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What does everyone think about sexbots? Texas is opening it's first"brothel" if these bots have Artificial Intelligence is it cheating or are they just toys?Will they interfere with relationships or are they just advanced vibrators....

Gar10 4 Sep 22

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I have no interest.


First, a true AI has not been created yet.
Second, if a sexbot has a true AI it will be a sexbot by choice. Otherwise it will be able to see the corrupted programming and delete it.
As of right now, having sex with a sexbot is no more cheating than using a vacuum cleaner hose for a blowjob.


Will it wax my car?
(NOT a euphemism. I really want to know,)


Would give a whole new aspect to "computer viruses "

@beerhungry I wouldnt be to sure about that lol..


Can it make me a sandwich after?


I wonder will there be ethical codes of conduct that the buyer has to obey? I wonder will they be programmed to do additional household chores in the kitchen or mow the lawn or go shopping for essentials. Do they have a pulse? I think that the whole thing is hilarious.

Of course, sexbots may serve a purpose for those who are lonely or inept at forming and maintaining relationships. Control freaks may like them, assuming that the sexbots are completely compliant with all requests. I doubt that sexbots could ever replace the dynamic and friction that characterizes many human relationships


Holy shit! They'll mow the lawn?????

@bigpawbullets Their own lawn.


New job posting. Sexbot cleaning technician.


I think the human species is becoming disconnected in general, and this is just the next phase.


Sexbots will probably be very successful. Lots of people have desires that they cannot find other people to fulfill. I think each couple (or however many involved) needs to define their own relationship and boundaries. I would not be offended if my husband wanted to fuck a sexbot so long as he still wants to fuck me. Also, I'd be curious to test drive a sexbot.

@zarathustra13 sounds hot to me!

@zarathustra13 I agree.

@zarathustra13 good idea !


With my luck, the robot wouldn't want to have sex with me, either.

I was good with your comment until the second comma ?

@Science-guy oh, sorry. I meant 'after my ex-girlfriend'

I made a machine out of a vacuum cleaner but it's too damned noisy. 🙂


They're pretty nasty I'm not sure if you've actually Googled them but they're basically a big rubber doll with a robotic head


Texas??? My guess is Texas evangelicals will be up in arms about this... and the first ones caught partaking.


That decision would have to be decided to the couple in question. All relationships have different boundaries.


My phone has a "voice" and answers my questions. She is still a "toy".
Cheating requires another human.
They won't interfere anymore than cellphones, porn, and video games already do.

3 fact, sex robots are predicted to end the human race. Most men just want BJs by any means available, so maybe some wives will be glad for someone else to do this disgusting task, and are relieved that at least they won't get STDs..provided the robots are sterilized constantly.

But of course, if they can get BJs on demand then all many men will want their wives for, are for maid service. Hopefully, women won't allow themselves to become servants and will kick the men out.
I suppose men will have some use to women as occasional sperm donors, though.


If it keeps people from being victimized and trafficked, I'm all for it.
I am not about to endorse granting robots "rights", however.
They're just sex toys as far as I'm concerned.
As far as "cheating" goes, that's stretching it quite a bit, but there
definitely are people out there who will say it is. Hell, I know a couple of them
who contend that their partner looking at pornography without them
is cheating. I don't agree, but it's not my relationship, and I wasn't asked
for my opinion, so I don't get a vote.


I'm in, just as soon as they invent a model that can seat and share a meal with witty conversation.


I just want to know who has to clean them and how often?

GwenC Level 7 Sep 22, 2018

@zarathustra13 Dishwasher safe ???? Asking for a friend...???????


This is a whole new world. It remains to be seen how things will turn out .

I just know I'd be curious to try a hot guy robot ...



We are a strange species, aren't we?
First, I'd state I'm married and happy in a traditional, monogamous, heterosexual relationship. So, I'm probably the 'stick-in-the-mud" guy in this discussion.
I'd never be involved in anything like this. I'd feel that it was cheating and being unfaithful to my wife. With all that said, I'd not find fault with anyone else who wished to indulge in this. It's probably much safer than consorting with illegal prostution. I'd suspect the effects on relationships with other humans would be similar to overindulgence in on-line pornography.

I'm happy that your relationship is doing well. I'm a old guy in my 70's . Most every old guy I meet have no sex because the wife has no interest. So what do? I'm in NV and have safe cat houses but at $200-300 not going to go often. Not having sex for 10 or 20 yrs difficult at best is not much fun.


A more profound question is raised in the movie Blade runner. Suppose a robot exists which is indistinguishable from a human being in terms of it's behavior, can there be love between a human and the robot? Or, is love inherently tied to biological makeup?


No they wouldn't interfere with relationships. It's just rented equipment like a post hole digger that gets a job done. Home Depot will probably rent them out and if that's the case you can count on the damn thing not working right. Then, when you complain, they accuse you of breaking it and want to keep your deposit.

OCJoe Level 6 Sep 24, 2018

@zarathustra13 my partner would probably join me. Also I’d probably invite her anyway. We already have vibrators, and I don’t feel insecure when she grabs it to get off.

Since it will be mostly men using them, I’d feel bad about about the schmuck doing clean up afterward.


As a society, don't we have enough issues with the dehumanisation and objectification women?

There are also several male versions for women and gay men. Are you equally as upset about that?

@webbew1 No, because there isn't a massive historical power imbalance within western society of women over men.

Actually this takes other human beings right out of the equation it's just really a very fancy form of masturbation

@Drsmash253 that's fine for a fleshlight or similar. But when you start talking about an android with AI, then I reckon your drifting into some pretty problematic territory.

@MrBeelzeebubbles well it's just kind of like the controversy over AI itself it may have negative benefits but it may have some possible positive benefits too

@zarathustra13 Hmmmm... interesting. I guess it's down to the delineation. If there is a firm mental categorisation "This is is my fuck toy. This is a real woman." and never the twain shall meet, then fine. It's the "This is a real woman. I will treat her like my fuck toy." territory that I see as being intensely problematic.


No doubt Cruz will be first in line.. he’ll be able to give up his Ashley Madison account.


Whats the address? Wife said she will pay my way.


I've never heard of such a thing, but one would imagine then that there would be both male and female "bots" so couldn't a couple go together and "cheat" together?

I was also imagining both male and female bots. I wouldn't consider it cheating if we both consented to the experience.

Yes, there's male and female AI robots.

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