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Sky Blue And Black ~ Jackson Browne

I think that I've never known true intimacy until I've lost it, or reached for it but failed. Oh the sadness... oh my god the sadness!

By SACatWalker8
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Such a wonderful, evocative song. I also like “Late for the Sky”. Browne is an excellent songwriter.


After more than a few marriages and LTRs, I’m now wondering whether I’ve ever been truly intimate with anyone. So adept at hiding. Hoping to remedy that someday ...

Justjoni Level 8 Aug 30, 2018

Really good song. I hope you're day is getting better my friend.

Electro68 Level 7 Aug 30, 2018

@SACatWalker well, we all feel those emotions, it seems like you embrace
them. I find that people who can love the hardest and have the most joy feel the other emotions equally as strong. I count myself lucky to be in that group.

the depths of emotions both; up and down are glorious but you have to be brave, it isn't for the faint hearted. As high as it get it also goes low, and the lows can be excruciating. It's a wild roller coaster.

@HippieChick58 The Love Roller Coaster is my ride also. You described it perfectly.


This song, of the forever sadness love can bring when lost, is in perfect harmony with real life. I feel it.


Just heard that song last week. Loved it.

Bigwavedave Level 7 Aug 30, 2018

a heartfelt lament

TheDoubter Level 8 Aug 30, 2018


HippieChick58 Level 9 Aug 30, 2018
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