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[amp.businessinsider.com] although it's still somewhat taboo ,studies show many people meet their spouses at work. Are office romances a positive or negative thing. Personally I have very mixed feelings.

By Kojaksmom8
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I was always told, "don't get your honey where you make your bread".
Of course then I had to verify it experimentally, because I am not too bright sometimes.

CraeftSmith Level 7 June 1, 2018

Downunder and all sorts of fascinating revelations and enquiries are being made about powerful people. Read what this Australian journalist Shane Dowling has to say on his blog:

FrayedBear Level 9 May 31, 2018

Used to be that the majority of people met their partner through work. I really have a problem with those who say that it should not happen.

FrayedBear Level 9 May 31, 2018

Good stories about office romances gone haywire can be found at askamanger.org.

HippieChick58 Level 9 May 30, 2018

There are few men at my office close to my age that are single. Lots of guys my kids' ages, more gals close to my age. Hmmmm. We're insurance claims examiners.

HippieChick58 Level 9 May 30, 2018

A long time ago I worked for a company doing military work. There was a married couple. They did not work in my dept. Each one worked in a different dept. Their marriage went bad and ended in divorce but they stayed working at the same place which must have been weird. Well, the lady in this case fell in love with a person in my dept. But they tried to keep it under wraps but everone knew what was going on. Sure enough, the lady split again with the guy in my dept. The guy in my dept started following her and keeping tabs on where she went, who she spoke to, etc. It got ugly for the 3 of them. All working in the same floor, The company was then sold to a bigger company and don't know what happened to them. What I learned from this is that it is best if one gets into a relationship but work in separate places and live separate too. If things go bad and relationship ends, it is easier for both parties or 3 parties like the story I told.

KashFigueroa Level 6 May 30, 2018

Askamanager.org has great stories of office romances gone astray.


Hmmm. If you're still working with them... Maybe not.

Ellatynemouth Level 8 May 30, 2018

Best comment so far ??


My girlfriend a long time ago was a secretary in the office. We kept it secret by almost never talking to each other at work to avoid the office gossip. Luckily, I had changed jobs by the time we broke up.

Here's another good rule: Don't date a neighbor!

AwarenessNow Level 7 May 30, 2018

Good advice


As we spend at least 4-8 hours or more together in a work place ecept those that travel, I have witnessed tens of people forging relationships in the work environ. It is the rare exception that they work out & retain their employment. Politics is an ugly endeavor whether in or out of the work place. Especially when it involves a superior who is "out to get" someone. Keep your cards close to your chest & use the regulations for your protection. & do not seek revenge ....ever. That is the "lord's" or as I say, the cosmos' responsibility...ie karma

Mooolah Level 8 May 30, 2018

It all depends on the circumstances. You could meet the love of your life at work and live happily ever after. But the concerns voiced already in this thread about office affairs, fraternization and the like, are all valid.

IAMGROOT Level 7 May 30, 2018

Bad idea, especially if one is an executive in a more senior role.

Mitch07102 Level 7 May 30, 2018

Single colleagues dating no problem
Married (to other people) colleagues dating not advisable
One married, one not colleagues dating not going to end well.

LenHazell53 Level 8 May 30, 2018

It's good to have mixed feelings. Office romances can be big trouble. On the other hand, I met my wife at work.

EdEarl Level 8 May 30, 2018

I work for a large grocery store chain and if you are in a management position you cannot date anyone within that store. Management ,however ,will be more than happy to transfer you to another store if the relationship is that important to you. Most organizations have that same rule, and it's a good compromise.


Too many things can get weird if they turn out to be a bit psycho- I made a rule a long time ago not to date anyone I work with...

Johnsalterego Level 8 May 30, 2018

Yeah, tbe old never shit where you eat rule. Lol, or never dip your pen in company ink.

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