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ok, this is gonna stir in some problematic commentary and divide the opinions, but i'll say it. i saw "the phenomenon 2020" 2 days ago. the film is scary when it comes to understanding the high possibility that an alien maybe watching you closely when you are taking a shit in the toilet or kissing your girlfriend or even waiting for the bus at the station. however, the actual problem is that i don't think the mainstream science is telling the truth all the way. they are in a way lying about some historical events that have happened in the ancient past such as the flood but they deny it because it was mention in the so called "holy books", maybe these scientists do not want to shift the accepted theory from what people have learned to what it actually is.
i read the “holy books” from a historical point of view. and i know there are things that maybe “true” there, not because a god wrote the book, but because its a book that documented what happened and that people wrote such events tried to explain them using a celestial dimension that was the easiest for people to do back then. we must be smarter than just denying whats in these books: the koran and bible when they could and do actually contain some facts.

Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar. he was hosted on Joe Rogan’s podcast #606 and there he stated that the floods have happened with evidence. which makes me as a thinker ask the question: why are the scientists denying it?

the reason i brought the aliens in the post is because there is a possibility that they have “created” us to serve a certain purpose according to Zecharia Sitchin in his book: The Lost Book of Enki. which is why they are coming more frequently in the recent few centuries to “check” on us and see how are we all doing or something.

I know this is not the strongest argument, but i think people on this website are openminded enough to understand the thought behind the post and provide a constructive opinion rather than just refusing it. thanks.

Basem 6 Feb 22

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Calmly, step away from the conspiracy crap, put down the joint, take a deep breath, engage your brain, check for traffic, and slowly release the clutch....

I second this proposal.

when was the last time you did that?

Release the clutch?

@Gwendolyn2018 put your brain in gear, then release the clutch to get it moving....

@Canndue Ah. I thought that you were giving lessons on how to drive a standard transmission. 😛

@Gwendolyn2018 🤪metaphors-are-us

@Canndue The problem with the metaphor is just like driving a standard in reality: most people these days have no idea how to drive one. They release the clutch too fast, the vehicle bucks and then, dies.

@Gwendolyn2018 no kidding

@Canndue No. Kidding.

@Basem Most intelligent people do that every single day, myself included even though I no longer drive a motor vehicle,. since as the old adage goes, " Only the Foolish seek to engage the mouth/fingers BEFORE ensuring that the brain is operating first."


I don't know but it seems to me that in your head there is just so much flying around that it must give you an awful headaches, most of the time.


Zecharia Sitchin was one of the worst pseudo-scientists who existed. He was laughed at by reputable Sumerian scholars. Heck, I am not even a Sumerian scholar but know enough about mythology in general and the history of Mesopotamia to know what a crackpot he was. I tried to read one of his books but couldn't get through it when I saw his explanation of some vessels on a shelf in Sumerian iconography; he said the shapes were "obviously" laboratory beakers, but they are much more likely to be clay vases.

He also claimed that Sumerian culture/Mesopotamian culture developed "overnight," but the establishment of culture in the area can be documented. This claim also disregards the existence of early cities such as Jericho and Catalhoyuk. While these cites are not in Mesopotamia, they still point to the development of early cultures/cities.

There is no evidence of a worldwide flood. Yes, large local floods happened. Some theories about them are the Black Sea deluge and the rise of oceans after the last ice age. A tsunami (such as ones in our lifetimes) can also account for myths of the flood. When people were more centralized and did not travel much, their "worlds" were small, i.e. extensive flooding in the Pacific Northwest would constitute a "worldwide" flood.


Considering the widespread belief in aliens and the proliferation of alien conspiracy tales/beliefs, why would science--or governments--suppress information. Who would panic? What purpose would the suppression serve?

Occam's Razor: the simplest explanation is usually by far the correct explanation. I won't discount the accomplishments of early civilizations by believing that aliens taught them everything they knew.

And if aliens want to watch me in the toilet, they are certainly not advanced.

Well stated, so I won't. As for the aliens watching me, whatever gets their rocks off.

Well said, Gwen. Even so, some fiction can be very entertaining. I've noticed that even Star Wars movies have some amount of "deep spiritual" meaning. Heh heh. May the force be with us.

@starwatcher-al I find it kinda exciting. It's like the time a "psychic" internet friend told me that a handsome, quiet male ghost was in my house--she could see him my videos. I always say that if one is going to have a ghost, he needs to be quiet and good-looking.

@mischl The "spiritual" aspects of Star Wars are entirely intentional! Lucas consulted J. Campbell about archetypes when writing the script. The story has many archetypes in it, including that of the hero's quest. It has elements of Taoism (the Force), as well.

And I enjoy fiction about aliens and ancient cultures and I like well written fantasy. I suspend my disbelief while reading and then, return to reality. Myth is one of my deep passions.

@Gwendolyn2018 Also, if you've ever read the Foundation trilogy by Asimov it's full of commentary on just about everything a civilization has to offer. It's subtle but pay attention and it's there.

@starwatcher-al I've not read the Foundation books. Since I have been teaching for the last 20 years, I have hardly read anything for fun--mostly non-fiction books. I plan to cut back from 5/6 classes to two or three in about two years when I turn 70. Maybe I will have the mental energy to read more AND write then!

thank you very much! i like your feedback the most 🙂


Okay, I want you to replace the tinfoil hat & return to the basement, Now! Mom will bring you some cookies, milk, & Prozac soon

maybe you can breastfeed milk while it contains fluoxetine!

@Basem NOT your Mother! Although i can see you are easily confused about lots of things, such a remark pretty is very disrespectful to your Real Mother.

@AnneWimsey just so you know how it feels to make a remark about people in public! tada!

@Basem uuuummmm, what?


When you read those books you should curb your imagination and fears, or just leave those books alone until you grow up a bit.
However, my advice is just don't read those books at all, because they're all full of shit and designed to make you afraid, and they seem to be working with you.


The problem with books or documentaries is they set out to inform you and get you to think like the author wants you to take their own theory's and make them a fact in their and your eyes...therefor selling more of the books or films,,,I do not believe that aliens have ever been here or ever will be...the problem with stories and conspiracies is that is all they are stories and conspiracies... you need 100% fact before it becomes real...

you are absolutely correct. thank you.

Well, I'd say both a Yes and No to some of your comments here.
Since some docos and books are, more often than not, FACT based, though some are somewhat biased on occasions as well, many. many more are very reliable and often true.
As to visitation s from Extra-terrestrial Beings, well now, I worked in the Commonwealth Police for 4 years under secondment to another Government Department know as A.S.I.S.
There is an 'object' in Level 17 of Pit 4 in the Illawarra Escarpment that has been guarded 24/7 x 365 around the clock since it was uncovered by Coal Miners in 1956.
Level 17 IS one of the richest Coal seams in Australia and has been dated back to the Cambrian Epoch of Earth History btw, so that tells how old the layer/seam is.
I have actually seen it, as have everyone who was/is ROSTERED to guard it, it IS NOT natural in shape, size or of known materials, has no entrances visible and NO support structures holding it in place either.
It is approx. 3 metres in length, 2.5 metres in width and 1.89 metres in height as well, very very shiny on the exterior and looks very much like a tear drop in shape.

@Triphid The problem with your story is to me, just a story...if you provided pictures or a bit of it or a schematic of the interior or even a drawing of it in crayons then it would be of

@James121 Taking photos when everyone is searched BEFORE gong on watch and afterwards as well.
Pit #4 IS the ONLY Coal mine on the Illawarra Escarpment that has a 10 feet high Chain-wire Mesh Fence encircling it, more floodlights than a maximum Security Prison and guards patrolling both outside and inside the fence PLUS 2 guards at the entrance-way into the Pit, 2 more at the entrance to Level 17 and 4 more patrolling the excavated object.
In 1978-79 when I was there you WERE required to SIGN the Secrecy Act, change from your uniform into a WHITE boiler suit and take NOTHING of a personal nature down with you NOT even your meals.
You did 3 hours on Level 17, 3 hours at the Level Entrance and 2 hours at the Pit Entrance for every shift.


One more time........

Put brain in gear before putting mouth into motion.



Why do we need to think that something or someone created us?


Reading this made me think of Kitty


How do we know there was no world-wide flood? Boyle's Law (PV=nRT) has specific ramifications for that much of a change in water volume. Also, not enough water on the planet to turn us into water world (despite the movie). While I haven't done a deep dive, I seem to remember that some cultures don't have a flood myth, mainly ones that were far inland.
Aliens watching us, need the proof. Documentaries are not proof. I have made crop circles for a laugh and they got local attention (though never national attention) when I was in high school. Is it possible that there is a race of being from another planet watching us, sure. Is it possible we are in a simulation and not "real" as we would define it, also sure. Next question is where is the proof for either claim. Until the evidence is there, and it lines up as the best explanation, we do not accept them as such. I love Tolkien, have read all of his books, seen his major movies, and even biographical shows/movies about him that included info about Middle Earth. It doesn't mean that his fantasy world is a real place.

You could have warned us with a spoiler alert.

Randall Carlson brought a geological proof that the flood happened. he was hosted by Joe Rogan in his podcast, the episode's number is 606.
Please also know that i am not on the side of the religious story that says that noah build a boat and shit like that.. i am only saying that the flood may have happened. thank you.

@Basem Give the facts about a worldwide flood, not that someone said it happened.

Stop being so damned logical.


Oh my god! "To serve man" is the name of a cookbook!

We don’t taste like chicken, BTW. Don’t ask me how I know. Revise your spices accordingly.


You want constructive opinions? Ok, here they go: if you are going to be posting crap like this in the future no alien or holy book or any other of your bs books will save you from ridicule.

i have the right to post what i want. however, seeing it as crap happens to be your problem not mine, sir. it is a subject to talk about not to describe it as crap. thanks for constructive feedback.. it tells me a lot.

@Basem continue posting crap then.

@Mofo1953 i wonder why you got attracted to crap then?

@Basem you gotta read a lot of crap in this site unfortunately, like kissing lots of frogs before finding a princess.


I think it's scarier that actual people are more likely watching you and perving out.


Sounds to me like a series of books called "Chariots of the Gods" and "Return of the Gods" that were around back in the 1970's and 1980's.
Oh, and plus a liberal dash of the Sci-Fi movie " Prometheus" thrown in as well imo.



A.K.A. Woo-woo.


I think you're confusing scientists with religious lying sacks of stupidity

no i i am not. i know i am talking about.

@Basem apparently not


History refutes a world-spanning flood that wiped out nearly everyone on the planet. The supposed biblical flood is said to have occured around 2400 BCE. Yet civilizations existed during that time that have no record of being wiped out. The Mesopotamians, civilizations in what is now Pakistan and Afghanistan, the ancient Egyptians, and the Mayans all somehow survived this supposed flood.

That's aside from the utter nonsense of believing that animals from all over the world traveled thousands of miles to the Middle East to ride on a boat, then afterward all returned to their homes. Utter preposterous.

As far as aliens... it's quite plausible and likely that life exists elsewhere in the universe. Does intelligent life exist elsewhere in the universe? That's very plausible. But intelligent life that has created interstellar travel and found Earth becomes a bit of a stretch of the imagination.

Is it possible that life or human life was created by alien intelligence? Sure, it's not impossible but likely impossible to prove. And since homo sapieans first appeared about 100,000 years ago and our predecessors appeared some 300,000 years ago its equally plausible that if aliens did create us they might be long extinct.

thank you very much 🙂


"alien watching "? good! here's my chance to sell out humanity. i wonder what i can get for it? i want at the ice cream sandwich

I'd go for a Klondike bar.


Any alien who has watched me shit would immediately leave the Earth never return! Especially if he's able to smell…


Sounds like a well made SCIENCE FICTION movie.. for entertainment.


Do you have any objective evidence that aliens come to earth?

no i dont.


Let the alien watch. It doesn’t particularly bother me, and maybe she/he/it will learn something. I have skills ...


By the way, almost every culture has a flood myth, but that is not proof of a worldwide flood; it is proof that large scale floods happened in many parts of the world.

And another by the way; flood myths typically involve a deity who is angry at humans. The earliest recorded floods myths are from Sumerian and Egypt. Sumeria's myth is chronicled in "The Epic of Gilgamesh" and the Hebrew account of the flood is so similar to it, there can be no doubt (except in the minds of Judeo/Xtians fundies) that is was adapted from the Sumerian myth.

And a last by the way: the Egyptian flood myth has an angry god (Ra) who sends the goddess Sehkmet to punish humans for being rude and disrespectful to the gods. However, she becomes too intent on her mission and kills so many people, the streets ran red with blood. Even Ra was dismayed and to stop her, he flooded the streets with beer. She drank, became drunk, and forgot about killing more humans.

I made this PPT on the flood myths for one of my myth courses:


I want the Egyptian myth to be true... that would be a party!

@PadraicM Well . . . some myths have "facts" in them. When I was getting my MA, I worked as a tour guide in a winery (it wasn't really a winery--the winery was in another town and we just sold the wine). During Prohibition, the winery refused to close, so the feds came in and busted up the barrels, and some of those barrels were HUGE. The story goes that the wine flowed out of the building and into the streets.

So, who knows? Maybe that happened in Egypt. (I doubt it, but fun to think about.)


oy vey

Leelu Level 7 Feb 22, 2021

i,ll raise you an oy guvalt!


Where did you see this documentary? What has been your prior experience with the subject matter? I am curious though, as well as thinking you a bit naive to believe there is open mindedness of people on the web

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