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How do you deal with Christmas?

Serious question, and one I'm sure gets asked every do you guys deal with the social conventions that surround Christmas? 95% of the people, I know, celebrate Christmas and the other 5% celebrate things like Yule; Solstice; Hannukah; etc. What if you just don't care about all of the hype and commotion that leads up to this day? I'd love to hear some of your thoughts and insights on this.

AgnosticJeff 4 Nov 8

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It's not a religious holiday for me. For parts of my family it is (mom, middle and little brother, sister in law and girlfriend) but for myself it's not for me. I celebrate winter solstice and a day without having to deal with my idiot day job customers lol.


Working with the public for over 2 decades has sucked most of the fun out of it. It's good time to spend with family and friends. I just ignore the religious part of it these days and glad when it's over.


I participate in the celebration and ignore the religion.


The holiday is a pleasant thought helping and giving to others is not a bad thing getting along together, that's nice sentiments just ignore the religious aspects


I do not participate in the gifting game, but I enjoy the social gatherings and the food. And, like always, I avoid conversations about religion.


Enjoy and grateful for the family time. Ignore the reason.

Good answer

@AgnosticJeff truthiness


We call it the Midwinter Food Festival, some years we don't do much, others we cook for weeks... everything else is by default IF there are very elderly or very young relatives around!

I like that!


Do not work temporarily job at Walmart garden center during holiday.

Word Level 7 Nov 8, 2019

What's to deal with? Ijust live through it.

alon Level 6 Nov 20, 2019

I don't do anything. I've contemplated putting up a Festivus or a FSM display just to troll my landlord who is a conservative Trump-supporting Evangelical, but I like where I live and really don't wanna get evicted. I do have the civility to wish Xian friends Merry Xmas, Jewish friends Happy Hanukkah, wished Hindu Happy Diwali, Muslim friends Eid Mubarrak , learned some Klingon which I've now forgotten for some Trekkie friends who celebrated every year with a Star Trek theme and were all confirmed atheists; hung out with pagans (Those were the most irritating, really. They combined the worst of all worlds:tie-dye, a mish-mash of spiritual beliefs, some badly cobbled-together ritual from other traditions, and a vague belief in a matriarchy? Idk...the one unifier seemed to be they all wore beads. I f%cking don't get hippies.)

You just made me laugh out loud! That is the truth.


I prefer not to, actually. I was married to a Baptist raised Jewish woman, and she celebrated both. So now I'm bah humbugish


I like all the bright, shiny things.

No shopping, maybe a string of lights because I like 'em.


I see it as any other month.....have to buy presents to all my family because they believe in Christmas and i respect them. But what i do love is the joy in children specially in this month. 🙂


Alot of people nowadays realize that Christmas does have anything to do with sky daddy's son. I just see it like a celebratory season, which I love, btw.


I will celebtate the winter solstice and look forward to the longer days.
xmas holiday to new year I will work looking after 40 dogs and cats - give or take a few
26th december lunch will, as always, be sausage egg and Yorkshire chips (similar to french fries, but far better) - venison sausage this year. ...... and from 2nd January - relax ... breathe deeply ... and take a holiday


I was raised Jewish, so I'd always feel kind of left out this time of year. Ever since I've learned it's mainly co-opted Solstice rituals, I've felt much better... But still, it's the the energy and the stress I pick up from others that bothers me the most, and that people seem to feel a lot more lonely this time of year.

The problem with a lot of American Christians is that they get told that Jews are evil and they automatically just believe it. They wouldn't just like Jewish people earnestly.

@DZhukovin Yup, experienced some anti-Semitism growing up.


I don't deal with it at all.

Time is precious and that's easily observable by anyone with enough brains.

Being forced to deal with Christmas is the adoption of being punished for making a reasonable deduction on what to do in the Christmas epoch. I won't pretend like it's sensible to get into the business of being instinctive and generally just primitive by doing what other people are doing because of the need to affirm society's pre-concieved, solipsistic notion of what is right for me to do.

Things like Christmas are taken with skepticism by me because they're a way to create informational conformity, which is usually the start of despotism, fascism, and other very authoritarian systems.


If I do any decorating at all, it is simply Winter Season themed decorations.

I buy gifts for my grand kids and do the "white elephant" gift exchange with my daughters and sons-in-law.

I have dinner with my family. And, when they pray, I close my eyes and go "lalalalalalalalalala..." in my head until it is over 🙂.


I hole up from mid-November until mid-January. Can't stand the commercial-capitalist hype or phony good cheer any more than I can the religious bullshit.


I don't put up any decorations, I don't send cards, I don't give any presents, .....if a fool gives me a present I say..."thank you"


All the fun, none of the dogma


I don't. Seriously, I don't invest too much energy into it. Now that both of my parents are gone, it's just me and my siblings, but I'm the only one who lives out of state, so they never see me for the holidays anyway, but I do send out cards... just haven't for last couple of years. I just spend most of the days leading up to Christmas working and staying home and running out in the snow. Oh, and my cats will get presents. It's just not a big deal for me.

That sounds reasonable. I'd probably do the same if I was in that scenario.


I feel you!!!! I absolutely HATE Christmas. Partly because it was never a HAPPY TIME for me as a child. We were always threatened with no presents and surprised if there was any. This was a sick mind game my Mother Dearest got pleasure in.

As a parent, I played along to make my children happy and to ensure they would never have the disappointment of getting nothing.

As an Agnostic adult I loathe this time of the year. The in your face decorations and the friggin music pisses me off. I am actually looking for a t-shirt (I live in Hawaii) that says "FUCK XMAS"

I also count the days until the bullshit is over and get on with my life.


With Elvis, Vince Guarldi Trio, ham and scalloped potatoes, gifts, a fire in the fire place, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

How do you deal with it?

The Beach Boys Christmas Album, A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector, and John Denver and The Muppets Christmas Album


I celebrate Christmas like the commercial holiday it is... Santa, cookies, snowmen, the Twisted Sister Christmas album, and presents wrapped in Star Wars wrapping paper (no matter who the gift is intended for)...

I love that Star Wars has become a Christmas tradition. Really brings out the meaning of the season, I think.

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