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Notre dame cathedral is burning down piece of history gone religion or not is a shame

bobwjr 10 Apr 16

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Religion aside, the architecture is/was outstanding....


The invisible, all powerful man in the sky called God let it it burn ferociously for a day until humans stopped the burning. lol

Maybe he wanted to rebuild it himself. That’s the reason he let it burn. Now because people interfered by playing god, god can’t rebuild it. They should have just prayed and god would have taken care of it.

@Jk1960 I think he is upset that the mortals interfered. He does not have anymore sons to give (and to be squished like bugs by mortals like Jesus was lol)


Where are the monuments to Newton, Darwin, and Einstein?

You said it bro.



I agree with this being a tragedy of an old historical relic being partially destroyed yesterday. But what a hypocrisy!


  1. Are grieving world over largely over a piece of history being destroyed
  2. Are talking, crying, writing about almost themselves being destroyed
  3. Are are sobbing and saying we have never been there but wanted to visit
  4. Are raising $340 million within the first day in Paris for restoration

06. Not crying for children being caged at Southern U.S. border
07. Did not cry for the Rwandan genocide
08. Are not crying for Rohingya genocide in Myanmar
09. We are not crying or giving or raising money for millions dying of simple diseases like Cholera (now eradicated in our world) in Africa and elsewhere

We are emotional, crying thousands of miles away and doing all this ridiculous drama over just a stone and wood structure with NO HUMAN LOSS? We must be terribly ashamed with our behavior.

I think it’s possible to be sad over all the things you listed. They aren’t mutually exclusive. I’m sure people will continue to grieve for quite some time over all these unfortunate events.

@Christiep77 I am talking about proportions.

@Tiramisu this is what’s happening now. The emotion is proportional to the timing.

@Christiep77 I disagree. There are larger tragedies that did not draw even half of the emotions, crying, funds and all the ridiculous hoopla going on now. What in that fucking structure other than just a historic architecture? The faithful are seeing things that do not exist as always is the case with the believers, starting with myths and the invisible man in the sky to get fooled with and fool other people with it.

@Tiramisu Loss of life and human suffering is always the greatest tragedy. I would hope anyone could recognize that. Whatever is reported on the news is not always reflective of every single persons reaction to every single event. My point was merely that it’s possible to be sad about the fire and also other horrible events It wasn’t my intent to upset you or to be argumentative. My apologies.

@Christiep77 💘


Millions have already been raised to rebuild this bullshit.
I'm absolutely appalled at how upset so many people are over this.
Seriously. It's turning my stomach to hear people drone on and on about
what a "horrible loss" this is.

The loss is historical mainly means a lot to the French people

@bobwjr I really do not care. Not even a little bit.


Fortunately, no one took the advice of the American firefighter in chief.

RichE Level 5 Apr 16, 2019

The crazy thing is all the occult symbolism at this religious place.


Hopefully some of those "priceless relics" such as splinters of the "true cross" are gone.

Don't worry. They will manufacture more of those in a hurry. If I'm not mistaken I also heard that the crown of thorns that Jesus wore is lost now. Just imagine. The Catholic Church became a big thing some 300 years after the time of Jesus and we got the bible about this same time. Traveling backwards to the crucifixion some thoughtful religious person decided to save the "crown of thorns." What a crock!

@DenoPenno Oh no, the "crown of thorns" was saved. As well as the splinters from Christ's cross. LOL
Fucking charlatans.

@DenoPenno I believe it's true and they mustve used a helluva preservative for the thorns to last 2000 years. I cut down some briars in my pasture 4 months ago and they have already dried out and withering away.


It's a shame for the sheer magnificence of it and its history. But then I read about how governments around the world are pledging to help. Sorry but the Catholic church has so much tax free money, they don't need my tax money to help them out.


Old buildings are always hazardous. Old wood. Mice chewing through wires.
I’m very lucky though that I got to tour that old cathedral in my lifetime.


It's a miracle. The cross was saved from the fire.

And so was the crown of thorns.

Sarcasm, amirite?

@RichE you're rite.

My uncle Fred had a fire like that and the only think saved was a basketball. It was amazing!


I just hope the Hunchback is not inside.

My kids and I discussed this yesterday, how sad that Quasimodo is homeless now.


Hmmm, maybe their big Invisible, Imaginary Sky Daddy was either dropping hints about an up-date/renovation or sick of the Priests fiddling with children and decided to evict them once and for all.


I hope Quasimodo got out in time.

I have a hunch he did. 🙂

@BestWithoutGods That is hilarious


Apparently people had been complaining for a while that it was hazardous, but nobody did anything about it. It is a shame, it was a beautiful building, I remember visiting it when I was playing tourist in Paris a number of years ago.


Makes me think of this classic song...


Thanks I needed that .


I don't watch news or even go into Google to see what's the trending but yeah you are right, gone religion or not it is a shame...and a month ago somekinda burning and bombing in one of the old cathedral in my country specifically it happened in mindanao(Philippines)


It's a shame... it's so awful, such amazing artwork gone forever. I don't care about the religious practices that took place, religion will be halted by knowledge not through senseless destruction.

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