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How do you deal with Christmas?

Serious question, and one I'm sure gets asked every do you guys deal with the social conventions that surround Christmas? 95% of the people, I know, celebrate Christmas and the other 5% celebrate things like Yule; Solstice; Hannukah; etc. What if you just don't care about all of the hype and commotion that leads up to this day? I'd love to hear some of your thoughts and insights on this.

AgnosticJeff 4 Nov 8

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I wish that I could leave the Country at Christmas time! In the past, just before thanksgiving.,.a horrible depression would set in and would last past New Year. At least I haven’t had that in the last few years!
I have learned to take that holiday period with a ‘grain of salt!’ I might display some tiny reminder of the season and if I am invited to functions with family and friends, I just enjoy myself, without even thinking of why! If I have my family over, I am afraid it want be ‘tinsel and tree’ I don’t do that! Maybe, I would think twice if I had small children! I have lost most of my guilt over why i am like this about Christmas!

I hate the feeling of raining on other people's parade so to speak. I truly wish I could "fast forward" through all the commotion. Like you, I might display a reminder of the season. This year I've collected some lovely black beach stones and my rosemary is overgrown. The stones will line the bottom of a vase which will hold my (rosemary) greens and maybe some foraged berries for color. My gift list is small, however I still struggle with meaningful gifts. I don't feel guilty, just kinda lonely at heart and disconnected. Small favor: my husband is pretty much of the same mind as me. On a curious note our daughter is not baptized or otherwise connected to formal religion, yet she embraces the holidays full throttle. But by the same token she opens her heart and home to all who may need a place to stay. That warms me. I don't like this expression but "it's all good."

@MissOakley that sounds like a holiday I could be festive in! Happy holidays!


I’m a horrible atheist, I flipping love Christmas! I’m putting up my tree this weekend.

Ha! I love it too. I go whole hog, tree, lights everywhere, presents etc.

@GreatNani SAME


I celebrate any fun uplifting holiday without counting the religious part of it. 😁

Yes, the only way.


Hang Christmas stockings I made for my daughter and her husband. Decorate with dolls made by my great aunts and uncles.

Set up a lighted village on the table. Make cranberry-apple chutney as gifts for friends and family.

Wrap presents, make a nice dinner, and celebrate with my daughter and her husband.

Since age 13, I have been an atheist. I celebrate the Winter Solstice. For me, Christmas is a time for winter cheer with family and friends.

Like the cardinal family pic.

You are amazing.


Thank you so much.


I don't celebrate Xmas much, but I like this joke:

"Celebrating Xmas without believing in god is like having sex without wanting children. You do it because it's fun!"


I like the lights.


I eat.

When there's all that food around, little else matters to me.


I enjoy a tree with lights aglow, holiday music, and people acting a little bit nicer . But I also feel loneliness and loss in the holiday season. It’s a challenge and a struggle. I fight to keep the good moments on top and sorrow at bay.

I'm somewhat in a similar situation and I hope we can both find the strength to push through this time of year.


I love Christmas! I like pointing out that it is a pagan holiday and many are surprised by this. So I don't feel apprehensive about the holidays at all.


I celebrate the reason for the season(s), axial tilt. I figure the best way to do this is to drink copious amount of alcohol until I, like the earth, start to tilt and end up more or less wandering around in an oblong-ish circle, orbiting some larger mass like a couch, TV, table full of food/drink. Also, makes me a bit jolly.

Sounds perfect.


I celebrate the Winter Solstice as it was intended. It’s the darkest (shortest) days of the year and early humans made up celebrations to get them through it. Yule log, decorated trees, lights, songs, drinks, evergreens, presents, all to distract from the darkness. Religions of the book try to steal the season from the pagans but I don’t let them. I say happy winter solstice or happy holidays. If someone gives me christian bullshit about it, I ask where in the Bible does it talk about decorating a tree and drinking eggnog?

I also used to do the full on pagan solstice celebration but having conservative family around now doesn't allow for that anymore. Still, it's nice to see someone still does it. 🙂


Fun family time. Nothing more.


I enjoy the holiday season. That time from Thanksgiving through NYD. The friendship and goodwill that it provides even though it probably isn’t real. The decorations and music ,non religious of course, puts a smile on my face. Christmas was special growing up. It was not about Jesus. It was about family get togethers.
Of course Festivus is special too. 😁


share gifts, food, and time, The winter solstice has been celebrated for at least 10,000 years, a few days earlier or later is irrelevant. We actually don't celebrate any holiday, it's just the time when people have time off so we take advantage.


Christmas isn’t a religious holiday for us. We think more about a family get together. However everyone looks at it differently.


I've been celebrating it as a mismash of holidays forever.... Originally the Christian one - than we added some Hanukkah for an inlaw.... than I had friends who were into Solstice...

Now for me it's just about seeing family and enjoying their company - a great excuse for us all to get together - which we seldom do as we get older and everyone lives in different States.


Being in a warm climate helps. Since I seldom go to malls I just ignore the maniacal commercialism.


Eat too much, drink too much, spend too much on the grandkids, hug my family a lot and just have a great time. You say there's some religious component? God bless the cook!


I accept my gifts and move on with my life. lol


I celebrate Saturnalia..simple.


I deal with it with by listening to the Transiberian Orchestra, mint fudge, repeat viewings of Nightmare Before Christmas & The Grinch, & lots of eggnog!


When someone says "Merry Xmas" to me, I reply, "Happy Solstice."

I some times say happy christmas and merry thanksgiving


I celebrate it with family and friends because it makes them happy and that makes me happy.


We call it, "A tradition" and a good reason to get the family (what's left of it) together. Nobody bakes a birthday cake for Jesus.


I don't like it.
My kids call me a grinch.

I might just start drinking until the season passes. 😑

We all get to be Grinchier n Grinchier, as we age!

@davknight I've always been quite grinchy. Age is actually mellowing me out.



I ignore the religious mythology. I do participate in gift exchanges and enjoy time with the family. If anyone starts a discussion on the mythology side of it, I excuse myself and go to the bathroom.

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