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Are you voting?

Are you planning on voting in the upcoming presidential election?

OldHippieAtHeart 6 July 17

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Hell yes. I've already voted four times in the last two years. Probably more if I took a look. KY and their off year elections suck for us. I get tired of voting but I drag myself out and vote anyway.

If you don't vote you forfeit the right to bitch about who goes into office.

You are so right sister!! Thank you for always voting!!!

Not in America. It’s a constitutional right to voice your opinion. You may think it’s a duty to vote but that’s just an opinion. Good thing you’re an American and can voice it😉


I have been beating that (very much alive) horse forever. People need to vote, not just in presidential years, but EVERY TWO YEARS!
There is absolutely no reason these people should be in power. None. Most people don't agree with them.
So they need to take a tiny fraction of their precious time, get their fannies in gear, and say so where it matters most--not at the local bar, not pontificating from their couch--at the polling station.
It's not that hard, y'all! They check your I.D., give you a ballot, direct you to a booth, even give you a little sticker, 'I voted,' when you leave! It's all good!
So do it!

Hear Hear, Hip Hip, Chin Chin, my friend.


Anyone but tRump.


Voting against Trump should be passed as law for 2020.


Of course! Gotta get that racist turd out of office.


I have never missed voting in a major election, and I generally volunteer for Democratic candidates.

That's going to be especially true his year.

I have already donated to Warren but I also like Harris.

I will support the nominee.


I’d like to add that I was unable to vote in the last presidential election, and so was my husband. I was living in Thailand and he was at Baghram and neither of us ever received the absentee ballots we requested.

That’s shitty you didn’t get your absentee ballots

@Marcie1974 yeah I was pretty passed off.

Same thing happened to my son in the last midterms. He was out of state at school, and sent for his absentee ballots which never came.


Yes. I've always voted since I could. No damn excuses. There are mail in ballots for a reason. If you can't get to a poll on a day? Do that.

At least you'll have voted.

I hate the total lack of involvement of people who say "Well my vote won't count". It does in your conscience doesn't it? You can say "Well I voted against that!".

Basic civics folks. Vote your conscience.

I think lots of places offer early voting as well. That’s what my college aged daughter and her boyfriend did

@Marcie1974 Even when I was in college I changed my voting place to where I was so I could vote.

My Mom's favorite saying about it was "Don't complain if you don't vote". Basically meaning you didn't earn the right. I still agree with her.


Yep, blue no matter who. I don’t care if my favorite candidate does not make it to the general election, I’m voting for them democratic candidate. I will NOT be sway from this no matter who much divisive BS takes place.

CS60 Level 7 July 17, 2019

This time around, I am in complete agreement.
Doesn't matter who gets the democratic nomination. I WILL be voting for whomever runs against 45.

I wish we had more than 2 legitimate parties, but until we do, I feel exactly the same

@Marcie1974 Exactly! I also wish there were more than 2 and will vote blue at least nationally until we do.


Definitely... I'm voting for not Trump


Yes and not for one single Republican

J75243 Level 6 July 17, 2019

Always and it will be the democratic candidate regardless of who it is.


Will be there when the polls open, hoping that somebody..... freaking ANYBODY!!!!.... on the ballot is worth voting for. And yet knowing that even if a crusted over dog turd were the only other option in the race for president, it would still be a thousand times better than what we have now.

@avron so, by not voting you hope to have an influence on this?

@AnneWimsey I guess some people think threatening to pull the trigger and send money to trump is going to change your mind eh? I don't know how you put up with responding to folks who do nothing but offer negativity. I don't bother anymore or block them if they get to be to


I believe in voting early and voting often. 🙂


I’ve voted in every presidential election since I was 18 (hooray for having an election that year). As I’ve grown older I participate in more local elections as well.

This is going to sound judgmental, and I admit that I am a bit, but I truly think it’s irresponsible not to vote. Despite how broken our system is, I think it’s an important civic duty and I still get a little thrill from doing it.


As many times as I can!


Yes, I plan to. I want that racist bastard out of there and into a jail cell for 10 to 20.

Burned at the stake comes to mind.


I always vote. If nothing else, I think voting entitles me to complain. I tell people, "If you don't vote or participate in the process, even though you can, then yo =u have no right to complain bout the reaults."

I say the same thing and refuse to even discuss it further with them.

If you've got the energy to bitch about shit you can find the energy to fucking vote.

I think everyone has a right to complain regardless of if they voted or who they voted for. It’s like saying you can’t complain about a government official because you voted for them. It’s a non sequitur.

@indirect76 I'll complain if hte official I voted for doe something I don't like. I think you are missign the point here. If you have teh right and opportunity to vote, but just don't vore, and then try to complain aboiut the results, then I dont' want yho listen to it, simply because you had the oportunity to participate and contribute, but chose not to.

Basically ti would be like having a neighbor who mows yoru lawn for you, as a favor because you were too lazy to do it yourself, and then nit picking and complaining about how the lawn looks afterwards.

If you want to complain you need to make an effort to contribute in some way, and voting (at least) once every tow years to contribute and be a part of the process is not really all that burdensome.


Yep, just mailed in my voter registration card to get my new card for next year's election. I would never miss an election. I also vote in my local and state elections because it's important to try and keep the religious funnymentalists out of our local politics too!!!!!


Hell yes I'm voting! That buffoon has to go!


Oh, I wouldn't miss voting even if I had to crawl on my hands and knees through a bed of nails. I want Trump out!


I never miss an election, including primaries.

1of5 Level 8 July 17, 2019

Considering the fact I'm Canadian, I don't think that would be legal...

Last election, just to get a rise out of people, I was on Facebook saying I wouldn't vote, and people were getting so pissed off at me.

You vote in Canada don't you? From what I hear you have a pretty good prime minister


I am an Independent and I always vote for the man that will do the best job, and i can RESPECT. Its going to be a long year before we can vote, but i promise i will do my homework very carefully. If we can't get Trump out of office, then we have no one to blame but ourselves for not voting. This man is an atrocity. He is destroy our nation, and making enemies with our allies. So people think about this when you go to vote, our climate control our infra structure our middle class and of course the taxes , etc. Do your civic duty, and get out there and VOTE. SEND THAT ORANGUTAN BACK TO THE JUNGLE...New York is waiting for him with handcuffs.

I always vote for the person who I think will do the best job, genetailia based decisions are best left in the dating world.

I like the handcuffs idea, but it has to include all of his fucking children

@1of5 Yassssss


I vote every year. At this point, it doesn't matter who the Democrats nominate for president. I will definitely be voting against Dick Trump.

ballou Level 8 July 17, 2019
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