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For me... assassination of JFK.

BeeHappy 9 Mar 11

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Thatch becoming pm.

Heavens, kids ! I was well into aging by then.

@OwlInASack I was 10 or 11

@OwlInASack I was 18 and thought that it was amazing, because I had been told all my life that we would never have a woman PM in my life time. Now we have had two.

@OwlInASack You young people, you don't mind what risks you take ! Certainly they were/ are not very good at all, but that is so much better than all the male PMs I have suffered under.

@OwlInASack had


I was born the day before JFK was killed (RIP). The first big news story that I remember was the man walk on the moon.

balou Level 8 Mar 11, 2019

That was an exciting time!

@BeeHappy A lot of people think that the Apollo Space Program was a hoax and that man didn't land on the moon. I remember watching a movie about that a long time ago.

@balou That's true... I hate to admit it but a couple members of my family think that. Cra-cra-crazy! Lol

@BeeHappy People say that we didn't have the technology back then that we do now. IDK. I'd like to think we landed on the moon.

@balou We did!

I really wish I had been alive for that. But nowadays it's as if we just stopped doing great things.


Cuban Missile Crisis

Why don't I remember this? The school drills, that's it.

@BeeHappy I have vague memories of watching it unfold on television. Also, that we were supposed to be scared of some bearded guy, who smoked cigars.

@davknight I wasn't scared, why? I'm definitely talking to my older sister. Lol... cigar smoking bearded guy!

I think it was Spielberg who said he filled up the family bath tub so they would have some water if WWIII started. If I remember the story correctly, his parents thought he was nuts.

i was on a Canadian Navy destroyer escort for 28 days patrolling off the east coast during that crisis. my release from th Navy came in & i was taken ashore in a ship's boat to a little town called Shelbourne on the very bottom of NS. partied for 2 days before i finally made my way to halifax & started release procedures.


Whitlam's election (Aust)

Not familiar with that... can you briefly explain?

He got voted in, labor, after decades of conservative rule. Had a strong anti Vietnam war policy. Height of the Hippy era in Australia.
But what I really remember is the election campaign "Its Time!" About 72-73. I was born 67 so 5 or 6.


@powder music has certainly played it's part in a lot of changes and especially in the 60's and 70's. Thanks for the history lesson. ?


john glen

Yes, that was huge!

@BeeHappy I had no idea. being about 5 years old I thought it was normal to sit and wait for a rocket to go off for hours

@btroje But I loved it.

@btroje I remember the tension of the countdowns. Hoping it wouldn’t explode!


I was tiny but I remember watching Nixon resign and my mother was crying.

I was 13 or so. The image of Nixon getting in the helicopter: vivid.

@CarolinaGirl60 I'll never forget it. There was a sadness in my house. I wonder what she will do this time... you know, when cheeto is forced out 😉

I was an adult by then but I remember.

@Knitfreak Yes, it was sad in ours as well. That was what started me on the road to being the cynic I am today, that feeling of shattered trust. The Vietnam war was not too long over...then !boom! Watergate and the resignation. I was around 13-14.
A lot happened in that time period: the war, protests, finally the cease-fire, truths about the war coming to light, veterans were very vocal, Roe v Wade passed.


The assasination of Ronald McDonald.

That was a terrible time in our country's history. ?

@BeeHappy I recall the shocked 1000 yard stare of Grimmace as Mayor McCheese is sworn in. Who can forget that little fry guy walking up and saluting the yellow styrofoam coffin. So poignant.

@indirect76 I'm overwhelmed with sadness... I had tried to put that image behind me. But thanks to you... my heart now aches anew.

Pearl Harbor

Wow! I'd say that was quite significant.

@BeeHappy I was a child, but i remember the news and my parents' shock

@BeeHappy soon after the attack, the Japanese invaded Attu in the Aleutian Islands. My mother took instruction on spotting Japanese planes (we were in Oregon)

@TheDoubter I remember hearing about that... much later of course.


The eruption of Mount St. Helens, although I remember it less for it being on the news and more for a Sunday morning that turned back into night...and stayed that way all day.

Wow, how close were you? Did you need to evacuate?

I wasn’t far from St Helens and was watching morning tv when the interruption of the news showing the rivers flooded with debris and ash.

I stood up and went to the dining room window and it was all ash and smoke across the river.

@BeeHappy People tend to forget that ash covered a huge area. I was in the Eastern half of the state. I remember it looked like a giant black mud puddle inching across the sky from the west about 8-9 in the morning. By 10 or 11 AM, it was dark outside again. We had a pear tree about 10 feet outside the kitchen window. We couldn't see it again until about 6 at night. But the sun did not show its face again that day.


Fall of Saigon. The tank going through the gates of the Independence Palace. I was about 4.

You started young!

@BeeHappy I remember sitting on the floor in our house in Goulburn, enjoying the destruction without any understanding of the wider context via a black and white TV. The next was the Viking missions to Mars - I was fascinated by those grainy shots of the surface of another planet, and the Voyager fly byes of Jupiter and Saturn.
Once a geek, always a geek.

@MrBeelzeebubbles I enjoyed watching all the space related events, also on a b & w tv. Lol


Cuban missile crisis. I remember how freaked out all the adults were and it scared me.

I only remember the drills at school.

@BeeHappy I was an Air Force brat and I remember those drills as well in school. My parents were very politically active and started talking to my sister and I at a young age about communism and politics in general. I believe it is why I have always paid attention to what politicians are doing and saying. The Cuban missile crisis was a big topic of conversation with all the adults around me, and I remember being really frightened about it.

@Redheadedgammy I don't remember my parents talking about it. Maybe they were sheltering us. I have to talk to my older sister, she will remember.


Martin Luther King, Jr assassination.

All of those murders in the 1960's bothered me.

Yes, it seemed every time we turned around there was another assassination in the 60's.

@BeeHappy So true. I recall the mourners on TV. King, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, stood out. I’m not racist and never have been; it’s just not in me. I was bewildered by the violence, the attitudes, and later, the riots in Charlotte over busing to integrate the schools. Ours were desegregated in 1971-5th grade for me.


The Challenger explosion.

That was heart wrenching.

I was horrible. It was one of those moments when you remember where you were when you first heard the terrible news.

@balou I remember that because my kids had seen it on TV at school(a teacher at their school had been to space camp); they ran to the car and that’s how I found out.
Same with 9/11; I remember every detail about that terrible day.


I remember watching rockets during desert storm.

Yep, that had to be unsettling for someone so young.


The Cuban missile crisis. It is the only time in my life I have been afraid we could end up in a nuclear war.

See, I was old enough to remember that but I don't. I find it a little odd.

@BeeHappy I was only three when JFK was assassinated...but I do recall MLK funeral on TV. Among others. I was 7. Home with chicken pox, which was torture!


The Death of Winston Churchill.

Yes, that would have been a big one!

@BeeHappy I remember we all sat round a black and white tv and the parents and grand parents told me about him.


JFK's assassination. I was in Kindergarten.

I was 13. It was one of the first times I seriously watched the news.


Sitting in 2nd grade and watching 9/11 happen on t.v.

Wow... that was probably scary.

I watched from right after TV coverage started. I was off that day-a Tuesday-and I got up and turned the radio on. I quickly realized they weren’t playing music...turned on CBS and was glued there all day. I only made one phone call-to see if my brother was in the Middle East(he traveled for work); he was in the US.
I was 41 when it happened; that was our JFK moment, forever etched on our minds.


moon landing.

My dad took Polaroids of the tv screen.

That would have been maybe the 2nd or 3rd event for me. But I was glued to the tv.



Yep! When everything was going to collapse! Seems so silly now.

@BeeHappy Part of the reason nothing happened was a huge effort to stop it from happening. (I can still remember going to Skippers, of all places, and the receipt said 1994 instead of 2000. They just rolled the year back on the computers to be safe, lol.)


Live TV, the Challenger explosion. The first news I remember: Regan being shot.

My kids, ages 5&6, were watching at school when the Challenger exploded. I had slept all day after 3rd shift, so I was shocked when they ran to the car, shouting that the space shuttle blew up.

Also very memorable and tragic.


I remember many of them but the one that has haunted me for a lifetime is the murder of JFK. I read books about all this for over 20 years.

I don't know if you have been to Dallas but they have a memorial museum that is quite good.

@DenoPenno, you might want to read what I posted about that.


This won't mean anything to anybody outside the UK and even then not many in the UK under a certain age (Roughly mine) but it was the Torrey Canyon oil spill off the SW coast of the UK


I don't remember hearing about it but I wasn't much into news either.

The name rings a bell but not the immensity of it. But it is now 52 years ago!


The Civil War

Rudy? ? Really? ?

The start or you mean it is now over?


I remember JFK's assassination, but I also remember his election. I was 5. My family supported Kennedy. When My father carried me to bed on election evening, I asked if Kennedy won. He said, "yes." As close as they say it was, I am sure that no winner had been established. But it worked well for dad. I went right back to sleep and he never had to correct himself.

MrDMC Level 7 Mar 12, 2019

What I remember about the election was the controversy over him being a Catholic.

@BeeHappy ditto. . . . and could not understand it because I had not been exposed to religious prejudice.

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