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A forum for women and men to exchange thoughts about intimacy and relationships. Frank and explicit discussions about real life topics.

A forum for women and men to exchange thoughts about intimacy and relationships. Frank and explicit discussions about real life topics.

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Dec 22, 2020Dec 2020

Posted by guadastudio
For how many of you guys here is it significantly important if your spouse or Date is Agnostic or Atheist.Do you think it plays a great role in a relationship?
Real Intimacy
Aug 16, 2020Aug 2020

Posted by MarkWD
So I’m backing off of posting much more here. This group and certainly ones unrelated to religion/atheism have mostly been fine. But the whole idea of seeking out a community where people are more like me on that continuum seems like a mistake to...
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Mar 28, 2020Mar 2020

Posted by Philip21
First Dreamscape by Cynthia Zarin Issue no. 193 (Summer 2010) No one but lovers and children tell their dreams: not fish, nearer fowl, where does that leave me— bantam in the barnyard, pecking for mash. Bleak lovebirds, our nests are spangled with ...
Real Intimacy
Mar 17, 2020Mar 2020

Posted by Rodolpho23
My last relationship was with a Catholic woman. However, I believe her religious beliefs lacked depth and intimacy. I feel that I can find a greater sense of intimacy with a spiritual or agnostic or humanist gal. Just sitting by the water and ...
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Jun 30, 2019Jun 2019

Posted by Soarfeet
without being direct/confrontational, i would like to ask each of my siblings (two older & two younger ) what i've done specifically to alienate them. we all left home after high school, married & had children. they all returned to our hometown....
Real Intimacy
Mar 3, 2019Mar 2019

Posted by JGal
I'm reading the book Fuck Love, One shrink's sensible advice for finding a lasting relationship by Michael I Bennett that I borrowed from the public library. I stumbled across it after looking into the 5 love languages that has been referenced on ...
Real Intimacy
Dec 30, 2018Dec 2018

Posted by pmar074
I have just started using internet dating. Filling out my profile, and looking at potentially matching profiles, has raised a difficult question (for me)... As an agnostic atheist, can I have the right level of respect (required for a committed LTR)...
Real Intimacy
Dec 16, 2018Dec 2018

Posted by SKH78
Does anyone believe in love at first sight? Or do you believe people should become acquainted and gradually become close?
Real Intimacy
Oct 10, 2018Oct 2018

Posted by EdEarl
I'm frustrated by two things that are beyond my control. First, my marriage has been sexless since 2000. Second, I gained about 200 lbs over a period of six or seven years, while suffering with uncontrollable pain after a back operation in 2000. My...
Real Intimacy
Aug 4, 2018Aug 2018

Posted by Partyhawk
Is it real?
Real Intimacy
May 5, 2018May 2018

Posted by Jimmymac62
I've been in a passionless relationship for 5 yrs...haven't had sex in 3...shes not interested. What are anyones thoughts on passion on the down-low? :/
Real Intimacy
Apr 15, 2018Apr 2018

Posted by Tippa
Me and my partner of 12 years that I just recently split with as of 2 years had a VERY erotic sex life, it was from adventurous to down right movie standards sometimes, nevertheless it was great. Now my question to y'all is...when I get into a ...

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Posted by JolantaThis is what women have to put up with and then they want to be intimate while we are still angry because they will not do their share of housework.

Posted by JolantaDucky, Snookums....

Posted by SorchaThis is a guy I was talking to from okcupid. He is totally new to online dating and it shows.

Posted by JolantaThat’s Amore. Some women are just far too shallow.

Posted by JolantaSomething for real intimacy perhaps.

Posted by Green_Soldier71Has anyone here had any experience with (or known someone who has/had) a SEXLESS MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIP or a FRIGID PARTNER?

Posted by EyesThatSmileNakedness.

Posted by LetzGetRealMy family has often commented how I should become a "cougar"... as I look pretty good at my age and have a younger mindset than some of my peers, I guess this is there rationale?

Posted by Ann-1980The 4 types of Intimacy to feel sufficient, satisfied & healing in a love relationship.

Posted by Philip21over the top thinking? []

Posted by DavidRussettI have been a widower for 2 years. I am very lonely. I am really looking for a relationship wth someone compatible with me.

Posted by bobwjrThis is intimacy

Posted by JustLuAnnSapiosexual I am a sapiosexual.

Posted by rsb97080If “true love” really exists, this is part of it (and no, I’m not fat. Merely making a point.)

Posted by Allamandamaybe I should put this in 'Silly' -

Posted by FearlessFly"Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love." :P

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