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Who is still feeling that is was wrong to confirm a man to the supreme court that fibbed outright in his inquiry???

jascinthe 3 Oct 20

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You have some proof of his fibs that no one else on earth has??

gater Level 7 Oct 20, 2018

gater-Of course they have no proof .They also are against the fair and legal voting process because every time the votes don't go their way elections etc,they bitch and complain.The obvious reason these people consider him a lier is because he is a conservative.


When will the prosecution of the false accusers begin?

gater Level 7 Oct 20, 2018

Hey ever heard of #Me Too?

She has not proven to be false but drunk frat boy should go into rehab

Good question Gater...

@Wellspring Lying to Congress under oath is a serious offence - she could do up to 10 years in prison.

@gater, what do you base your statements on? Where is the proof that she made a false accusation?

There is absolute proof that Kavanaugh perjured himself multiple (i.e., dozens) of times in his testimony under oath. And you are correct that those perjuries should land him in federal prison for decades.


If all teen boys who ever touched a boob, without permission, were prohibited for ever from holding public office, all politicians would certainly be women.

Touching a boob is diff than trying to rape a reen

So according to your theory there is no such a thing as sexual misconduct? people have been getting murdered since the beginning of time should there not be a law against it?


I was very concerned with his interview on Fox, the fact that hid blamed the Clintons, the lies about college and his inability to be unbiased. Most of all his temperament, he lost his freaking mind.

After the crap the democrats pulled on him he had good reason to be pissed. I hope he remembers what those liberal idiots did to him in his rulings for the next 40 years.

@Trajan61 I think Roberts set his ass straight this week.

@Trajan61 bs. It is a gop circus. They own it


His appointment was nothing short of an obscene travesty.

He’ll be a great judge especially after what those liberal idiots did to him.

@Trajan61 rehab first


He is unfit to be a judge plain and simple. He went on a rant - what a cup cake. He showed signs of having a drinking proble, his wife looks like she was beaten down. This guy has more issues than a newspaper in the 50's.

So his years on the bench don't matter? And because hes falsely accused of being a rapist he gets upset you claim that make him unfit? How would you react to false rape allegations?

@gater does not matter he lost it. It is called temperment. He does not have it. And what would i do well that is not a question. I did not applie for that job. As for false we still do not know. The last FBI investagion was a joke

@DavidAckerman No - all allegations have proven to be a joke - no evidence - none.

@gater sorry but in the real world they was not. Maybe in your fantasy land world. Lets stay in reality. But we now have a joke on the high court

@DavidAckerman You're a joke

@gater your opinon means little to me. You can stop repliying. I deal with enough clueless people


He stated he drank a lot; people confirmed he drank a lot.

He said he didn't do what Mrs Ford alleges; no one can confirm that he did what Mrs Ford alleges.

Where is the lie exactly?

It was his demeanor during the testimony that leads one to believe he's unfit

@Stilltrying1964 He was mad as hell because if the way the democrats treated him and had good reason to be mad. I hope he remembers the democrats in his rulings for the next 40 years.

@Stilltrying1964 Lets see how you react if youre falsely accused of rape.

@gater I was falsely accused of molesting my daughter douchebag so eat it eat it

@gater furthermore, I don't believe he was falsely accused! I believe dr. Ford and you should too if you didn't have your head buried so deeply in your ass!

I don't think you were falsely accused though. If I believe Dr. Ford, then I will believe your accuser too. Isn't that what you are asking us to do?

@TheMiddleWay yes, that is what I'm asking you to do. I went through a very nasty divorce and had to prove my innocence which I did successfully. I have a good relationship with my daughter. She realizes that her mother was wrong for doing what she did. Kavanaugh on the other hand, showed the world he lacks character while he was being accused. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the guy is as guilty as hell.

In your case, there was hopefully evidence to clear you, yes? Compare that to this case, wirh no evidence to support her claim but you want us to believe her claim.

That's going to be a hard sell in a site of atheist, people who don't beleive the religious just because they say God is real. Same thing here: just because Ford says it's real doesn't mean it is. Unless someone can provide evidence that it's real and so far she and others have been unable to do so.

He went on a rabid Rampage about Democrats and the clintons. The Supreme Court Justice is supposed to be impartial. This was not a criminal investigation, it was a hearing to see if he has the temperament to sit on the highest court of the land for the rest of his life. He stated he never blacked out from his drinking .many stepped forward to say that that was an outright lie.


Thing is, not a single person came forward and said that he actually blackouted out. They said it was inconceivable that he didn't or that it was common knowledge on campus or other such hearsay and supposition. This is the same as the allegations that Mrs. Ford put forth: many people heard second hand that he did something or that it was inconceivable that he didn't do it; yet none of them can collaborate being at the party and seeing him do it or seeing him after him doing it or anything to corroborate what Mrs. Ford said.

Missed opportunity: they forced him to lose his cool and instead of hammering on that, they kept focusing on allegations that had no merit, could not be proved, and ultimately did nothing to keep him off the bench. Thus I agree that I agree that the shown lack of impartiality should have kept him off the bench. If the dems had pushed this angle instead of the "lies angle" so much, maybe he wouldn't be on the bench. As it were, they stuck to their guns, kept focus on an unproven"lies" narrative, and missed their opportunity to hammer him on a proven "not impartial" narrative .


Well there seems to be one person on here of conservative viewpoint. I usually think of Atheists and Agnostics as Liberal, because the conservative view point and atheism do not seem to go together.

I have also noted the stench of (Three) conservatives on this thread. As demonstrated by those noted, not all members here are rational thinkers. I've gone back and forth with one of the two noted and I would not place him in the category of a rational or sceptical atheist (he will not even recognize the burden of proof) and appears to have faith (belief without evidence) as a part of his not entirely rational psyche.


What is most important as to why is that he was just a law clerk until GW made him a federal judge because of his right wing views on presidential powers. And would rule for the most part against the constitution and for the NWO agenda.

There are no conservatives in Dc only liberals when it comes to spending tax payer money.
Don't be fooled


Why do you think Dr Ford was so vague as to where and when it happened? - Because if she gave details she could be proven wrong.

gater Level 7 Oct 21, 2018

Hell she couldn’t remember because it likely never happened to start with. It was just a liberal democrat witch hunt was all it was!


Only a few years ago. Senate protocol was changed from 60 votes to 51 votes for majority approval. Democrats heralded this as a win for democracy. All of a sudden now, they are crying that democracy is failing. The power grab was awesome, when they had power. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, they are crying bloody murder.

Ignorance at its finest in the blue corner.


I want to know when Dr Ford will be prosecuted for lying!

gater Level 7 Oct 21, 2018

About the same time Kavanope will be prosecuted for lying.

You and I both.


I saw that a former Justice said he wasn't fit to be a Justice. Jimmy Carter just said he's not fit to be a Justice. And the way he attacked Klobuchar who was questioning him and tried to turn the question back on her about having a blackout was reprehensible Behavior. That behavior in my opinion disqualified him from being a Justice. Not to mention the ridiculous comment about that being pay back from the clintons. That comment demonstrated that he is not unbiased. Hopefully we will at least take back the house and then they could start proceedings to impeach him.

Like plans to impeach Trump? 😉 Battles over, he's justice, move on to things u can realistically change indeed off dreaming of things that can't realistically happen.


The man outright LIED to the committee interviewing him for the job. He is nothing more than a partisan asshole with a far right agenda. He has helped to sink the Supreme Court. I expect to see nothing but 5-4 decisions out of this court. Most of the decisions will hurt many people. He should be investigated for his lying and impeached from the court.


His lying about that stolen Dem emails should have been disqualifying.


He didn't fib-he out and out lied through his teeth. And while that circus was going on, a bunch of young ultra-conservative judges were being railroaded through and appointed to the lower courts.

Clinton and Obama put a bunch of liberal idiots on the bench so what in the hell are you talking about.

@Trajan61 Mitch McConnell blocked almost every one of Obama's nominations to the federal bench for 8 years. On the day Obama was sworn in the first time McConnell swore to the media that he would block everything Obama would try to do and he did his best to stop this country from moving forward.

@EricJones I’m glad he blocked that liberal idiots liberal judicial appointments. As a self employed cattle rancher and hay man I’ve been in court with some of those liberal judges and they are crazy.

@Trajan61 They are there to uphold the laws as written by congress for the good of the whole, not the good of the one.

@EricJones And liberal idiots like Ginsburg, Kegan, Breyer and Sonimeyer who want to do away with the 2nd amendment and don’t even recognize it as giving private citizens the right to bear arms are doing that? @Spiketalon, @Bigpawbullets

@Trajan61 You got that right. The liberal progressive-leaning judges don't place any true value on the US Constitution, as the Democrat party by and large believes the Constitution is an inconvenient document that is outdated and needs to be amended.

@Trajan61 i think you a few fries short of a happy meal. After all the shooting all i seen is it ok to shoot kids as long as we have guns. Think this liberals want to take our guns myth is old. The last president to pass any meaningful gun laws was Reagan


Ford was the one who lied, not Kavanaugh.

Bs that has not proven or unproven.

Continue to drink the Kool Aid.

@BlackDove You definitely seem to be drinking the liberal kool aid!

@Trajan61 Damn right I'm a Liberal, and an Army veteran. Have a problem with that?

Can I ask you why you don't believe Dr. Ford's testimony?

@BlackDove Because she can’t even remember where it happened or when it happened. I’ve always thought the democrats were using her to block Kavanaugh at all cost becaue he is a strong 2nd amendment supporter and will turn the court to the right and they just can’t stand that.

@BlackDove I thank you for your service as an army veteran but I have a lot of problems with the liberals.

@Trajan61 She remembered certain details about her attack though, and there were vivid. Just like I can tell you certain details of when my father entered my room one Saturday when I was 11. I may not remember the time or month or the color of my bedroom, but I do remember sitting on the bed and he sat next to me. Close. Then he put his hand up my t-shirt to try to feel my chest. I do remember screaming, trying to get away but he got on top of me and pushed me face down on my pillow. I do remember crossing my arms tightly against my chest, trying to push his hand away, still screaming into my pillow. He finally let go, and left. I don't remember much after that, but he left to go get me a burger, coke and fries (as if that was supposed to make me feel better). I do remember him telling me to eat, and I did, sitting there crying as I ate my burger. And I also remember him telling me not to tell my mother, because that would break up the family (thus putting the blame and guilt on an 11 year old). I repressed that memory (and other things that he did) for 31 years before I finally came out one day as I argued with my late husband. He was the only one really close to me that I told. So yes, I can relate to her account. We may not remember all the details of the day, but we do remember specifics.

@BlackDove Sorry for your horrible encounter but I have serious doubts about Ford simply because of her background as a liberal professor and the politics involved. Having said that I do believe you about your encounter. He must have been a terrible father.

@Trajan61 Because she's a liberal professor? She came forward because she felt that he was not fit for the SCOTUS, and his temperament at the hearing proved it. How can you not believe her and yet believe me? Her and I are both liberals; how is it that you believe me? I could have made that up (but I didn't--it's true). Women who have nothing to gain and everything to lose will not lie about something like that. And my father, in the eyes of everyone else in my family and relatives, is golden. I feel like I would not be believed if I came out with it. Another reason why I repressed it for so many years, and still do today.

@Trajan61 Well, just giving you a little background on why I believe her. Some things just cut deep for me; this event happens to be one of them.

@BlackDove I understand.

@BlackDove You mean like a dream? Where you remember some parts clearly and other details are not there?


Big money and corrupt politicians really do run this country now, it's our own fault for the ones that bury their heads in the sand and say my vote doesn't count and who cares they will put in whomever they want to. The non voters and misinformed voters and the "cousin jed said" voters are the ones that have made this so nightmarish.
No kavenawe (misspelled on purpose) should not be in that position but then again many in there now shouldn't.

In a democracy, the only people you can blame are the voters.


fibbed, as in commited a felony to reach the highest legal office in the country?


/hands out tissues


i don't think you need to be that polite. He is the embodiment of an economically privileged male who is incapable of empathy. He is a bully, a dishonest man who lives in a very protected bubble. He channels his avusive nature into his judicial decisions and actually relishes the pain he creates in others


Still? Why would that feeling ever change?


True. If he was progressive, the Grey Hairs would go ballistic.


He perjured himself regarding his high school days, his college days, and his time in the Bush II White House. The last is the most troubling because there is absolute evidence he was guilty of felonies regarding stolen property in that position, and he lied about it under oath to the Senate in his original confirmation hearing, as well as to the Judiciary Committee in his latest hearing.

What is even more troubling is the fact that the Republicans KNEW that they were railroading a perjurer on to the Supreme Court. Mitch McConnell is a treasonous, unprincipled, sorry excuse for a human who has done more damage to his state than any post-Civil War carpetbagger ever did.


Yes, I'm still against Kavanope and so many lies were told. Trump lied about Ford and went so far as to say Kavanope was "found innocent." When was the trial? Now poor Kavanope is vindicated even though it was almost certain that women were out to ruin him on a daily basis. Men cannot walk down the street without wondering if they might be raped. Some women just want to ruin men, so watch your child when he is at college. Tell him to cross the street so as to avoid a suspicious looking woman walking towards him.

This man's love of beer tells me he's not right for the job, and I'm a beer drinker. I also thought that he cried too frigging much. Political Reality TV drama.

You are innocent until proven guilty - there was no proof - that means he is innocent!

@gater No proof means you are innocent? Go drink some more koolaid. Innocent until proven guilty? You act as though there was a trial. LOL

@DenoPenno You must be slow so i'll repeat - you are innocent, until proven guilty. He was not proven guilty - so yes he is innocent.

@gater He was not proven guilty because there was no trial.

@DenoPenno Theres never a trial until theres enough reasonable evidence to bring a trial.

@gater Did the confirmation hearing have anything to do with a trial? Not that I'm aware of but everyone wants to use Trump's words "proven innocent." The man wasn't proven anything. That wasn't the purpose of the hearing.

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