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Yeah I am a hopeless romantic

By Huskygirl4ever7
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Would you like to meet?

gpspirit34009 Level 5 Oct 26, 2019

No I don't do hookups


That lovey dovey stuff is good when you're with someone you really like. But what if you're just buying dinner for someone so you don't have to eat alone?

BitFlipper Level 7 Aug 28, 2019

Then no it's not good


One can never get enough of this

RoyMillar Level 8 Aug 28, 2019

I agree


Don't we all ?

GEGR Level 7 Aug 27, 2019


Sticks48 Level 9 Aug 27, 2019

Thats why I have animals.

Corvislover Level 7 Aug 27, 2019

Women are (generally) more romantic than men. Please tell me if this is sexist.

I can put it differently.

St-Sinner Level 8 Aug 27, 2019

No you're right it's not sexist we are generally more romantic than men but once in awhile you find that man that's as romantic as you are

@Cherie4444 I did to 26 years ago and I cherished it


Make your "addictions a parade of preference"....(Ken Keyes Jr.) that way you won't feel "hopeless"

Robecology Level 8 Aug 27, 2019

Been a really long time, and I also miss it.

EdEarl Level 8 Aug 27, 2019

Yeah me too,been a long time

bobwjr Level 9 Aug 27, 2019

Yep. I get that! Been a long time!

ToolGuy Level 8 Aug 27, 2019
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