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POLL The Vast Majority of Atheists Believe in Intelligent Life on Other Planets | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

I myself believe it is possible, but I don't think it is a sure thing.

Do you believe there is intelligent life on other planets?

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snytiger6 9 Aug 24

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Given the vast amount of time involved and the vastness of the universe, I cannot believe that we are the only intelligent life that has ever evolved. However, I don't believe for a nano second that earth has been visited by any such beings.


Nah, they'll never visit us. We prove every Halloween and every Thanksgiving how primitive we are. Lol!


I've always thought it's kind of arrogant to believe humans are the only "intelligent" life forms in the universe.


Somewhere? Yes. There must be. Contact with earth? No.


Wait! Is there intelligent life on this 3rd rock from our sun?

Exactly my thoughts

define intelligent.

At times it is highly doubtful.

@Dougl35534 Capable of recognizing subtleties within commonly agreed upon reality.


Given the vastness of the universe it seems more than likely, However a more telling question is whether the closest extra territorial intelligence is near enough to have any meaningful impact on us.
"Is there intelligent life elsewhere in our galaxy?" is a more interesting question.


It's possible since we exist. (begging the question of whether or not humans are intelligent life,) but since we don't know how likely the evolution of it is (it only evolved once on Earth,) no way to know. If it's only as likely as a monkey typing Hamlet by chance for example, we are indeed alone.


It's possible. I would bet good money on some kind of life being out there. The universe is what? 12 billion years oldish and look at Earth; it us quite possible that many living things have come and gone through out the universe. And then, there is the possibility of a multiverse.

And the possibility that we're in a simulation...

@JeffMurray Seriously doubtful, though, of course, I have no proof of that.

@JeffMurray Not possible. That's as stupid as the god thing.

@barjoe That's a bold statement. How could you possibly make that claim?

@JeffMurray Because its nonsense and I'm a BOLD skeptic.

@barjoe Have you heard that theory before? Initially it sounds like nonsense, but it makes a very interesting point.

@JeffMurray First of all, if Elon Musk believes it, I know it's total bullshit. We are real! I wish we weren't but we are. []

@barjoe Why would it matter if you weren't actually real?

@JeffMurray It wouldn't. I'm real tho and so are you.

@barjoe Oh, cause you said you wished we weren't. I think I get what you mean now.


Surely all card-carrying profile-promulgating agnostics here should shout in unison "I don't know".

I consider it very highly likely that intelligent life exists on at least one of the other planets orbiting the 10^22 stars in the observable universe.


Just for arguments sake let us say that the galaxy has a billion systems where life could be possible. We live on one of those systems. If the odds are one in a billion and there are a billion other galaxies, how many systems have life on them? I know this is snot stated in the best manner possible, but the point is made.


It is very likely even if the life in question is not like us in any way.

There is no question that there is other life. The question is whether or not there is intelligent life.


I guess it is possible that there is intelligent life on other planets. After all, our knowledge is limited. But since Halloween and Thanksgiving are coming up soon, they are not gonna stop by; they are not impressed by the things we do on our planet.

Ryo1 Level 7 Aug 24, 2021

We probably fucking terrify them with our violence and lack of empathy.

What do you have against Halloween and Thanksgiving?


The fact that we exist is the best evidence for other life in the universe. The idea that we would be the most intelligent life in the universe is both sad and perverse.

Leelu Level 7 Aug 24, 2021

Well put! Hubris is one of our major failings.


As vast as the universe is there has to be intelligent life somewhere.

I am still trying to decide it there is intelligent life on earth (LOL)


I believe there may be life that we may not recognize as life.

Life that was truly intelligent, would likely think we were quite primitive.

@creative51 Intelligence is relative


I wonder what the poll results were on that other intelligent planet!

Now there is a real poser isn't there. 😁


You'd have think that somewhere in this vast Universe there's intelligent life beside the little of it that is evident on Earth these days.


I voted “no,” given the way the question is written. Acknowledging the possibility is not the same as belief in an idea lacking supportive evidence.


Since conditions were right for life on earth, it is quite possible life evolved on another planet since there are so many planets in the universe which may also have the right conditions for life.


Have ask that to myself....finally decided it just wasn't relevant...


It’s possible. And humans ought to make every effort to stay away from them. One planet is beyond repair so far as we know.


It doesn’t matter. The speed of light, the principles of relativity and the implications it presents, the vast distances involved, create a condition I like to refer to as the “Cosmic Quarantine”.

I believe that all life forms eventually perish. Humanity will someday cease to exist without ever having ET contact whether such life exists or not.


Since we have no evidence of such life, it is entirely inappropriate to speak in terms of belief, with one exception: belief in the POSSIBILITY of such life. The presence of intelligent life on Earth proves that life can spontaneously arise on a planet with the right conditions.


I voted yes, but wonder if the life on planet earth qualifies as being intelligent?

Yes, sometimes I wonder.

Considering how we seem to endanger ourselves. I wonder how many aliens don t 'manage to nuke themselves, or destroy their own environment to the point where ti endangers extinction for their own species.

I'd go with 40 to 60% don't forget whales, dolphins, and crows make good problem solvers
. 🤔

Especially regarding the looney idiotic democraps.

@Trajan61 Go crawl back in to your sewer, you are stinking up the place.


I believe that with everything as spread out I think its likely. But that with those relativistic distances will be unlikely that any societies will find eachother.

I guess that is where the idea of traveling by "bending" space (sort of creating artificial (and temporary) worm holes) comes in. However I suspect the energy needed to do that is far more than can be carried on a spaceship. So, yeah, I doubt we'd find each other. At least not in our lifetimes.

I think it is more likely that we might visit or be visited from different versions of earth from the multiverse. However, there is the problematic issue of beign able o get back from you started. Which universe was the one we came from? Again, not likely to happen in our our lifetimes.

@snytiger6 quite true and well said.


It's in the realm of possibility.

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