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Toys? My wife and I like to use toys (mostly for her pleasure) and I thought I’d share one new item we got that’s really worth the price. It’s called a “womanizer”. Yes kind of a sexist name but it really works. She is already orgasmic but with this she came 3 times in 12 minutes!!!! Just a heads up for you gentlemen who want to pleasantly surprise your lady. Now if they would just come up with something for men.

Lee-Timber 5 May 16
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Oh and I forgot to mention I worked for Ann Summers in the early 80's selling sex toys at parties


I have a wand vibrator called a Doxie, made in the UK 0 to orgasm in a couple of minutes, very intense


One of my most exciting shopping sprees was with my girlfriend going into the store to pick out some sex toys to play with that night. We laughed like little kids even though we were both in our sixties. It took us a long time to make up our mind and a lot of talk between us. We decided on a couple of favorites and one curiosity.

OldGoat43 Level 8 May 17, 2018

Good onya!


Farm boys use the milking machines

I guess that's one up from the sheep, hens, goats and cows themselves.


I have had a few vibes over the years, I will have to check out this one. Yeah, I can afford a new toy or two this month.


I'm a fan of these. There are a ton of brands making them now. I followed this guide (see below) knowing this blogger has similar likes as myself and chose to try the Satisfyer Pro 2 because of the lesser cost point. It has worked great! ☺


Thanks for the link. A lot of useful info on her blog


I gifted a friend some Ben Wah balls. She tried them out on her walk to work. She called me to tell me she had to stop and hold on to light poles three times in her walk. She really enjoyed them and the attention she got from passerbys who were concerned for her well being. Lol


What does everyone think of sex toys for men?

Squirrel Level 7 May 16, 2018

I'm definately a fan although prefer similar toys to women's, if that makes sense.

I thought that was just porn

Go for it! Check out for high quality, US-made, body-safe toys for all bodies, and interests.

@UUNJ After work... 😛

@Eastrenbi If you like vibration, here’s one that oscillates [] Lots of options these days

@UUNJ That definitely looks interesting.


A woman is no toy, but I cannot imagine anything else that could make me climax with my clothes on. The only sex toy for men, IMO, would be a synthetic woman who might be an acceptable replacement for a prostitute.

EdEarl Level 8 May 16, 2018

Little do you know.


At a £170 each it needs to be blooming good 😮


Large collection, proud of it.

Kojaksmom Level 8 May 16, 2018

I've given several Hitachi's as gifts (to appropriate and appreciative friends) It works on me but since I'm one orgasm and done (basically for a day), I prefer taking my time

Buttercup Level 7 May 16, 2018

there are tons of toys for men....just hide your pride, and go to the toy sights...a simple one, heard of the Fleshlight ?

NormCastle Level 7 May 16, 2018

The fleshlight and similar toys are fun but there are lots of 'alternatives' for me too who enjoy other types of stimulation. I think I'm building a collection.


Toys are awesome

Marcie1974 Level 8 May 16, 2018

Definitely. It's an exciting age we live in.


See my comment to germangirl90439 about "humping a stuffed animal". []

JackPedigo Level 9 May 16, 2018

I couldn't find your comment.

@Ellatynemouth I stopped reading at the turn your phone to vibrate and hold it to your vagina comment.


Ha ha!

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