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If I started an anti-Republican, non-Democratic group on here, would you join? πŸ˜‰

LimitedLight 7 Aug 31

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Smash the 2 party system!


LimitedLight doesn't have beliefs. He's just a troll.


Are you pro anything, or just anti?

I'm anti Wal-Mart.

@LimitedLight I see that your initials are LL. Your dislike of Superman begins to make sense...

β€œComplaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining.”

― Teddy Roosevelt

But you can't even name a problem, can you? You just want to complain.


Fuck no

@CoastRiderBill Did you just assume the gender?

@LimitedLight just saying no just scratches the surface of my disgust. sorry I offended your little virgin libertarian ears. Spare us the long lines on voting day, and just stay home if you're going to vote third party. it's a little bit like the Super Bowl. There's two teams playing you can't pull for the one that's not

@jorj and every single one of them are real proud of that 1/2 to 1% of the vote that they're going to get.

@jorj you never did answer my question. if you truly believe in voting for a third party president is going to change the world, then it's you who has a very limited knowledge of the political process in America. Our government is a system of checks and balances. your magical third-party candidate is going to have to deal with Democrats and Republicans. And depending on who controls the house and the Senate they're going to start looking a whole f** lot like either a Democrat or Republican


I think I'm already in three political groups here trying to make sense of what's going on and keep track of other people's views and get some input. So no.

As it is some days I go on full political news black out to save my sanity. (And that's the truth).


No. I don’t like to discount or bash an entire group of people based on the actions of some of them.




We need an ideology based on "Compassionate Liberal Capitalism", which rejects regressive liftism and crony capitalism.


Why non-Democratic? Why anti-Republican? Why not pro-reform, anti-corruption? Why not pro-Fairness Doctrine, anti-propagandistic brainwashing? There is a place in political discourse for the collective (Democrats) and the individual (Republicans), without our corporate overlords butting in and choosing sides, and everybody else lining up and learning and shouting simplistic slogans at the top of their lungs.


Yes. Political parties should be illegal

They already are. I've yet to see a larger bunch of criminals walking free...

Group think and dogmatic propaganda are not limited to religion.


I believe the consensus is "No."

Make that 44999. I won't respond.


I try to avoid politics like I try to avoid a fatal disease.


No point, it would only be helping to grow more division - which we seem to have quite enough of already - yes ?


Nope. IF we had a parliamentarian form of govt. it would be worthwhile, but to effect any kind of real change other that by depriving the lesser of two evils of being elected, you have to work within the two party system. That's how the USA rolls.


No, because you should have proposed an anti-Republican and ANTI-Democratic group. Both are horrible choices for any public office at the national level. And BTW, those are typically called Libertarian or Green party voters....or undecideds who only watch TV and are too lazy to read or research.


Why should I?


I'd be curious. You're basically asking whether I'm a Democrat or an anti-Republican. Have to think about that.

godef Level 7 Sep 1, 2018

That's a no.


I am not anti Republican.
I am anti Trump, Anti BIGOTS, anti Fascist.
He , them , they.
Republicans have a place in my America.

@Renickulous we could start with the free press and our own intelligence agencies and then move through women, black voters, and science itself at your leisure.

LOL I am anti-trump... I bet you can't give factual reasons with evidence which shows valid reasons for being against the man.


As I'm a Republican, no.

I find that when people have nothing worth saying they tend to go after the avatar.

This is sorta off topic, but being as you are a republican, could you tell me how you see a republican?

@x0lineage0x, I'm a person, not a stereotype.

@ldheinz Wow...

  1. You just announced that you were a republican
  2. What the fuck does a stereotype have to do with anything?
  3. Grow up. I asked a simple and straight forward question and your response is this.

@x0lineage0x, Republican is a political party, not a philosophy. There are no beliefs that constitute "Republican". I happen to be libertarian in philosophy, that is, economically conservative and socially liberal. Other Republicans are different. I joined the Republican party instead of the Democrats for two reasons. First, the Republicans are in power in my locale, which gives me a better chance of accomplishing something, and second because I find that Republicans are far more tolerant of opposing viewpoints than Democrats are. How do I see a Republican? With my eyes, of course. Grow up yourself.



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