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LINK Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Thinks Elon Musk Is Black, SLAMMED After Calling Tesla Founder 'African American' - Towleroad Gay News



They're all such idiots. Seriously. I can not name one Republican that knows shit about anything but guns, God and Pinocchio Syndrome. πŸ€₯πŸ€₯πŸ€₯

They think Biden is a gaffe-king πŸ‘‘ (which is true) but this? This is mind-numbingly telling. DeSantis is a dumbass.

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 21

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So DeSantis thinks Musk is black .You must be a nitwit if you would think this is true . Oh but you get your information from Towleroad gay news ,Hahahaha !

When did DeSantis say Musk is black?. There is a alot of whites in South Africa.

@Castlepaloma That’s true the gay news or whatever pos trash newspaper this idiot poster reads interpreted what DeSantis said incorrectly and came to this moronic conclusion when in fact DeSantis used the words African American


Not all Africans are black. Thusly I always have had trouble with the identification. He is a an American South African Canadian, holding 3 citizenships. De Santis' needs a new writer for his foolish attempts at humor. Musk is a genius but supporting De Santis makes him of questionable ethics.

Yes. The two Black people on that stage did not find this funny. Nor did most anyone else who isn't a rightwing pundit, troll or grifter. This is a post Trump area. Post George Floyd, etc etc etc.

There's no humor in this or the rightwing in general, for that matter.


@seagreeneyez -

I follow Tesla and Musk for some work, and I understood the joke DeSantis was making, but I can see how others might miss it. Also, DeSantis is a nasty piece of work, and he was in effect doing a bit of trolling.

It happens to all of us that we miss a joke here or there, especially in this age of missed communications on the net. I respectfully suggest simply acknowledge that you got this one wrong, either by taking it down or by a brief comment.

To others who have commented on this, I would say the joke DeSantis is making is questionable or tasteless because what he is really doing is making light of the issue of whether African Americans might usually support him, and indeed whether he and his team would be deserving of the support, or welcoming of it. Considering the number of people of African American descent who are paying DeSantis's sallary, and for whom he is doing an atrociously poor job, he should be less derisive.

kmaz Level 7 June 22, 2022

There no humor in this. Take a look at the two Black people on that stage. No Black person in America, unless they're a rightwing grifter or troll on this site, for example, found this even remotely funny.


Thanks, I do understand in the end it was very unfunny. Like I said, DeSantis is a nasty piece of work and he was trolling.

People today lack a great deal of a sense of humor in conversations.


Lets not forget that our species evolved in Africa, so technically ALL humans are Africans. 🀣

Which does not let DeSantis off, because though it's true that Musk's recent ancestors were South Africans, the Florida's governor is still a fucking troll. 🀣🀣


It might be in bad taste but according to numerous reports it was simply a joke due to the birthplace of Musk.You should be looking in the mirror when using the word idiot.


I'm not the idiot or idiots that showed up here. And you and your little rightwing troll brigade that showed up in here to call me names?

My pleasure to help you all in the Mental Midgetry Olympics. You guys win every time.


Elon Musk self identifies as 'African American', because he is.

BDair Level 8 June 22, 2022




And Musk thinks DeSantis would make a good president. They're meant for each other. (And even if it was meant as a joke, it's a pretty tasteless joke.)


Yes, this musk be a joke. Where is South Africa?


Politics, probably the greatest waste of time and money on earth.

cough Religion


Even Richard Dawkins stated that nationalism is more dangerous than religion. Religion used to be the most dangerous and holding world citizens back.


It wasn't stupidity. It was racist dog whistle.
And responded to by some even in this thread.

That wink/wink nudge certain people do when they think they've gotten away with saying something clever.


You are the dumbass and to inept to realize he made a joke due to the fact that Elon Musk is from South Africa .If you had any common sense you would’ve checked other news sources before jumping to conclusions from one lame report .Be careful when you call people idiots,idiot.

bebe12 Level 6 June 22, 2022

DSince you are going to engage in calling names, you are the one too stupid to realize that DeSantis doesn't joke.

@mcgeo52 Is calling Republicans idiots not name calling ? the writer of the post engaged in name calling but you are to dimwitted to realize this you hypocrite.If you did any research as I did you would see there are numerous reports of this being a joke.

I've got no clue who you are, but if you wish to banter with me, you'd best show up with something more than calling me names.

I'll make you cry. πŸ‘

In case you missed it, it isn't funny. Which is why this is posted. In a post Trump-America, post George Floyd, etc etc etc, and if you actually LOOK AT THE TWO BLACK PEOPLE on that stage....

This shit isn't funny.

And DeSantis is a FUCKING IDIOT.

Let me help you. A little fact check.



DESANTIS jokes. I'm being most serious and honest when I joke.


Well, if you can call people who aren't pedophiles or groomers pedophiles and groomers, I guess you can call a white guy a black guy. Your credibility is already shot to shit, so what's the diff?

Sheeezus, what a douchewagon.

zeuser Level 9 June 22, 2022

He is African but not American. Everyone that has a Tesla loves it. The car itself is a good thing.Musk is a self-centered bullying genius. If I could afford it I would never buy one of his cars. If he gets his way, very few people will be able to afford his cars.

Elon Musk is descended from South African Boer stock (albeit somewhat diluted) and so is DEFINITELY African. Having now taken American citizenship he is therefore definitely "African American". (In the same way that I am "African British".)
As for being a "hard", bullying person, I would ask how many ultra-rich people are not?
At least he led the world into electric cars and re-usable space craft.
I do wonder whether future generations will regard him in the same light as Ivan the terrible of Russia, first Tsar of Russia, who achieved great things in forming the Russian state, but at the most terrible cost to both its peasantry and aristocracy.

Another stupid liberal that dislikes a successful entrepreneur that employees many people and makes products beneficial to the environment .You say the car is good and many people like it but you would not buy it if you could afford it I guess you could call this pathetic liberal logic.As for the price of his cars they are commensurate with quality .

I concur Emanuele


And the Rethuglican Party wonders why it is mocked by all thinking people? Really?


DeSatan will be the presidential GOP candidate to beat in 2024. Trump will be too busy trying to keep himself out of jail.


Ron DeathSentence knows Elon Musk is euro-african, like Charlize Theron. Ron is just an entitled asshole.


Deathsantis IS fucking dumbass.

KKGator Level 9 June 21, 2022

@Beachslim7 WTF are you on about?

@Beachslim7 GFY

@KKGator I have no time for the Mountain of Fat 14/2.

@anglophone I'm fed up with that twat.
He's blocked.

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