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Gun Rights Advocates Hang Kentucky Gov. Beshear in Effigy

Gun rights advocates sparked outrage after their “Second Amendment Freedoms” protest against Kentucky’s stay-at-home orders - culminated in the hanging of Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear in effigy from a tree outside the State Capitol in Frankfort. Attached to Gov. Beshear’s dummy was a quote from John Wilkes Booth, which was strung around his neck, while other protesters banged on the windows and doors of the Governor's Mansion, demanding that Beshear come out.

Now, what the hell does “gun rights” have to do with the coronavirus? I guess they must think they can kill the virus with an AR-15. Now, before you laugh, I suppose this makes just about as much sense as injecting bleach. The bottom line is, everyone has the right to “act stupid.” Unfortunately, these folks aren’t acting.


johnnyrobish 7 May 25
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As their rights are now clearly infringing on the rights of others and not in a reasonable or defensible way, the state MUST step in.

To fail to do so is to endorse this.

Can we imagine if this were a black lives matter group. Do we think there would be any delay in a strong reaction from the authorities with deadly consequences?

The authorities need to hear from conservatives on this - as they are well used to dismissing all other voices.

OwlInASack Level 8 May 26, 2020

That line "Sic Semper Tyrannis" is not just attributed to Booth but was originally said by Marcus Brutus as he and the other conspirators stabbed Caesar to death.

This is a death threat. They have equated the stay at home order with tyranny and believe that this governor deserves to die because of it. I hope the authorities are taking it very seriously.

RoboGraham Level 7 May 26, 2020

These were also the words that were also printed on Timothy McVeigh's tee-shirt when he was arrested.


Supporting Mass Murder on an Industrial Scale .

GEGR Level 7 May 26, 2020

New white house chant:
Hey, Hey
Donnie J.
How many people did you kill today?

glennlab Level 9 May 26, 2020
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