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LINK Catholic-owned gelato shop in AL bans phones, cursing, and bare shoulders

Villaggio Colafrancesco, a new gelato shop in Birmingham, Alabama, comes with a conservative Catholic twist: Customers are forbidden from wearing short shorts or spandex leggings, exposing their shoulders or cleavage, and cannot use their phones or laptops inside. Any actions that violate the “norm of Christian behavior” is prohibited.

And don’t you dare take any pictures. ...

snytiger6 9 Nov 19

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Sounds like the evangelicals have infiltrated the Catholics. I don't recall that crowd being that uptight. remember in the early 80s, driving a charter bus full of nuns and cheerleaders back from a week long cheerleader competition, and while passing a line of trucks , all the windows on that side went down and the girls all flashed the whole lot. It was about to cause a wreck and they wouldn't stop. I asked the head nun to get them under control and she just smiled at me and said " you know what they say about catholic school girls" Somehow I have a hard time equating that bunch with ultra conservative types 😄


Perhaps ya can put some of these on??!! LOL. I would certainly do it.


Just like Chic-Fil-A, they can make their rules, and people can choose to boycott the store. There are many places I don’t go because of their political statements. I stopped drinking Yeungling beer because the owners were big Trump supporters. Same with Home Depot and Papa John’s Pizza until they pushed the owner out. I have never been in a Hobby Lobby either. I know it doesn’t affect their bottom line, it’s just a matter of principle.

Agree , here in Pennsylvania yeungling is popular.
Catholic charities is one " agency " in charge of
dispensing rental assistance= no wonder only 10% of federal rent aid was dispensed.


Returning to the 50s themed geloto shop. I'm sure that will offend the enlightened women of the world. I'm sure the gay community isn't welcome there as well.


I mean come on, the Catlics can't let the Kkkristian Nationalists hog the fanatics spotlight, can they? Geez..


I suppose if they get enough business from like minded customers they might stay in business. Won't be the last time a business is influenced by its owner(s) Doesn't every business owner get to impose their beliefs on how they do business? All broadcast radio and TV does it, the new chief twit is now doing it. Why not a gelato shop? Not agreeing with what they do, just saying...


Not going to be very popular with the younger crowd.

Betty Level 8 Nov 19, 2022

Alabama: the home of geriatric fuddy-duddies!

@anglophone It's a good thing we are young at heart.


I didn't know that phones or laptops existed in Biblical times. Just saying ...


The new catholics, the rick Santorum catholics, are just evangelical loons who, sort of, follow the pope (or mary (.

They are starting to remind me of the group of cardinals in the Monty Python sketch, The Spanish Inquisition, where they claimed to have ".... A fanatical devotion to the Pope!".....


And I thought I was outdated..


I hope they like filing for bankruptcy.

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