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Do you love where you live? Why?

I'm giving some serious thought to leaving my home Chicago in the next few years.

By pasha-one-nine7
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The Sonoran Desert is magical. I love it here.


It's home and always will be, and in that respect yes, I do love it.


Hello. I current live in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has it's good and bad points. Very hot in the summer but the winters are nice. No state income tax is a big plus. Always something to do. Right now real estate is way over inflated.

CMan Level 5 Oct 3, 2018

I lived in Vegas 8 years. Best thing about it is there is plenty of recreation and arts. You can always find work there, not high paying jobs, but hospitality jobs are plentiful.


I've become quite fond of the Pacific Northwest since I moved here

My best friend lives in Tacoma also. She loves it. It's affordable, and has public transportation to Seattle.

@sweetcharlotte the public transit to Seattle is great in theory, I've found. Much less so in practice as the bus takes literally two hours and the train has an enormous donut hole in its schedule on weekdays.


I’m back home after being gone a good my family, so I’m here. But, alas, I don’t belong here, it’s too red conservative for my liking, ugh. I’m taking frequent trips to “legal” progressive states so I can survive.?

Good idea. I can relate, I live in a red state, NC, too. Wish I had chosen CA, despite the yearly fires and mud slides.


I live in Clearwater Florida.
It's beautiful here.


I used to live in Chicago. And I still miss it. But we can not use the schools, the crime was getting worse, and property taxes were outrageous. So I fell in love with a 1907 victorian shingle style in Sheboygan Wisconsin. There are some great restaurants,A thriving our community,And a turn of the century movie theater which is also a concert venue. I've seen Jeff tweedy, and Leo Kottke. Wrapped up with a beautiful shoreline, and we're the freshwater surfing capital of the world. And if you venture up here we have a wonderful resort was a water park, and I hear the fishing is not bad either. But I still miss a flavor of Chicago, I live there For 53 years. I guess you can take the man on a Chicago that you can't take out as a man.

MarkDM1 Level 6 Oct 3, 2018

I love my land. Galicia in Spain. It is a amazing place in the Atlantic Coast of Europe. Nature is wonderful here. Green landscapes, full of rivers, and also beautiful islands. The weather is nice, because the temperatures aren't cold. This land is green, but sunny.
However, the main problem of Spain is the economy. Too much unemployment. At least, I recommend you look some minutes on line. Search Galicia. Who knows! Maybe you like and decide to move here. See you around

Roi81 Level 4 Oct 3, 2018

San Diego is the BEST place if you can afford it!


Here in San Diego we have the best weather in the country, year round! The season for mountain biking, sailing, golf, tennis, or hiking Runs from January through December. My biggest complaint is the air quality. Cars, trucks, and power plants constantly fouling the air with harmful particulates and greenhouse gases. And the climate change that those gases are causing has ushered in a new regime of wildfires: their season is now year-round as well. Every year now worse than the last, with multiple megafires at times burning simultaneously. And the Trump administration is hell bent on deregulating the fossil fuel industry. I am especially proud of Californians who are standing up to the illegitimate regime in Washington in moving forward with our commitment to the Paris Accord and the ultimate goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions!


Well, Dublin weather is crap, it's expensive but always good gigs and fun around. So, not a bad place to live in.


I like the region, still adapting but really like here!!


No. I came here for my job otherwise I would not be here.

linxminx Level 7 Oct 3, 2018

Same for me


I live in Liverpool England. I love my area it is very friendly, good artistic events, galleries and the architecture is outstanding.


I love my stompin' grounds, South West Nova Scotia. The weather is moderate, real estate is still affordable and Heath Care is free.


Where I live would be great if people in the apartment building next door didn't think that my yard was their yard. It works out that I'm only 50 feet away from them and they cannot stay inside their apartments. They seem to be outside talking and partying all the time. Sometimes I hear them at 3 AM. If it's cold they burn fires out there. I guess that's what dope and booze do to you.

Then we have the weather problem. I hate winters. I always have. It's too frigging cold.


I hate where I live, but many like it.


When I was a young adult I use to live just up 16th St. From the White House and loved that city now that I'm older I have acres live in the country, southern Virginia, and have no neighbors and I love that too.

Anonbene Level 8 Oct 3, 2018

Try Fort Davis , TX

Waco wouldn’t be a good choice.


where i live now is good in some ways, not in others. i am in the twin cities. i loved living in los angeles, and i adored living in new york. i would have liked to live right in town instead of brooklyn but, you know... money! i do not recommend florida unless you like humidity, old people on drugs driving on the sidewalks, and rick scott.


genessa Level 8 Oct 3, 2018

Florida's not so bad.
Cost of living is relatively cheaper and we got beaches year round.

Hastur Level 8 Oct 3, 2018

I am from the coast of NC, currently live in the mountains of NC - the only down side is religion & politics but maybe one day that will change - one can hope, right?
I have lived in CA. (San Diego & Irvine), CO. (Summit County), OK. (Carter County - 1/2 between OKC & Fort Worth), TX (just outside Austin), VA (north western) and WA (Poulsbo - across the sound from Seattle). Each place has wonderful aspects - you just have to find one that fits you.
I love to try new places - my theory, you can always move! But you have to give each location at least 2 years.

Heidi68 Level 8 Oct 3, 2018

It's pretty and there are tons of great parks, but I detest the Winter and snow.


Everybody has to be some place. That's why I'm here. I don't have a compelling reason to move. I have a hundred year old house that could use lots of work, but it's paid for. I'm retired and can easily handle my bills. I'm close enough to the Dallas area that I can go down there if I feel the need for horrendous traffic. We have all the major chain eating places, but I cook at home. It's a red area, I dislike that but it would cost me a lot more to live elsewhere. I've been here since '83, so it's home.


I was transferred to Colorado thirty years ago for a promotion. Still here - haven't found a better place yet, though I am liking snow less and less each year. Summers and Falls are wonderful.

Byrdsfan Level 8 Oct 3, 2018
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