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Is a snake in the kitchen a message from the universe?

Maybe it's just me and I look at things superficially, but I have a friend who said she found a snake in the kitchen and it meant that the 'universe' was sending her a message. Why do simple observations of phenomena have to have a meaning? To me, it means , yeah the universe says plug up the hole leading to the kitchen or clean your kitchen better so that the smell of food doesn't attract rodents, etc.

Why do people attach imaginary meaning to simple occurences? Can't things that happen just be meaningless and just be things that happen? Isn't this just another form of 'a higher authority is watching me and wants to send me a message?' Or do athiests and agnostics do the same and I'm the odd ball out? (Which I'm getting used to 😉.

AwarenessNow 7 Mar 14

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She's all wrong, it's spiders that send the messages. Trust me.



It's part of human DNA to look for patterns. Out of this trait grew superstitions. And, yes, even atheists have superstitions. So whenever my hand itches, I expect to get some money in the mail. LOL

I've just put some in the post to you 🙂

No. You couldn't have, because my hand isn't even itching. Good try though. 😀


I think the snake means there is a small hole in the structure of the house that allowed the snake access. .......or you left the outer door open unattended.


Oooo! What kind of snake was it?

I love snakes!


I think it depends on two things.

  1. What kind of snake it is.
  2. How big it is.

If it's a Garter Snake between 6 and 12 inches, no problem.
If it's a Rattlesnake between 4 and 6 feet, the universe is telling you to get out of the kitchen as soon as you can.


hmmm, I can't fathom any meaning out of it.
Sounds a bit "Life of Brian" to me. It must be a sign, follow the gourd.


Offhand, if the universe can't send a message more profound than "Here's a snake for you," It's safe to glance through your cosmic inbox very casually, and only once every couple of weeks. 😛


I've eaten a rattlesnake.

It was actually unremarkable.

Tasted like alligator.

But...alligator is tasty >:


The messages I would get are the kitchen is warm or the mice liked something in the kitchen the snake tasted them in the air and went hunting in the kitchen. Omens are a superstitious way to appease your ego so rational thought can be suppressed.


Is a snake in the kitchen a message from the universe?

Only if the snake looks at you and says, "Don't eat those apples, they will make you know the meaning of good and evil - and cover your privates with leaves before you get painted by religious artists."


I agree, and often times they’re the first to announce their ‘lack of religious belief.’ They don’t want to be connected to a formal religion, but appear eager to make up BS proclamations about circumstantial or mundane stuff…

I kinda lose it when folks begin describing research leading to ‘a human need to believe in something greater than ourselves,’ mainly, because I don’t, thus can’t relate.. Perhaps it gives some form of comfort to those coming up with this shit … assuming ‘someone or something’ has a handle on things! 😉 ...sounds like we’ve concluded that things are a total mess … including her kitchen 🙂

Varn Level 8 Mar 14, 2018

@Beach_slim You, nor I, so ‘correct.’

I’ve earned a “High opinion” of myself - with no help from those like yourself.

...curious, why would you ask someone apparently below your level of comprehension, anything..? ‘Anything greater in the universe than man?’ Don’t know, haven’t met it, but I’ll guarantee you one thing - it’s not using snakes in kitchens to communicate with us 😀

Reads like you’re in the wrong place…


Well, if I saw a snake in my room, I would call to have it removed. It could be someone's pet.

Those of us with pet snakes thank you.

@Zster You're welcome.


A snake in the kitchen is a message that you have a hole, somewhere in your house, big enough to admit a snake.

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 18, 2018

Sometimes a snake is just a snake.

loo65 Level 3 Mar 14, 2018

Was an anaconda? lol


A snake in the kitchen means it might be time to have some work done on your house. Is that a message from the universe? Well, you’re sharing space with the universe, and one of your attending critters has found a way into your house. Do you want to share your space with those critters? If yes... congratulations, the universe says you can have snakes in your kitchen. If not... beware, the universe says there are snakes in the area and they can get into your house.


I have a garter snake that lives under the front porch steps, also a very large toad by the south side of the house. I see it as proof that my yard is friendly to all living things.


It's a superstitous throwback to having to have an answer when WTF?! is all you need 🙂


If it started talking is the time to worry .


A snake in the kitchen is the universe telling you it's dinner time! Catch that bugger and get some salted butter and a little old Bay seasoning (or Cajun seasoning) and cook the sucker up with a side or sauteed asparagus and portebellas with garlic.

Snake is good eating!

Roman Level 4 Mar 15, 2018

Rat snakes sometimes come into farm houses hunting rodents.
If I saw one, I'd probably keep it for a while to stroke it under the chin before releasing it outside. They love that!


it was probably a message that she needs to seal up around her pluming under the sink


We all have different ways of motivating ourselves and relating to our surroundings. A snake in the kitchen doesn't mean much to me, other than "Do I have anything to feed said snake?". So long as that meaning isn't Son Of Sam-ish, I think it is interesting to listen to what a person feels that message contains (and, truthfully, I am doubly interested if it is Son Of Sam-ish).


I hope not! I found one in my kitchen last summer. I live in Arizona where there are a lot
of venomous snakes and I don't mean only rattlers. Actually, I didn't find any message from the universe in experience. The only message I got is that I am one determined woman and if I get annoyed enough, I'll take any chance! It was late in the evening and I was tired and I didn't know whether the snake was venomous or not. After chasing the critter around for about 20 minutes, I got really annoyed and just picked it up and threw it out my door. I live around the corner from a hospital, so I figured if it was venomous, I could get help quickly. The next day, I went online and looked up "venomous snakes in Arizona" and it looked like a non-venomous snake from the pictures. By the way, the snake, which was dark brown, was about 2 1/2 feet long. After the experience, I just collapsed on my bed from the adrenaline crash which was very unpleasant. I also looked that up the next day on my computer and learned that coming down from an adrenaline rush can be very uncomfortable. Every bone in my body ached and I felt like I couldn't move for quite a while. Well, that's my snake story, and for me, there was nothing "woo woo" about it.


Well my take would be "Move out!" - "Move out now!". OMG???

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