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On dating sites, everyone says they like long walks on the beach. When I am at the beach, no one is walking down the beach, they are all sitting.

What gives?

[Is it actually a code only I don't know, about a type of sex or drug? ??]

LionMousePudding 6 Aug 10

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Maybe in the older age range. I occassionally see millenials posting about liking long walks on the beach. They tend to focus on their gym rat or athletic lifestyles instead.


My profile says I like midnight strolls on the beach and hikes through the woods which are both great places to hide a body. ?


I actually do and have used it as subtle way to test dates. I'll walk for an hour and not blink, when I find a guy who can keep up, I'm always pleased.

I take potential partners to sub shops (sandwich places) and order the largest option. I eat it politely, but finish it all.

If they seem disgusted, there's no second date.
If they seem's all on.

(I feel the need for a disclaimer, since there are way too many people here that take things literally. So here it is, I'm kidding.)

It's usually a salad bar not a sandwich shop.


Ever skimmed a dating profile and seen one or more of these lines?

‘I love to travel’

‘I’m laid back, easy-going, and love to have a good time’

‘I’m looking for someone honest, caring and kind’

‘I don’t really know what to write on one of these things’

‘My family is really important to me’

It can get pretty boring reading the same clichés over and over, and after a while it becomes hard to distinguish one profile from another.

20 online dating cliches- and what they mean:


Or the whole profile is "ask me," like the whole point of the dating profile isn't to figure out who to date, not just go out with every guy on the site and ask them about themselves!

@LionMousePudding omg, yes, I hate that!

@LiterateHiker Sorry, having been to over 25 countries I DO love to travel, guess I shouldn't admit something so pedestrian huh? 🙂 I did put in the I like to laugh as a joke because most people hate that right?


"Email me to find out more." I figure they are too dumb and lazy to bother writing a profile.

Your profile and photos are an advertisement to attract the type of person you want to date.

@LiterateHiker I figure they must be the ones who only look at photos so they think women do too.



What's even funnier is that I live in Arizona, and I see that listed all the time, along with "cozying up by the fireplace". Uh.....okay. I do have to say Az. does have lots of beach, just no water!

I live in Florida and have been known to go to cracker barrel on cold days just because they have a fireplace and it's a real novelty. Perhaps wishful thinking?

@OpposingOpposum I love the fireplace!!! We'll wait to get those tables in the winter. Bass Pro here has a huge one with couches all around. Its a great place to hang for awhile on a nasty day...

@OpposingOpposum If you meet someone there, let me know! I may have to start hanging around the fireplace! 😉


I missed that code completely. I like air conditioning and food that requires a fork. Sometimes I get crazy and open a window and eat tacos.


I prefer long walks off short piers.



I don't like the beach.

I like long walks though.

Long walks off of short piers.

It says so in my bio.


I think they mean when you are vacationing at a resort in the Caribbean because there isn't much else to do unless you want to drink and dance with other tourists or eat until you float like a whale...yeah, both are not exactly what real people do for is code for not much going on or else a copy and paste of standard "romantic" profiles...I would be skeptical...


Mine as gone from "walks" to "naps"

Nap dates...


I noticed that too. It seems to be a line used by those with limited imagination , or an idea borrowed from movies !
I also noticed that many of those authors appeared as if they don't take long walks anywhere ...

In the distant past 🙂
a walk on the beach was a walk 'down the garden path'.


In my mind it comes from here to eternity...

@MrLizard Gotta walk or swim to get there. 🙂


I’ve not done dating sites, until now? It sounds so ..canned, to me. Love/d the beach, I’d walk, most often alone… If the waves are crashing, it’s actually difficult to have a conversation.

Sounds like a blissfulness some are hoping to achieve, or entrapment by thought. So how bout, ‘I love the beach, and am (damn) tired of walking it alone.’ 🙂

Varn Level 8 Aug 11, 2018

And those who say they like to have fun. Who doesn't? Smh

@Deanervin "I hate fun. Fun sucks!" Wouldn't get many dates but would get a chuckle.

@OpposingOpposum seems to me there should be a site where people expose their worst habits and issues. You know, the things that usually break a relationship. Get it all out there right off so others can decide if they can handle your shit. LOL

@Deanervin that's fucking briliant

@OpposingOpposum yeah maybe. Try that on any current site and listen to the sound of crickets as no one responds to you. Just my experience anyway.

@Deanervin Idk I've been pretty open about my numerous dysfunctions and found a really awesome guy on here, so honesty does pay off sometimes?

@OpposingOpposum lucky!
Happy for you.

@Deanervin I used to list both positives and negatives on my Match profile. I figured maybe they would figure that was it ??


A lot of dating sites write profiles for people who are too lazy or not articulate enough to write one themselves. They take the most universally “liked” things and turn them into your qualities. Walks on the beach (or in the park), a good sense of humour “I laugh at myself all the time”, “long talks about anything and everything”. (Hahahaha, I just put that in there cause it’s in my profile). But, in fairness, if you said that you like to dance naked on the coffee table, it would probably significantly lower your responses.

Shade Level 5 Aug 11, 2018

I don't know about lower. I'd look twice?

Hahaha, I meant to add “while eatyRitz crackers, but it wouldn’t let me correct it!

Wow! “While eating Ritz crackers”

@Shade You can edit posts, there is an icon to the right of the post.

Yes, I did try that, but once I had edited it, the submit button wouldn’t work.

True story

I wildly disagree! I think you would get thrice over the responses at least as a female seeking males!


You don't know the code??? Hmmm....wanna take a walk on the beach? 🙂


I love the ocean but I despise sitting on the beach. I take long walks but not for romance and soaking it in, but because I like looking for shells and various bits of ocean flotsam and jetsam and trying to identify it, and spotting birds, schooling fish or anything else to be seen in the water from shore. So, I don't like boring beaches (which is primarily what we have on the Atlantic side of Florida as there are too many tourists and too little beachcombing items of interest). I like being IN the ocean, and ON the ocean, but sitting for hours and looking at the ocean, not so much. Hiking for me is pretty much the same thing. I like doing it but more to get me and my fly rod from one fishing site to another, or because I am rock hounding or looking for the wildlife. However, I DO see couples enjoying walks on the beach when I go to the beach. I'm sure most of the time it's cliche AF, but not always.

Very similar here!


I actually live on the beach, but it's rare that I'll take a long walk on it.
Mostly I like to just sit there and absorb the nature.
The sound of the waves, The sounds of seagulls,just looking out at the horizon, things like that.
The best though is that I live on the west coast, so we get some amazing sunsets.

I shall take a long walk to visit you, then!


I just posted, but something else came to me just after I submitted it. Back when I was looking at singles ads, women would always say they liked hiking. At the time, I was into backpacking and did a lot of hiking, so it's one of the things I was looking for.
A lot of the women I eventually met didn't care anything about hiking even though they put it there like it was a huge part of their lives. Hiking to them was walking from the car to the grocery store, and then they would park as close as possible.


"I love hiking!" men proclaim on the phone. Turns out they last hiked in the Army at age 18, or last backpacked in their 20s.

They show up badly overweight and out of shape. No hiking gear.

I'm not in the habit of carrying an oxygen tank for my date.


I do like long walks on the beach. I used to live near the ocean and I walked on the beach often. I did that once with my last boyfriend. I think that people pretend. Unlike the guy who just posted below me, I do not recommend sex on the beach. Would you to sandpaper your privates?

Sex on the beach? I do not like sand in the crack of my ass or certain other places.

@DenoPenno salt waters' even worse.


I went for a walk on the beach with a man who said that on his profile.... he ogled all the young women, which he really couldn’t do if he was alone without looking like an old pervert.


I dislike long walks.

I dislike the beach.

I am a failure at romance lmao


It's actually so friggin' hard to walk along a beach. Your feet sink into the sand, you have to side-step shells and trash...

Walk closer to the water, the surface tension of the water and sand are almost like soft. concrete.


I don't know why so many people would give the same answer. Perhaps long walks on the beach are symbolic of a good relationship. I know I'm tired of taking all my walks alone.


Love a good walk... just about anywhere. But I have no beaches. Lakes... I got lakes. Mountains... I got mountains. Forests... I got forests. But "I like long walks on the beach" is a cultural romance reference point. The sun is likely setting in most people's imagining of such a walk. Beautiful. Sensual. Relaxing. And romantic.

Just smart marketing really. Put it in your profile and see if you get results!!!


Just cause they "like" long walks on the beach means they do just not anytime soon. Its work ! It just might be a tip off. For other parts of a relationship. I like long trips around mars , but alas I'm not going to anytime soon ?

I like long trips around mars” ...some things simply bare repeating 😀


I'm not a fan of the beach. A hike in the mountains, a kayak trip, or a quiet restaurant with a good beer selection are more to my tastes.

On the other hand, with the right companion I can have a pleasant time almost anywhere.

JimG Level 8 Aug 11, 2018

Some beaches are steep, ya kinda limp along … placing the shorter of the two on the high side 😉

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