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Which are your favourite cities/towns to visit? Which are your least favourite? What cities/towns do you want to visit? Which would you recommend for travel and why?

My favourite cities are New Orleans and London. Least favourite, Vancouver. On my travel list for the next few years are Savannah, GA, and the quaint little town of Trinity, Newfoundland.

graceylou 8 Aug 26

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In the USA...Chicago is my favorite city
In Canada...Toronto
Elswhere...Istanbul, Turkey; Balboa, Panama; Kyoto, Japan
Want to visit: anywhere in Australia, Havana, Cuba


To visit outside the US: Istanbul, Turkey. Auckland, New Zealand.

In the US: San Francisco and Portland, OR.


Looks like some of you list New Orleans as one of your favourites (a few of you not a fan). Party time in NOLA, folks? I have to say that I don’t know if I particularly like New Orleans even but I can’t help myself in needing to go back again. Something mysterious is just drawing me back there. I don’t normally drink but I probably drank more while there than in my entire life. I’m just not quite myself when I’m there. May be that is actually the real me and I live someone else’s life when I’m not there.


Of course my hometown of Parkland is my favorite vacation spot for obvious reasons but Amsterdam was my favorite city of all of the places I've traveled over the years. The art, the people, the culture.. The.. Uhh.. Other stuff.. Everything about Amsterdam feels like home to me. My least favorite place was Goldsboro, North Carolina. Ugh.. The racist, uncultured, uneducated, if-you-aren't-christian-you-aren't-welcome sludge of the earth.


Bruges in Belgium is a fasinating city that is like walking back in time and is the place I saw my first Rembrant. Paris is of course such a vast city with so many different aspects that I could live there for years and not see eveything. Madrid, Spain I had a fantastic time the weather was warm and spanish people are open and inviting the El Prado where I saw El Greco that took my breath away. Alexandria, Egypt is fascinating but lots of poor and crime. I have only been to New Orleans once when I was in university. Love to travel.


My favorite is my hometown Brooklyn NYC. I also loved Austin TX, Burlington VT and New Orleans. I didn't like Playa del Carmen in Mexico much but the beach was beautiful.

I want to visit Prague.


Fave? Amsterdam, Cambridge, Sydney.
Not so fave? Bangkok, London, Darwin.


Every time I go to San Francisco, I try to do something or see something that I've never seen or done before and I never fail.


Vitória, Espírito Santo Brasil and Amsterdam are my favorites, least favorite is Rome. Would love to go to Rouen France and Tokyo. Recommend Vitória, Espírito Santo Brasil, beautiful beaches, the people are extremely friendly and fun. When walking along the beach there are little trailers that sell drinks and yummy food, if you eat fish it’s fresh from being caught that day. You may also come across wild horses running along the beach.

Wild horses sound cool. Fish no.

I should list Amsterdam as one of my least favourite. Been there 6 times because most of my relatives live in the Netherlsnds. The city is beautiful but I had encountered open racism and theft of my property there quite a bit.

@graceylou Sorry to hear that you have to experience that.


Bisbee is a great day trip. I love certain things about Los Angeles, but getting around is torture to me


Favorites : New Orleans... Been there about 6 times
NYC...One time visitor, great time
Louisville Ky... A most beautiful city
Least favorites : Miami/Ft Lauderdale...Phoniest
people l have ever been around ( Aspen is the
same )
Phoenix...The least charming city l have been to.
Like to visit : Seattle and Montreal

I'm sorry Phoenix. But it's true

Yay. New Orleans!!! Meet ya there!!

I like NYC too. I felt safe enough travelling alone. No issues. I met up with some online friends from upstate NY one day and that was fun.

@graceylou Sounds good to me. I do love that place. It seems like no matter where l eat there it is good. I love the buildings and feel of the quarter. I love old architecture. That is the main reason l don't like Phoenix. It is too new. NY was fun. One night my brother and l walked from Times Sq down through Little Italy, part of China Town, and SOHO back up to Mid Town where we were staying from midnight till 3 in the morning and never felt threatened. We got to do a couple of really cool things l will tell you about sometime.

@Sticks48 That was the only problem I had in New Orleans. Food. Everything had meat or seafood in it. I survived on pasta with some kind of tomato sauce (and I’m allergic to tomatoes). I bought my food at the corner markets and took to the hotel. In NYC I spent like 6 hours at the Museum of Natural History (because I’m such a nerd) until they had to kick me out when they were closing.

@graceylou l spent several hours at MMA. I sat in a room full of impressionist paintings ( my favorites ), and it was overwhelming. I have never been moved like that in a room full of paintings, and l love paintings. You couldn't find vegan on any menus? I do eat fish. No beef or pork. Chicken occasionally.

@Sticks48 Sometimes art just captures you. I am a huge fan of the Tate Modern in London. I never thought I would be a fan of modern art but I went back over and over.

And no, vegan food was difficult to find especially when you don’t have a vehicle to just go anywhere. I did find a few options and quite a few at the grocery stores. I traveled vegetarian then (only if I couldn’t find a vegan option). Now I’m a strict vegan so it would be even more difficult. I’d survive though.

@graceylou We would go places and you would watch me eat? ☺ What do you eat?

@Sticks48 I’m not a foodie. So I don’t put much into eating. I much prefer going on adventures. I might be able to ask the restaurants to change menu items a bit. There are sandwich places that make nice vegan sandwiches but they are open only for office workers and close at 2 pm. So disappointing.

@graceylou You don't eat salads? What do you eat in a typical day?

@Sticks48 I hate salads. And they often cover it with cheese and the dressing is usually not vegan. I don’t have a typical day. I eat a variety of grains, veggies, fruits, legumes. I have veggies with rice or pasta, soups, tofu scramble, burritos or fajitas with vegan alternatives, veggie sushi. I make pancakes, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, other treats and desserts. I make my own bread also.

@graceylou That stuff all sounds good. The treats sound good too. I have a thing for sweets. What is veggie sushi?

@Sticks48 I make sushi rolls filled with veggies. Sometimes also tofu or some sort of faux meat but only limited amounts. I use vegan mayo for the sauce inside the sushi rolls.

I made cornbread tonight. I don’t always like sweet foods but sometimes it’s nice to have some around. I can’t buy vegan treats in the stores in town so I make them myself.

@graceylou I am going to bed. Enjoyed our chat. I will talk to you later. Good night Gracey.

@Sticks48 Good night. Have a good one.


New Hope Pennsylvania, New Orleans Louisiana, New York, New York.


It doesn't matter to me. Travelling is in my blood and I love exploring every burg I encounter.

Yep 😀


To visit? not los angeles, but i loved living there! to visit, hmm. magome (in japan). likewise kyoto. portmeirion, wales. dingle, ireland. paris! i loved new orleans both times i visited but i fear it may have changed post-katrina. i have not had a chance to go see. i love looking at the mississippi, listening to the jazz, eating the warm beignets, just wandering. i have not visited prague or florence and i wish i could go, but we're strapped. ah well.


New Orleans has recovered quite well but many areas still have evidence of the devastation. The worst damage avoided the tourist areas like the French Quarter, Canal Street, Garden District, so for the most part tourists won’t notice Katrina damage. You can still have your beignets with cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde in the French Market.


Stadt Blankenberg ... Why? I am biased. This was one of the first places I visited on my own. I was a about 10 or 11 and had a new bicycle with 3 gears that allowed me to extend my radius of exploration significantly.
This place was elevated to the rank of town in 1245. It was stripped of this privilege in 1805. The "Stadt" bit was introduced in 1953 almost 150 years after the place had lost it special privileges.


Fremantle Australia is a rather friendly place. Have been to Deigo Garcia it is a comfortable little island. I do not care for the city mentality. I try to steer clear of major metropolises if I can avoid them.

Let me know if you get safely to Diego Garcia and back!!!


Valencia Spain, Montrose. Least is Washington DC and Detroit


Some favorites
Vancouver, BC
Baltimore, MD
Aachen, DE
Strassbourg, DE
Lagos, PT
Prague, CZ
Edinburgh, UK
Cheltenham, UK

Not-so favorites
Djibouti, DJ
Chehalis, WA

Edinburgh is on my list for the next few years. I have been to Aachen a few times. Quite a nice place. My relatives are mostly in the Netherlands so we would go into Germany and Belgium niwcabd then. Germans are very nice people I find.

@graceylou One of my favorite pix from Edinburg. It was cold for us. Your definition might be different.

@chalupacabre It’s probably a different kind of cold. Kinda like Vancouver, damp cold.


In the US, Portland OR, Denver, and Santa Fe NM.

I hate just about everything else. 😉

Internationally, my favourites are Munich, Brisbane, Montreal, Toronto and Sydney.

Wondering what is wrong with Vancouver, though.

I want to see London, Vancouver, Perth, Berlin, and so many others.

Ozman Level 7 Aug 26, 2018

I used to live in the Vancouver area. Grew up there pretty much. My family is still there. All the rainy days, grumpy people, high priced everything, and crowding, and high crime are quite depressing. For all the beautiful things there, there is an equivalent amount of horrible things. The bad things just get blocked behind a wall or moved to a location tourists don’t go to.

@graceylou you could say a lot of that about Seattle and Portland, too.

@Ozman I have been to both Seattle and Portland. They are quite similar to Vancouver for sure. Friendly open cities with deep secrets.

Denver. I’ve only been at the airport (way too many times) and boy do I hate that airport.

@graceylou Denver Intl Airport (DIA), referred to by the locals as DOA.

Conspiracy theorists have had a field day with that airport.

Personally, the best part is Blucifer.


I hate jacksonville, new york make me nervious. Any other place on Earth is accepted. I won't die without a dance in Havana.


Love NYC and Boston, Portland, OR,
Not so much are Phoenix and Reno


Likes: Nashville, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, Cleveland, Galveston.......... Hutchinson, KS!
Dis likes: Charlotte, Houston, Dallas, Jacksonville, Denver

So-so: Detroit

twill Level 7 Aug 26, 2018

Partial to Boulder Colorado and St Louis for the Blues and Jazz

Boulder was cool. It's been awhile since Boulder was interesting.

@DeepOrange went there dancing about 10 years ago and had a blast. Have been pining to go back.

@JazznBlues I'm glad you had a good time. I know Boulder and maybe I'm biased but Boulder has lost it's charm in recent years. Places like Ashland Or., Sandpoint Id., or Durango Co are higher on my lost of places that I would like to visit.


I would love to travel Europe. Get on a train and tour as many countries as possible. I'm not a fan of New Orleans. I was there in August one year and the city stunk. Even being drunk 90% of the time didn't help. Savannah is a fun city, also smells from the sulfur, is historical with lots of stuff to your purse/wallet because there is a lot of criminal activity. I was in Savannah for Halloween last year. They're was a film crew making a movie with someone famous. The waterfront and Tybee Island are great places to see while there.

I’m not too worried about criminal activity. Europe tends to be bad for that though. My friend had her purse stolen in Amsterdam. She had our passports in her purse at the time. I chased down a girl who grabbed cash I was handing to a ferry ticket agent at Victoria station in London. North America feels safe by comparison.


Favorite: Quito Ecuador lovely weather, clean, cheap great food. When I was there the amphitheater next to my hotel room had a live Simon & Garfunkel music concert (in Spanish) not sure who sang but sounded just like real group.

Least favorite:

Panama City Panama Hot, Noisy, Humid, crowded. The locks were interesting but not a place I would wish to visit again. Not fond of New Orleans as last time I was there they had a storm that knocked out power. At least the hotel had candles and matches so we could find our rooms.

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