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Who or what do you sleep with at night?

For example, I have my favorite pillow plus three others with my laptop at my feet and my cell to my right side.
Unfortunately, there is no whom right now.

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ashortbeauty 8 Mar 18

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Absolutely nobody! A pillow under my head and at least a sheet over my body. That’s it, but not by choice.


My cat named Gizmo

Aw! Gizmo is adorable.

@RavenCT Thanks


My stuffed hippo named hippo ?


2 cats on the bed. Or on me. Depends on if I'm on my side or my back.

We kept each other warm during the last outage.


Just me. Two pillows, and a hanky on the bedstand next to the clock.

I love an audience that's easy to please. I'll be here all week, try the prime rib. ?

@pthomas59 So what would you have typed? "Snot rag"?

@pthomas59 To me it represents the culture that created and used the word. IMO a culture in many respects preferable to the one that came up with the disgusting "snot rag" and therefore nothing to laugh at ... smile in fond memory perhaps but laugh no.


Spoiled, old dog--who would think she's being punished if she wasn't allowed on the bed.

Sometimes she has bad dreams and I rub her back until she stops whimpering. I hate it when she cries--especially when she's asleep.


I pile my 8 pillows up in a V like formation. Ceiling fan on. Timer on the TV to 60 minutes. Naked. King sized bed, so Laptop on the edge of the bed to the left of me (if laying on my back).


This stupid contraption

balou Level 8 Mar 18, 2018

Mostly alone. With my significant other as often as I can but that is more rare than I would like. No to my dogs. They'd keep me up.


I recently got a CPAP machine so now I sleep with a mask on my face. 😉

Same here. It's so attractive! 😉

@RavenCT I'm getting used to it and it does help. 🙂

@pthomas59 I wasn't knocking it, I said it was helping. I look at my reports online daily to see how many events I had the night before.

@Paul628 I know not breathing is so passé.

@Dispirited I've only had mine for about two weeks and so far no. When I picked mine up, the guy who showed us how to use them also uses one and he said he had gotten sinus infections in the past.

He said he found a little mold inside where the water tank slides in, once he cleaned that up the infections went away.

He also told us to wash them at least once a week with either sanitizer they sell, or baby shampoo. Also, whenever we get an email, or other correspondence asking if we need new seals or masks to always say yes just in case we might need them for some unforeseen reason in the future.

@Dispirited It took me a few days to get it dialed in to where it was more comfortable for me. I was getting burning sinuses because the air temp was a little too cold, a little warmer helped that. I turned the humidity up a notch and it helped with the nasal dryness.

@Dispirited No but the fellow who I get replacement masks and tubes from told me to use Listerine to clean everything - water and Listerine. Tank, hoses and mask. At least once a week.

@Dispirited The guy at the med supply place told us to never use Dawn, it's too harsh and over time it eats away the rubber and plastic.

@Dispirited I don't know if it's true, but I do know that wildlife workers use Dawn to clean animals that were covered in oil from a spill. If it's strong enough to cut through crude oil, it may be too strong for a CPAP. lol

I hate wearing mine, whether or not it makes me sleep any better is a toss up.


My stack of books(5 currently) also too many pillows: 1under my head 1 between my knees & 1 at my back.

@pthomas59 Neil Gaimens Trigger Warning, Buddhist philosophy(still working my way through that one,its dense), The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Clay, Rites and rhythm:the music of Cuba, and "the outlaw demon wails"(for the 6th time,lol)

@Blindbird I'm into philosophy and Buddism, but a slow, slow readder. Haha. ADD. I have a large stack to get though. Most enjoyable book I've read was East of Eden.

@rdh2112 that's the one with the sentient dinosaurs,right? That was SO good. I loved the ideas of biotechnology in that book.

@Blindbird I'm sorry, i spelled it wrong. East of Eden by John Steibeck.

@rdh2112 wrong one. 😟 That's a damn good book as well.


I pretty much have a bed full of dogs most of the time...6 of them

I'm hoping those are small dogs? 😉

I sleep with 4 dogs, about 300 pounds worth of them.

There is Cooper@60lbs....Spencer@75lbs....Rosie@45lbs...Bubba@25lbs...Charlie@45lbs...and the puppy thats 275lbs worth of dogs. Here is the fun part...Bear is a Black lab/Great Pyrenees mix that will probably get to 150lbs when fully grown

@Grant_Ballard Do you have any group photos? I've had a Cooper and a Rosie. My mom had a Bear.

I do...its got everyone but Bear in it

Sounds like a good time

I also look at my pack as 24 legs of fury should some poor soul entering my house illegally


I have my camera bag handy. Who knows? A ghost or Bigfoot or some anal probing aliens might come along, and I'd want to have evidence. 😉

In bed with you? A camera?


Cat and a dog.


I sleep with my phone charging next to me. I am single and sleep in my own room.


I sleep with a white noise machine or even a big floor fan. We grew up in Houston with no a/c and I will always love the hum the attic fan made. It was also good at drowning out my parent's fighting. I absolutely cannot sleep without it.


Missy Girl

Six photos of your pets , none of you .

@Cast1es I have a couple older ones on my profile page. But I get the hint. 🙂


Sometimes it's me..sometimes myself..



We'll sleep alone together ❤

@ashortbeauty LOL


Best friend. We’re not intimate, so if either of us has a date or something then we may be with someone else. But it’s been a long time for either of us.

Oh, and the cat.

miffy Level 5 Mar 18, 2018

3 nights a week my kids sleep in bed with me. I've tried getting them to sleep in their own beds, but since the divorce they have some suble abandonment issues, so I don't push it.

I did the same thing after my divorce. People freak out about young kids not sleeping in their own bed, but in other cultures it is common practice. Child rearing Nazis can be annoying

About 40 years ago there was an American nurse who wrote about the benefits of whole families sleeping in the same bedroom. Perhaps someone can chase it down. @BookDeath?

@FrayedBear Normally I'd be delighted to do so. But I simply don't have the time to do ant extra-curricular activities at the moment. Perhaps at a future date. Sorry.

@BookDeath No worries, you have elections coming up don't you? If so I'm surprised that you have time to scratch yourself let alone reply or research. I shouldn't have selfishly and lazily asked.

I asked the question and got pages of conflicting opinions and reports come up.
Personally I believe that when the child is mature enough to make the move from the sheltering comfort of the parent's bed and or room then it is up to that child to do so with the parent's encouragement and in the knowledge and support that the parent's bedroom door is not locked against the child.
Here is the response to my enquiry on the net:


Miss P is my sleeping companion. She is a most vociferous sleeper, though, and mumbles, yips, and groans throughout the night. She actually makes MORE noise at night than she does during the daytime, unless someone comes to door, when she alerts me with a kind of yodel.

Chasing mice, rats, cats and rabbits in her dreams. Eventually age will lose that joyous real or ancestral old girl just wheezes now or wakes up to vociferously complain that her bowl is empty, her litter tray needs fresh paper down or poo flushing away or that it is too cold!


A sound machine and a handsome man accompany my slumber.


My dogs are my best friends and whats mine is theres. its only furniture


Me, myself, and I.

Gohan Level 7 Mar 19, 2018

All of us seeking warmth in so many ways.

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