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Last night I was out with The Phoenix Atheists Meetup group at a local restaurant. Somebody walking by dropped a note on our table proving the existence of GOD, Asking us to look at our thumbprint and complete with references to bible verses. The note was last seen being used as a paper airplane.

GeorgeRocheleau 8 Sep 22

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Oh, man, proof being used as a paper airplane? Now we might never know.


I couldn't see my thumbprint without glasses because God gave me shitty eyes that haven't lasted as well as the rest of me and science had to fix that.

Another thing that evolution has not brought up to god's standards. Our eyes are not as well-"designed" as some other animals. Intricate and perfect? Not.


No thumbprint is alike, but their shit looks all the same.


Why do people feel they need to do these types of things? As an atheist, I never try to evangelize people as to my point of view. I usually only talk about it to other atheists so that's why I like this website so much but most people who know me know not to even bring up the subject.

I am amazed how many people feel compelled to tell strangers they are wrong.

They are commanded to do so by their scriptures.

I tell them they are wrong when they engage me. I have no problem with that. But I'm not dropping in on their bible discussion groups with proof that their entire creationist belief is childish fluffer nutter

@CoastRiderBill I know this but it is just plain crazy, at least I think so. Isn't this the way we got into this mess in the first place?


that is wise. if it was used as toilet paper, it could infect the user.



You have an atheist meet up group. Lucky you.

Perks of living in a large city.


People would frequently leave these flyers at a place I used to work. We would take them, edit them to be "factually correct," & put them back out. It was highly entertaining for us.

That actually sounds very creative. Lol


It's amazing what some people call "proof". It's as if the word has ceased to have any meaning.


You mean, you didn't all become believers !!??

Every one of us, it was amazing. hallelujah


Can you imagine the reverse happening? I would imagine how upset the group would be and I can imagine all the things they'd cry.

They most likely would try to get you kicked out

This is so true. No athiest has ever knocked on my door and tried to convert me to atheism, or stopped me in the street and handed me athiest literature. We don’t do that (rightly) but if we did, imagine the furore!


So.... no conversions took place, then?

Deb57 Level 8 Sep 22, 2018

We all converted, every one of us. It was a miracle.

Today we all went door to door, handing out Watchtower magazines.


LOL. Why do Xians think they even have the RIGHT to do that.

Right? They think they have a duty to interfere with other people's business.

They are commanded to do so by their scriptures.

Maybe we should have kicked him down the stairs, but we are nice people, and unlike him, not looking for a fight.

@GeorgeRocheleau Well, I wouldn’t kick anyone down the stairs, but I have no problem telling people they should MYOB.

he was already at the top of the stairs, what were we supposed to do?


OK, all thumbprints are different and none of them have anything to do with bible verses. It's like the guy who claims DNA proves god. No, sorry. It only proves DNA.


Checkmate, atheists!


Were the paper soft enough I would have found another use for it.

Beat me to it...darn...

If it was hard, we could have folded it with lots of stiff sharp corners and stuck it, well, you can guess.

My mom used to tell me, "If you ever have to go through a depression, take paper and roll it between your hands till it gets soft enough to use". Lol! She knew this from experience. 🙂


At least it was good for a paper airplane.


Good for you


How did the nosey bastard know who you were? And assuming the thumbprint argument is a good one, unlikely but anyway, would the argument also apply to koalas? They have a thumb print too. I digress, as usual it will be a bullshit bit nonsense 🙂

We had a small sign so other people could find us. There are always new people that don't recognize anyone.

@GeorgeRocheleau Thought there might have been a bit eavesdropping lol

@ipdg77 We were off in a private corner, there was nobody near us and there was a singer. I saw him walk over and read the sign. He didn't look happy. About 20 minutes later he walked by the table, (there was an exit behind us) and I guess that was when he dropped the note.


I hope you all enjoyed a hearty laugh!

We did.


The “just look at the trees” argument finally got old to them, finally, after decades and decades and the best they can come up with is, “just look at your thumbprint”. A paper airplane is a much better use of the paper at least it is able to demonstrate something real as it glides through the air.

JDRay Level 5 Sep 23, 2018

"Just look at the trees" is what the Baptists told me last summer. Today they came around again using kids to put their tracts on your door. I'm working outside and saw the kid run from my door quickly, joining up with the rest of them in the street, then I used that tract to mix up some glue on. You learn to use what you can.


You'll note that they didn't hang around for debate.

I would have held it up and asked if anyone wanted a good laugh.

Everyone read it, we laughed. Then we went back to the previous conversation.


I would have gone for origami, myself. Turn it into something beautiful.


I would use it as toilet paper.


I don’t believe but I try to be respectful of the belief of others. I would not make a paper airplane of it.

Ingi Level 3 Sep 22, 2018

I see your point and respect your opinion, but I do think a paper airplane is a more respectful use of the paper than the original note.

I agree with @thislife
I’m respectful of the beliefs of others until they approach me with some form of disrespect, and the note was certainly disrespectful. Once the zealots open that door, they’re fair game.

They were unsolicited, unwelcomed comments in the first place. If they were being respectful they would have kept their comments to themselves. You don't eavesdrop on others conversations, then invite yourself and give your opinion. That's just rude and aggressive.

I hardly see a persons proof, as childish as it is, as a form of disrespect towards you.
Would you make a paper airplane of a child's drawing if it's not up to your artistic standard as well? 🙂

If the person had been rude and disruptive then yeah, they are disrespecting. But approaching another table at a restaurant is very common practice and not, in and of itself, disrespectful (unless you were in a private room, or had "private" tags, around, I don't know.)

@TheMiddleWay You're seriously comparing their unsolicited bullshit flyer to a child's drawing? Bad analogy.

Also, where is this awful place where it's "very common" for people in restaurants to go up to strangers who are minding their own business? Unless they're part of the restaurant staff, that isn't normal behavior.

Restaurants are public places unless there is a private sign or you are behind closed doors. And public places mean that what you say is public and there is no standard of privacy.

In the 10 years I worked as a waiter, I saw this countless times with, for example, one table going to another to see a baby, one table going to another because they overheard they were in the same line of work, one table going to another because they overheard them rooting for (or against) their favorite team, etc.

If asked to leave them alone, they where left alone 99% of the time. But honestly, most of the time there was friendly engagement for a few minutes and some of the time there were even invitations to join them.

But don't take my word for it: next time you go out to eat, ask your waiter if and how often this happens; you will be surprised at how often it happens!

@TheMiddleWay I don't need to ask a waiter. I've eaten at restaurants many times. Just because a place is public doesn't mean that people forget social norms. Interaction among parties happens, yes, but not at the Disney musical level you're suggesting. Also. approaching strangers in a restaurant unsolicited to challenge their beliefs doesn't qualify as friendly engagement. That's just bad manners.

@thislife I don’t always make the best choices. However, as I’ve the benefit of distance from the event detailed, I believe the better choice is to take the road less travelled - the high road. 🙂

@FutureFicus it would appear our ideas of disrespectful are different.

@AdorkableMe people are disrespectful in a multitude of ways. This might also be the least offensive. They are enthusiastic about their beliefs and want to share. It isn’t great perhaps but is well intended.

@misternatureboy I’m curious to know if returning in kind (that is with bad manners) in stead of a smile and a nod and the like, creates a kinder world or a more aggressive one.

Yes, but by your own account, you've been "minding your own business" and thus not fully aware of what other people are doing. 😉

As a waiter, I wasn't minding my own business but rather keenly aware of what the customers were doing, hence my perspective. This is also true when I'm a customer; I'm more observant of other people by force of habit. And yes, I have personally gone to other tables and others to mine and I've never ran into any problems for it.

But again, all this is anecdotal which is why I'm asking you to confirm, for yourself, the validity of my viewpoint. I can't convince you of the truth; only you can convince yourself of it.

(PS: Disney musical level? That is your characterization, not mine...)

@AdorkableMe Well said.

@TheMiddleWay "Minding my own business" doesn't mean being completely oblivious to my surroundings. I'm more observant than you seem to think.
This exchange now seems pointless and I have more interesting things to occupy my time with. You and I have different opinions re the aforementioned scenario. I'll leave it at that.

@Ingi The answer seems pretty obvious to me.


I think it is great you are having public meetings... especially in a state vying for "most regressive" when it comes to political beliefs and practices... which lets face it... religion IS part of the political equation now


That's awesome. It is highly unfortunate that the people who accept the simple answers are the ones who think they know everything and feel that they can dictate how other should live their lives.

That is because THEY are simple

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