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evidentialist 8 Aug 30

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Religion is just making everything exponentially worse.

That miserable brat had his mom drive him there.
Arrest her, too.


When you drive, sorry, have your mommy drive you over state lines with a loaded gun you're not legally allowed to have and subsequently get into an altercation where you kill two people, I don't think you can really claim self defense anymore.

It's called hunting.

@SanDiegoAirport No shit.

@itsmedammit someone’s been watching Purge. Yuck.


@girlwithsmiles Did something I posted get purged?

@itsmedammit you’ve not seen the horror movie franchise? []

@girlwithsmiles Oh my, no, haven't seen it. Looks scary!

@itsmedammit it is, but it’s also strangely compelling to watch. I’m not a horror fan but have watched a few of these as they’re so over the top...or so I thought!


Is this the beginning of a civil war.Brought on by a President who wants to keep office through terror. This scares the hell out of me.

yes, that is exactly what it is and what its been the whole time. Having survived covid-19 (an illness more akin to Tuberculosis than the flu), I am fairly sure that even if by a vague chance it was not deliberate created to kill a fair percentage of the global population,
the misinformation, disoganization, and completely inadequate response ARE deliberate and intended to weaken the population enough to make Trump's war more likely and easier to force upon us...nobody can be this incompetent...

You had better hope it is not the beginning of a civil war...most of the guns being held by civilians are in the hands of the Right. You Dems will have very little to fight with. When you Dems were advocating for removing guns from American society, you should have anticipated that there "could" be another civil war in this country. You seem to have learned nothing about Spain, Italy, Germany, etc.


Evil kid hunting people

bobwjr Level 10 Aug 30, 2020

Fucking two-faced Xstians, what ever happened to "Thou shalt NOT Kill."
I'm 110% anti-Death Penalty BUT in this case I willing to go for it for this low-life, pond-living Scum-sucking piece of Toad Turd.

@Borgovic It IS not the person BUT the horrors he wrought.

@SanDiegoAirport That’s true, being stoned or burnt to the death were often required in the Old Testament: []

@SanDiegoAirport Have you ever bothered to read the ' 10 Commandments' ?


The president has an army of people committing violence in support of his administration. It’s all volunteer and their orders are just assumed based on a lot of conspiracy indirectly reinforced by Fox News and AM radio Christian culture fascist like Rush. Their entire motivation is to get us to overreact, they’re dying for a civil wet culture war.

With too many of these death cult followers who are in law enforcement at the local, state, federal, and within the military!!!

Infiltration of the court and legal system!!!

This is the start of martial law to destroy the election and the within the steps of civil war!!!

Now look at Portland Oregon where a right wing militias member was killed when he and fellow militias members went to Portland to fight and kill the protesters!!

They attached a group of protesters thinking that they would not fight back!!!

trump is spewing hate, lies, all out falsehoods to get these right wing Militias to come and kill those who have the right to protest legally!!!

trump and the obstructionist are now stacking up their martyrs to force martial law upon us!!!

As long as trump is allowed to stoke this violence the more will die for these fascists republicans and their wealthy owners and their corporations!!!

trump is a shill for the wealthy and their corporations who are going to enslave us wholesale one way or another!!!


Kyle Rittenhouse is a murderer. Lock him up! 😠

And throw away the keys as well.


Militias of that sort are illegal in all states, it needs to start being enforced. This kid had his mommy drive him there with intent. He is prosecutable, period.

Mom should be prosecuted as an accessory to murder.

Mom is also culpable. Give them the family discount.

@dkp93 Amen to that!


Gawd help America!

On second thoughts, God doesn't exist, and America is beyond help.

. . . China doesn't have these problems

@thundergod -- The vast majority of developed nations in the world don't have these problems, and those that do are not even close to this level.

Don’t stop believing. In human effort that is!


In some Countries there are laws against inciting violence and funding terrorism. Yet some claim that they US, with their stand alone laws, are still the leaders of the Western World.
Yesterday’s conversation of my dad advocating for America’s position as World leader:
Dad: ‘say want you want but when America wants something done it gets done’
Me: ‘do you mean when they want a Country bombing’
Dad: ‘well yes, but everyone jumps to it’.
Me: ‘that doesn’t sound like leadership it sounds like dictatorship’
So we basically established that due to America’s continued insistence in leading the arms race; people like my father think they are leaders. Bullies respect that kind of power, others understand that that kind of, ‘power’ comes from fear, insecurity and inability to communicate, negotiate and peacefully problem solve.


Please read this:

This is how it starts trump and his Fascist create a martyr, only this time the individual is still alive!!!

Hitler used the same tactics creating the Nazi Blood Flag in November of 1923 in the BeerHall putsch which was dipped in blood of the dead and dying after clashes with the police in an attempt to seize control of the local government!!!

Those who died, died for Hitler and the Nazi party they became martyr’s for this cause!!!

@of-the-mountain The German Nazi's did it in 1930 with a young thug named Horst Wessel who started a fight and got his ass handed to him.

@of-the-mountain I never said anything about fascism. Don't put words in my mouth to cloud the issue.


There's another post on this subject:

Christian Crowdfunding Site Hosts Drive For Alleged Kenosha Gunman

I don't understand why anyone would support a murderer. Trump-loving extremist right-wing Christian groups. Despicable.


How To Support Your Jesus Warrior...


How To Train Your Fundy Fanatic...

Take your pic.

Leelu Level 7 Aug 30, 2020

I think, "Kill a Commie for Christ" covers it. The Book of Kyle, AR-15.


Seems to me it is against the law for a 17 yo to even posses an assault rifle or am I mistaken. Funny how some christian tribes have turned into real Satanists.

There is a laundry list of crimes he committed.
His mother should be charged as an accessory. She drove him there.
How could she NOT KNOW ??

@KKGator Did you see the posted photos of his parents with their vigilante costumes and guns?

@tinkercreek No, I have not, but it doesn't surprise me.
Kids like him do not grow up in vacuum.

@Lightupmylife Early on I posted a pink bb gun for girls. Just like nicotine get them early.


Get rid of your guns. You don’t need them.

Mvtt Level 7 Aug 30, 2020

Seems the Democrats and the obstructionist republicans fascist have repealed the assault weapons ban numerous times!!!

Funny, i used to think that and people said it was a law designed in case the government went feral. Now it seems the government and supporters have gone feral, but they’re the main ones that agreed with keeping guns! Hope you can turn it around somehow, scary times.


Just proves trump is a pure fascist who will enlist teenagers to do his bidding for him!!!

They are saying to vote this year as if your life depends on it!!!

After this teenager and all the militias driving in pickup caravan all over this country at trump’s request to stop all those who are peacefully demonstrating for much needed change!!!

We are all now in danger when these Assault rifle toting militias show up at our polling places to make sure there is no voter fraud by scaring everyone away by order of trump and the obstructionist republican fascists to help prevent us from voting!!!

This is just the start of obstructionist republican fascist civil war which will bring martial law right before the election!!!

The obstructionist republican fascist will do anything to stay in power!!!

Be prepared we are beyond the point of reason and peace!!!


Just look at his face. A baby with a toy gun, except this gun has real bullets.

He should have a nintendo in his hands at that age.


Should have been arrested immediately for having crossed state lines with intent to perpetrate violence.


And they said video games were gonna make our kids violent.

Edit: ...But it was Republicanism.
Just saw how ambiguous my statement could be without elaboration😅


What better venue to inflict a fundraiser, for a situation based on a pack of lies, than upon a throng of tribal fearmongers who enjoy believing lies?

Deb57 Level 8 Aug 30, 2020

I think the religious right is now condoning domestic terrorism and/or murder.


Seventy-five years ago, he would have been in the Hitler Youth!


i'm always dubious about ppl who wear their hats backwards.


I am spitting distance from these soon to be "brown shirts". This is much to close i n a state that was once progressive. In the Conservative Atheist group I have read 1st hand the verve with which these unite the right types call for & rejoice in the attacks on peaceful protesters. Protesters are not looters. Looters ae looters & the plan is to pillage & blame it on BLM! A play book out of 1930's National Socialism, existential Putin instructions to destroy us as he believes we did to his Iron Curtain.

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