.


As tempted as I am to simply say YES, it is not nearly that simple.

Any and all non-profit organization should be required to undergo a certified audit to verify their status as non-profit. Their resulting records should also be available to the public for inspection. It is my understanding that most religious organizations are not required to submit themselves for audit, nor are they required to disclose any sort of records that the public can scrutinize to verify their activities as only charitable.

That said, there are church or other religious organization who do very good work. While I don't agree about their message, at least they are trying to do the right thing. Those groups should be considered for tax exempt status, so long as they are in fact, not earning a profit.

Rignor Level 7 June 24, 2019

of course they should the CEO's of all those get really big inflated salaries and that should be stopped no one is worth 500 or more an hour for work with a non profit

@whiskywoman The point of public accountability is that it would help prevent the situation of individuals within the organizations who give themselves those inflated salaries, and keep their organizations tax exempt status.


Of course , why not?


trumps tax scam made it so they can launder money for foreign governments and get involved in politics so not only did the scam pay the rich and rob the poor it went against the separation of church and state


Not likely to happen but tax those that are political Pac if they stick to helping community and poor they are different

bobwjr Level 9 June 24, 2019
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