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This likely would have avoided the shit storm we're in.

HippieChick58 9 July 20

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Government Warning.
No Narcissists Need Apply.


Sounds reasonable to me. Can we make it retroactive?

LOL!! Good idea!


The reasonable argument against this is that it's prima facie unconstitutional.

I'm curious, how is it unconstitutional?

@Condor5 The constitution lays out the guild lines. Must be a citizen of the US has an age, and term limits. Anything different you have to change the constitution.

@Condor5 Yes, the consitution lays out the three requirements a candidate must have to be qualified for the presidency. And on top of that, if one could simply pass a law laying out the requirements to run, then what would there be to stop congress from simply passing a law that only qualified the one candidate they preferred?

@kenriley I guess I read the post differently. My impression was that the qualifications in the post were to be applied to any potential candidates; not to POTUS. If the person is merely a prospect to be POTUS, how could the Constitutional requirements apply? I.e., this would be a candidate qualification, not a POTUS qualification.

And @Druvius, Congress passes laws to do what they want to do all the time.


I prefer the term "required" but couldn't agree more.


Add 'IQ test' to that list 😉


Stolen and posted on facebook.


IMO this should have never even happen, I just want to know when did it become OK for someone to be a president without credentials , even a plumber needs credentials ...I'm's all about power and money, and it is truly tragic, it's a joke

Yanya Level 7 July 20, 2018

So really just Bernie and Stein to choose from. 🙂

and Gary Johnson in the last two elections for POTUS

Bernie works for the democrats now. So, seriously?

@SkotlandSkye Gary Johnson, the other Trump? He's so ignorant to world politics he'd made Trump look brilliant.

@William_Mary Seriously

@Surfpirate during a period of one of the worse times in our history while we were financially supporting and arming terrorist groups, engaged in a near complete destruction of what was the largest city in Syria, Aleppo, at that time, do I need to remind you what he said when he was asked what he would do about it? With our government, military, and CIA involved in creating these groups to create a false civil uprising, along with these weapons and terrorist eventually taking them to join ISIS killing thousands of innocent civilians and using them for shields, a presidential candidate by all means needs to know what Aleppo is. It's not an is! It's a where! So when a potential presidential candidate ask, "what is Aleppo" quite frankly, he should have been shot in the head right where he sat! All those factors I mention above in this issue are basic knowledge for a presidential candidate to know of going on around the world. This case was the main story line and had been for weeks. And his ignorance to it was as loud as the bombs doing the killing and the children screaming and crying. This didn't make Gary Johnson go crawl in a hole denouncing his candidacy as it should have. A week later he crawled out onto another news stage and went deer eyed when asked to name a world leader he admired or liked. He was so god dam stuttering paralyzed his running mate sitting beside him had to start flapping his lips. And those that continued to support him then are the very reason we have what we have today. And will have after the next election cycle. Cognitive dissonance and managed perception.

The Victory of ‘Perception Management’


@William_Mary a) I advocated that only Bernie and Jill would pass the test, I made no mention of Gary, others did
b) I am well aware of the disgusting and criminal actions that your government engages in and that the citizenry large supports or doesn't care about so long as the price of gas doesn't go up 5 cents
c) the US government needs to stop involving itself in corporate wars of opportunity and profit for its' corporate sponsors and it is up to the citizenry to do something about it before they wind up in a corporate dictatorship they cannot undo

@Surfpirate I misunderstood your reply. I tied it in with a reply I made and then was addressed by another person. That happens when you provide no substance.


I love this !

jacpod Level 8 July 20, 2018

I agree with this concept. However, remember that in 2016, both candidates were colorful, albeit Trump much more so. The bigger issue is the process itself where only creeps get nominated and the people vote for them anyway.

What we need besides the tests and vetting is a "NONE OF THE ABOVE" option.


Every present in the past would have failed most of these test Grant might have been the exception.

azzow2 Level 9 July 20, 2018

They are ready do all that, and more. The problem isn't the candidate, the problem is the system doing the testing. Once they pass the test requiring them to go along with the program of managed perception, they're excepted.


Everyone is crooked, one way or another.....

Some are far more crooked than others.

@HippieChick58 agree, however all are anyway. That's the very definition of a politician


I like it!


I concur!


And we're in the mess were in because Clinton ran an arrogant uninspired campaign and was unable to lead her party to victory over Trump and his clown car campaign. If she had climbed down from her entitled high horse and reached out to Sander's supporters after she had the nomination, she'd be the one picking out White House silverware patterns now. Instead she haughtily insisted they vote for her or else.

@JustLynnie na, those of us that went for real change just couldn't see ourselves being forced into lowering our morals to vote for the other side of hell. Clinton and the entire DNC with the help of Sander's made a mockery out of democracy. Why would you expect us to vote for proven criminals that are still supporting global war and murder of innocent civilians worldwide?

@William_Mary Because the alternative is the POS we have now. No other reason!

@William_Mary please provide documentation for your last sentence .

@Switchcraft Wiki Leaks got a good start on that for us. You missed the leaks they provided us? Ever hear of Libya? It was an illegal act. Just because she and Obama got away with it doesn't make it any less so. Clinton is every bit a vile person Trump is. I challenge you to spend some time learning her history.

Hillary Clinton's Business of Corporate Shilling & War Making

@JustLynnie no, Trump is the result of managed perception forced onto us by tribal politics and the media they use against us. While you're seeing it as one is better than the other, towing your party line, both of them are together working against us. Please see []

Then []

"Out Of The Illusion "

@William_Mary am not debating with you. Just that every time I research or discuss with anyone on these claims, the answer is always generalized statements or claims without any legally substantiated documentation. If you can please inform me otherwise, please do so. No resistance here.

@Switchcraft so in other words, you're openly admitting to cognitive dissonance rather than facing a fear towards stepping out of the managed perception you're engulfed in. You asked for documentation which some was provided in the video, which I guess you didn't have time to watch. Factual information leading to a different view of the Clinton's Yea, a lot of the information in the video required using your mind and challenges one's developed opinion. And Caitlin's article giving a good analogy to our politics. If that's just to much for you to handle just say so. Rather than waste the time the next time when you provide a fake case of intelligent debate on the next person. I put a lot of time into putting out the other side of our corrupt government to be wasted on someone unwilling to be intelligent and mind trapped in their illusion that I could be spending doing my own work and enjoying the weekend. To you sir, I bid a good day. Done!

@William_Mary Sir, to have the courage of your convictions, be steadfast with confidence in your cause and it's facts. Without such, no one can follow the train of details.


Sounds good to me.


Awesome! I would totally be eligible! 🙂


Except for the clearance and tax forms, this should be required from voters as well

Nope. Even crazy people get to vote. Too much risk for abuse when someone gets to decide who does and doesn’t get basic rights.


Basic rights should include the understanding of those rights. Teaching and learning is a good thing. That's why criminals lose their right to vote. An understanding of the issues and how laws affect people should be a prerequisite for voting. Ignorance of things is why we keep getting the people in power that we do.

@Bierbasstard I also would prefer a better educated electorate. But tests for voting tend to exclude the already disenfranchised.


Saw this one too and wholeheartdly agree.


Freedom my ammendments un-constitutinal trump said so !!

Simon1 Level 7 July 21, 2018
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